According to, online television and movie streaming has gone up by 54% due to the restrictions imposed in light of Covid-19. With everyone stuck in their homes, quarantine has got us all bored out of our minds. Good thing online movie streaming is now a great option to fight your boredom. We’ve compiled a list of top gambling movies. You can binge-watch them to live vicariously through smart and charismatic characters while you’re stuck at home. So, go grab some popcorn and some snacks you can munch on while enjoying these movies.

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Top Gambling Movies

There have been many movies over the year that include gambling. Many Spaghetti-Western films involved scenes of cowboys and bandits playing poker in the saloons. But there are some gambling movies that stand out and are a must to see.

Teen Patti (2010)

A movie about a math professor and his students using the classic Indian three-card poker game to redefine his theory on probability. Amitabh Bachan depicts the addiction and greed for gambling as his students continue to dwell more in-depth into the game. If you like playing Teen Patti, then you’ll love this movie. Moreover, Teen Patti is a cult classic Indian film.

Casino (1995) – Best Gambling Movie

Considered one of the best gambling movies. Casino was directed by Martin Scorsese with a star studded lineup which includes: Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci. The movie revolves around Ace, played by Robert De Niro, a gambler in charge of Las Vegas casinos. He rises to power but then an altercation with the wrong people puts his life in danger.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

Starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Julia Roberts. Ocean’s Eleven follows a charismatic thief, Danny Ocean (George Clooney), who assembles eleven people to rob three casinos in Las Vegas. Furthermore, the movie was shot in real casinos. You can trust Ocean’s Eleven to cure your boredom and hunger for action.

Jannat (2008)

A story about a man addicted to gambling. He tries betting on games such as blackjack, to make quick money which puts his life in danger. Emran Hashmi will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, as his addiction impacts his love life and brings a sad end to his story. The ending might put a damper on your already depressing life, so watch at your own risk.

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Rounders (1998) – 2nd Best Gambling Movie

If you like playing Texas Hold’em Poker, then Rounders is the best gambling movie for you. Rounders stars Matt Damon, Edward Norton and john Malkovich. This iconic poker flick tells the story of Mike (Matt Damon), a regular poker grinder, that loses his entire bankroll to a mafia boss one night. What unfolds next is a brave tale of how Mike uses his poker skills and tells to overcome his debt.

Uncut Gems (2019)

We all know Adam Sandler for his goofy romantic comedy movies. But Uncut Gems will take you on a wild ride full of mystery, drama, and dark comedy. With Rolling Stone deeming his performance Oscar-worthy, Adam Sandler plays a jeweler who makes a high-stakes bet for the ultimate win.

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