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Since the Indian Premier League (IPL) emerged onto India’s cricket landscape in 2007 and online cricket betting in india exploded, the tournament has maintained its stature as the biggest domestic cricket event of the year. Packed stadiums and star-studded teams with cricket fanatics and seasonal bettors across the country tuning into IPL to try their luck every year at Online Cricket Betting in India.

Regardless of the legal issues surrounding online cricket betting in India, online gambling is a widespread and popular activity that takes place on a vast scale. As there’s no government regulatory body or agency tracking the online betting industry, it’s hard to gauge the scope and size of the industry. However, all statistics indicate that the market is increasing at a staggering rate of 20% every year. This is due to higher disposable incomes and increased access to the internet.

Here are some interesting facts about online cricket gambling in India.

Key Statistics of Online Betting

  • 140 million regular active bettors in India
  • 370 million bettors on major events such as the IPL betting and ICC World Cup
  • Cricket betting is one of the most common interests in India
  • Indian states with the biggest online betting population: Maharashtra, Telangana, and Karnataka.

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Profile of an Online Cricket Bettor in India

Let’s have a look at an average Indian cricket bettor by going over the facts and statistics about their age, gender, residence, and more.

Betting by Gender

The gender gap among men and women online cricket bettors in India is massive. Out of a total population of 370 million people who bet during the IPL season, 88.4% of them are men. On the other hand, there are only 11.6% women bettors. So, that counts for  327.8 million men and only 4.3 million women.

Betting by Age

The minimum age to gamble in India legally is 21. However, betting at off-shore online betting sites is allowed at 18. When it comes to online cricket betting, young people outweigh the older folks. Statistics show that, in 2021, 44% of the entire betting population falls in the age bracket of 18 and 24 years. This is followed by 42% of the population aged between 25 and 40 years, and 13% of the population over 40.

This vast difference between the ages exists because the younger generation is more tech-savvy, with better access and understanding of technology. Moreover, they have access to smartphones and mobile payment methods.

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Online Cricket Betting in India by Area

While online cricket betting occurs across India, people living in large urban centers like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai tend to bet more than other cities.

Due to the ambiguity regarding the legality of gambling in India, eastern and northern states of India tend to have fewer bettors than central and southern states because of liberal mindedness and more exposure to facilities like the internet and popular culture.

The top Indian states with large populations of online cricket bettors are:

  • Maharashtra, with 10% of its population.
  • Karnataka, with 13.2%of its population.
  • Telangana, with 18.7%of its population

It’s worth noting that Indians are very loyal to their hometown teams. Mumbai Indians won the IPL 2020 and they have one of he biggest fan bases in India.

Interesting Fact

According to the Bombay Wager Act, online cricket betting is banned in Maharashtra. Nonetheless, an estimated 10% of all cricket bettors in India live in Maharashtra. The act only forbids online betting within state borders. Therefore off-shore gambling sites are legal.

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