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Here we will have a look at two of the biggest online casino operators in India: LeoVegas VS Casumo. The online gambling and casino scene in India is one of the fastest-growing in the world. To say it is thriving would be an understatement because it’s growing exponentially as new businesses continue to emerge and bring unique casino games and opportunities to players. There’s so much to choose from, be it gambling games, or sports betting, as well as dozens of different payment modules that make it all the easier for you to log on and play.

But today, let’s focus on two of the biggest online casinos in India, LeoVegas, and Casumo and do a side-by-side comparison. Here’s our take on them.

The User Experience is Varied for Both – Open vs Closed

The user experience, as the name suggests, is what determines your experience with this website. Anyone needs to have a decent user experience, and that’s precisely what both websites offer—just in unique ways.

Everything from the layout to the navigation to the accessibility is part of your user experience and one of the biggest advantages is that LeoVegas offers an open platform option. This means you don’t need to register an account or log in to anything in order to view the games and options they’ve made available, in addition to being more organized.

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Casumo has a more exclusive approach, with some games available for viewing and playing as is, and others being exclusively available to members. So it feels more mysterious, exclusive, and thus, more appealing.

Plenty of Options for Withdrawals and Deposits as Well as Payments

Both websites offer various payment and withdrawal options ranging from credit cards to net banking, UPI, and other alternative forms such as Skrill and Neteller. However, LeoVegas does not accept Google Pay, putting it at a disadvantage when compared to Casumo which does.

We have to admit that this is a pretty major setback given how GPay is so widely used across casinos in India, yet one of the largest in the business hasn’t embraced it.

Casumo Takes the Lead With the Number of Games They Offer

Even though it’s quite appealing that LeoVegas offers some of the top-tier games from the 3 biggest gaming authorities, MGA, UKGC, and SGA, Casumo tends to take the lead when it comes to variety.

And they have games from an incredible range of authorities and developers, across all varieties and types. So this includes slot machine games, table games, jackpots, live tables, which total over 2500. LeoVegas isn’t too far behind with around 2200, but Casumo definitely takes the lead here.

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Both of Them Offer Vastly Different Welcome Bonuses

So, to incentivize and welcome new players naturally both sites offer welcome bonuses. However, LeoVegas offers a welcome bonus of up to 80,000 INR, while Casumo’s is a meager 15,000. They do incentivize in other ways including a cashback reward and bonus up to 1,00,000, but LeoVegas definitely wins this round.

In either case, however, who doesn’t like the idea of some added cash? Sign up on both websites and increase your chances of getting that bonus!

The Companies Have Different Approaches to Customer Support

With something as sensitive and as demanding as gambling you’re going to want to have a solid customer support setup in case of any issues. LeoVegas’s customer support though quite helpful is relatively slow and the most effective way to reach out is via their live chat.

On the other hand, however, Casumo has multi-channel customer support that provides some of the most cohesive services to their clients, making them significantly more reliable in case of an issue.

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