Online roulette is a versatile game that can be enjoyed by amateurs in the online gambling world as well as experienced gamblers. Roulette is extremely popular in online casinos, as it’s simple and easy to play. If you’re a first-time online roulette player, here are some roulette guidelines that you need to remember so you can have fun and earn money while gambling online.

online roulette guidelines

American vs European Roulette Guidelines

In online casinos, you can choose if you want to play single-player or multiplayer, like in Live Roulette. The two standard styles are American and European roulette. American roulette features 38 slots and contains both a zero and a double zero. Whereas, European roulette has only 37 slots with numbers ranging from 0 to 36.

An extra zero adds more to the house edge, compared to European roulette. So as one of our roulette guidelines, make sure you’re aware of which version you’re about to play before placing your bets.


Inside and Outside Bets

When you’re playing online roulette, you have to decide if you want to place an outside bet or an inside bet. An outside bet is placed on the patterns and combinations that are outside the number board. For example, placing bets on even-odd, red-black, dozens, halves, and columns. These bets are not specific number-centric bets.

Additionally, you can place standard inside bets. Inside bets consist of numbers bets and other bets placed along the numbers grid. These bets are placed on either one number or a combination of numbers. For example, inside bets include split bet, basket, street bet, double street bet, corner bet, top-line bet, and six-line.

If you’re new to roulette, then we recommend playing a demo version. Because this way you can become more familiar with the game without risking any money.  Outside bets have a higher winning percentage than inside bets. Therefore, inside bets offer higher payouts. So, as part of our roulette guidelines, make sure you know how each bet works before gambling with real money.

roulette wheel

Lightning and French Roulette

Two additional roulette live games can be found at Indian Live Casinos.

Lightning Roulette adds a twist to the classic European roulette game. Lucky numbers are selected randomly at the end of each betting round and their payout odds are multiplied up to 500 times your bet. So, if you bet on the right number, then you can boost your winnings.

French roulette is a variation of European roulette with extra betting options. In addition to normal European roulette bets, players can bet on different series of numbers, Orphelins, and neighbouring numbers. What’s great about French roulette is that with a bet on one of these special options, you can cover a certain section of the wheel. Without them, you would have to place your chip manually on each number. So, this saves time placing your bets before the betting round clock runs out.


Roulette Guidelines Conclusions

As we mentioned above in our roulette guidelines, make sure you know which game you’re about to play. Additionally,  learn how to play each game in demo mode before trying out the live-action.

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