Live casino games are an ingenious way to engage experienced gamblers and get them on to some money-making action. Online casinos are an excellent platform for players to polish their gambling skills. However, like any other casino, there are many live casino games myths and superstitions. These fabricated comments prove to be a hurdle and prevent gamblers from enjoying casino games safely. As gambling in India is shifting online, we review some of the well-known online casino myths and see what is really true!

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Live Casino Games Are Rigged

More often than not, players come across the myth that “ALL” online casino games are rigged, including live casino games.

Truth: That’s certainly not the case!

Claims such as these do more harm than good to these online casinos. Since the online casino industry is highly competitive, a single rigging allegation is enough to tarnish an online casino’s image. Live casino games are streamed to you live from a land-based casino studio. So, it’s impossible to cheat you. A major chunk of the online casino community ensures that their software and systems are free from any inaccuracies to ensure fair play. If you’re going to choose to gamble online, then make sure you choose a licenced casino. Because licencing bodies such as the MGA and Curacao gaming constantly audit casino games. Live Casino India only recommends trusted casinos. So, choose one that suits you from our casino listing.

Games Freeze When You’re Winning

You either finish the game as a hero or play long enough to see yourself become a loser.

Truth: Online casinos would never want to freeze your winning game or even outright ban you from playing. The more you play a house game, the more you’re likely to lose at the end, which ultimately benefits the house and not you. If a casino kept you from winning, then customers would never return. In reality, game freezing myths are usually propagated by players with a poor internet connection. Moreover, if you want to play live casino games, then you have to have a fast internet connection because streaming requires a lot of bandwidth.

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Winners Aren’t Paid Out

Truth: Casinos usually pay out winning players within a 48 hour period. However, most online casinos and betting sites will require a short verification process for your first withdrawal. But beware, unlicenced casinos will do what they can to keep all the money to themselves. So, be careful while trying your luck with such dubious online casinos. Always play at licenced casinos.

In fact, it’s well-known that if you win at a certain casino, then psychologically you will deem the casino lucky. Therefore, you will keep returning to play there. So, it’s in the interest of the casinos to pay out winnings to players.

Card Counting is Possible in a Live Casino

Truth: Even though card counting is not illegal, it is frowned upon at land-based casinos. Since most live casino blackjack games comprise of a shoe with 6-8 decks, it’s very hard to count cards. Moreover, you can’t see the cards being shuffled inside the machine after each hand. However, if you manage to find single deck blackjack at a live casino, then card counting is possible. Moreover, no one will know that you’re doing it.

Offshore Gambling Site Winnings are Not Taxable

Many online gamblers believe that if they win money at an online casino, then they don’t have to pay taxes on them.

Truth: Online gambling is illegal within Indian borders. However, it is not illegal to gamble online at a casino that sits offshore. If you win money then according to Indian Gambling tax laws, you are liable to pay up to 30% taxes. In fact, there are many casinos today that offer popular live casino games and payment methods for Indian customers.

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