According to Statista, the global online gambling industry will be worth a whopping $92 billion by 2023, while its current worth is estimated at $59 billion. Doubling or tripling your money at home without any work does seem pretty sweet, but it also comes with many drawbacks, including but not limited to bankruptcy, addiction and depression. Nevertheless, the industry seems to be thriving, and it’s a fascinating world of bets and cards and chips. Here are some of our favorite interesting online casino facts from the online gambling industry.

online casino facts with big money on games

Card Counting is Possible

Card counting is used in casino games like blackjack to predict whether the next hand will be profitable for the player or not. People assume card counting is illegal because land-based casinos don’t allow players to utilize that strategy. Moreover, you can be kicked out of a casino if they suspect that you’re counting cards. However, when playing in an online casino, you can use programs and software to count cards without being caught. It’s ill-advised and considered cheating but it’s not impossible. Since online casinos introduced live games, you can apply a card counting strategy online too.

Biggest Progressive Jackpot Win

No online casino facts list would be complete without a jackpot win. The biggest online jackpot win to date is €18.9 million on Mega Moolah jackpot slot. According to Microgaming, the winner placed a bet of 75 cents on their phone, winning them the jackpot. Moreover, this jackpot beat the 2015 Guinness World Record for the largest payout of €17 million. Other well-known, jackpot slots that reach huge payouts include: Mega Fortune and Arabian Nights.


Online Casino Facts – Crazy Time Big Win

According to Tracksino, an online casino tracker, the biggest win recorded on Crazy Time was 12,500x. When the round started the slot triggered a 25x multiplier on Cash Hunt. Then the needle of the Crazy Time wheel landed on Cash Hunt. All payouts were then enhanced 25 times over with an already big 500x win turning into a massive 12,500x win. Since its launch, Crazy Time has become one of the most popular Evolution Gaming live casino games.

Indian Betting Market Estimated Net Worth

Online sports betting is very popular in India. Cricket betting is by far the largest markets among Indian bettors. Even though betting on sports is illegal in India, many punters can access offshore online betting sites or rogue bookies inside India. People actively bet large sums of money on matches, making the illegal betting market worth and estimated $150 billion each year.

A roulette wheel with black and red slots spinning

Online Casino Facts – Roulette Systems

You may find a lot of information online about roulette systems. Some of the most popular live roulette strategies include Martingale and Paroli. While many sites, will claim to have full proof systems, you should never pay any money to gain access to these tips. There are many sites that offer free roulette systems information, like us here at Live Casino India. But be aware that some systems may only work short term if the wheel spins in your favour. Over time you will lose money. So, there are no full proof roulette systems to date.

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