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What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files of text which store bits of data. When you visit our website, your internet browser stores information in the form of cookies. These in turn help our website’s functionality and security, by protecting against spam and optimizing our content to be more appealing to our visitors.

What Do We Do with the Cookies?

Our website uses first-party and third-party cookies. First-party cookies are used to keep our website functioning properly, and they are not used for collecting personal data. Third-party cookies are used on our site for the sole purpose of getting to know our visitors and how they interact with our site. This way we can make our website more appealing by offering better content that our visitors are interested in, thus keeping them more engaged while on our site.

Types of Cookies

Essential: Functionality cookies. Mainly used to keep the site secure and prevent spam.

Statistics: Cookies that store website statistical data. This data helps us understand our visitors, where they come from, and what interests them.

Marketing: Our website displays 3rd party offers. With these cookies we know which offers are more or less interesting to our visitors and this lets us know how to optimize our website.

Functional: These cookies help certain functionalities on our website such as embedding content, videos, sharing via social media platforms, and more.

Preferences: These cookies store your personal browser preferences, such as preferred language as well as the information you allow browsers to store.

If you want to change your personal preferences, later on, you can do so by click on the “Privacy & Cookie Policy” tab in your browser. Our consent notice will display again and you will be able to change your preferences. You can also withdraw your consent entirely.

In your browser settings, you can also choose to delete certain cookies or change your data allowance settings.