Crazy Pachinko by Evolution Gaming

Crazy Pachinko by Evolution, is a game that has its roots in Japanese culture and has been a source of entertainment for decades. Evolving from a simple mechanical game to a digital sensation in the online gaming realm. This fusion of pinball and slot machine elements has captivated players with its simplistic yet engaging gameplay. The digital age ushered in innovative adaptations of Pachinko, bringing this popular game to the fingertips of global players through online casinos.

A modern version of this game is Crazy Pachinko, which in turn is a spin off of the popular live casino game Crazy Time. Crazy Time introduced players to a colorful spinning giant wheel and a frenzy of multipliers and bonus rounds. One of these bonus rounds is the Pachinko Bonus Round. Due to the popularity of this bonus round Evolution created a standalone game from it, Crazy Pachinko. This follows in the footsteps of Crazy Coin Flip, another spin off of a Crazy Time bonus round.

So, if you are a diehard Pachinko enthusiast or a newcomer to the live gaming scene, Crazy Pachinko promises a colorful, multiplier-packed adventure that mirrors the feeling of Crazy Time, while being its own game in its own right.

Where Can I Play Crazy Pachinko?

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How to Play Crazy Pachinko?

Crazy Pachinko is a blend of live gaming and slots, so it lands in live-slot territory. A multi-staged gameplay that keeps things interesting. At its core, the game is the traditional Pachinko game but infuses modern slot mechanics, creating a fresh gaming experience. Players go through the different phases of the game, from the Qualification phase to the live Pachinko Bonus round, in the hunt for unlocking a cascade of multipliers. As with all Evolution Live games a lively game host is leading the action.

The game comes with distinct phases or stages that go like this:

  • Qualification Phase – Place Your bet.
  • Top-Up Phase – Boost your bet.
  • Pachoinko Bonus Round –Β  The main attraction of the game.
  • Collect Winnings and Qualify again for the bonus round.

The journey in Crazy Pachinko begins with the Qualification phase where players spin a five-reel slot with the aim to collect three scatter symbols, unlocking the door to the Pachinko Bonus game. The game spices things up with Sticky Scatters, nudging the scatters down a row with each spin, making it easier to collect all three. Upon collecting the scatters, players advance to the Top-Up phase where they can boost their multipliers on a distinctive 16-reel slot. The Top-Up phase allows players to enhance their winning potential before plunging into the live Pachinko Bonus round.

Crazy Pachinko Rules

Crazy Pachinko is played in stages and first, you need to qualify for the bonus round. Before you play the bonus round you have the option to boost your multipliers in the Top Up phase. The top-up phase is where you can try to maximize your winnings in the bonus round. Let us have a closer look at how the different stages work.

Qualification Phase

  • The game kicks off with the Qualification phase where players spin a five-reel, three-row slot with 10 fixed win lines.
  • The primary objective is to collect three scatter symbols in a single spin to qualify for the Pachinko Bonus round.
  • If a scatter symbol appears on the top row, the next spin nudges it down to the middle row. If it’s on the middle row, it moves to the bottom row on the next spin. And if it’s on the bottom row, it disappears on the next spin.
  • Scatter symbols may carry multipliers which are added and utilized in the Pachinko Bonus round.

Crazy Pachinko Slot Stage

Top-Up Phase

  • After qualifying, players have the option to enter the Top-Up phase to boost their multipliers.
  • This phase features a 16-reel slot, where each of the 16 squares is a reel that spins individually.
  • Players can choose to increase their Top-Up bet amount which in turn increases the value of multipliers.
  • Multipliers move to a sector below the reel and may stack randomly under the vertical reel.
  • Once the Top-Up time runs out, players are transferred to the Pachinko Bonus round.

Crazy Pachinko Top Up Stage

Pachinko Bonus Round

  • In this live-hosted round, a Pachinko wall filled with random multipliers is featured.
  • The game host drops the puck from a randomized dropping zone between zones 4 and 12.
  • The puck travels down the wall, landing in a random multiplier zone at the bottom.
  • If the puck lands on a β€˜Double’ sector, all multipliers on the wall double, and the puck is re-dropped for potentially bigger wins.
  • The final multiplier where the puck lands is applied to the player’s bet, determining the final prize amount.
  • This round ends when the puck lands in a zone with a multiplier, and there’s only one β€˜Double’ event allowed per Pachinko Bonus round.

Crazy Pachinko Bonus Round

At the end of the Pachinko Bonus round, the multiplier where the puck lands is applied to your bet, determining your final prize.

Collect your winnings and decide if you’d like to play another round of Crazy Pachinko!

Additional Crazy Pachinko Features

Crazy Pachinko comes with some additional features to enhance your gameplay. These features blend with the core game, offering you a bit more control and as such varied strategies to reach the Pachinko Bonus round. The Normal Spin mode is the standard setting in the Qualification phase. Here, just as you would suspect it works, you select your base bet amount and set the reels in motion. And you try landing the scatter symbols needed to unlock the bonus round.

XXXtreme Spins & Feature Buy option

  • XXXtreme Spin: If you want a faster pace that comes with higher stakes this is what you are looking for. XXXtreme spins guarantee at least one scatter symbol on each spin. However, this comes at the cost of an increased bet amount which is 15 times the base bet. The XXXtreme Spin mode accelerates the qualification process so you can get into the live Pachinko action faster. It will be up to you to decide if it is worth the extra cost.
  • Feature Buy: This is a direct ticket to the Pachinko Bonus round. Feature Buy bypasses the Qualification phase entirely. However, this fast-track feature costs 75 times your base bet. Granting instant access to the live-hosted Pachinko Bonus round along with three guaranteed scatter symbols. This could also come with random multipliers, making it a possible good choice for the impatient or the more adventurous players.

Crazy Pachinko Additional Features

These additional features in Crazy Pachinko give options to all sorts of players, from the cautious to the bold. The Normal Spin mode offers a steady and traditional gameplay route, the XXXtreme Spin mode injects a dose of adrenaline with a higher cost but quicker access to the main part of the game. The Feature Buy is for those who prefer to dive straight into the bonus round action.

RTP & Payout

The optimal RTP for Crazy Pachinko stands at 96.05%. However, the RTP is different for different stages and bets:

  • Normal Spin: 96.04%
  • XXXtreme Spin: 96.05%
  • Feature Buy: 96.04%
  • Top-Up: 95.01%


The payouts in Crazy Pachinko are heavily influenced by the accumulation of multipliers across different stages of the game. In the Qualification Phase, players can still receive payouts for winning combinations, according to the game’s paytable. And during the Top-Up Phase, players have the opportunity to boost their multipliers which will impact the payouts in the Pachinko Bonus round. The value of multipliers in this phase ranges from 2x to 100x based on the selected bet amount.

In the Pachinko Bonus Round, the final multipliers are calculated by adding the Pachinko multipliers, Scatter multipliers, and Top-Up multipliers. The final multiplier where the puck lands is applied to the player’s bet to determine the final payout. There’s a theoretical payout cap defined in the game, with the maximum payout for a game round limited to €500,000 (or its equivalent in local currency).

Crazy Pachinko Strategy & Tips

Playing Crazy Pachinko effectively requires a blend of understanding the game’s structure, utilizing its features wisely, and managing your bankroll.

Here are some strategies you might consider:

  • Manage Your Bankroll: It’s crucial to manage your bankroll effectively so you are able to play for a longer period and land more of those Crazy Pachinko bonus rounds.
  • Understand the Game Phases: Familiarize yourself with the game’s three main phases: the Qualification Phase, Top-Up Phase, and Pachinko Bonus Round. Pay attention to the RTP of different bet types and phases. The slight variations in RTP can impact your long-term returns. For instance, the Top-Up phase has a slightly lower RTP (95.01%) compared to the XXXtreme Spin mode (96.05%). Understanding the rules of each stage will help you make wiser bets.
  • XXXtreme Spin Mode: The XXXtreme Spin mode can fast-track your entry into the Pachinko Bonus Round by guaranteeing at least one scatter symbol per spin. However, as we touched upon earlier it comes at a cost of 15 times your base bet. So use this feature wisely, perhaps when you’re closer to collecting all three scatter symbols needed to qualify.
  • Feature Buy Option: If your budget allows, the Feature Buy option can be a quick way to experience the Pachinko Bonus Round. However, it’s a high-risk, high-reward feature costing 75 times your base bet.
  • Top-Up Phase Strategy: In the Top-Up Phase, you have the option to boost your multipliers, but it’s crucial to balance the reward for higher multipliers with the cost involved. If you have a comfortable budget and are willing to pursue higher multipliers for potentially bigger wins you can spend some extra here.

Live Casino India’s View

As enthusiasts of live casino games, we at Live Casino India find the multi-step approach of Crazy Pachinko fun. Slick transitions from the reels to the live-hosted Pachinko wall, each phase has its own fun gameplay and rewards. It’s this attention to player engagement that we believe will resonate well with the Indian gaming community, much like Crazy Time did.

Similar to Crazy Coin Flip, the transition from the qualification phase to the Pachinko Bonus round could be more intuitive for newcomers. While gameplay is exciting, the game might pose a slight learning curve for newbies.

RTP is competitive, and the variety in bet types caters to a broad spectrum of players. The XXXtreme Spin mode and Feature Buy option, provide alternatives for players with different risk appetites. Our favourite aspect is undoubtedly the live Pachinko Bonus round. It’s here that the game truly shines, encapsulating the essence of live casino gaming with a dash of unpredictability that keeps every round as exciting as the first.

We think that Crazy Pachinko will find a warm reception among the Indian live casino players. So pick a casino that offers Evolution games and give it a go!

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