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If you have ever played Baccarat in a live casino, then you will find that the Dragon Tiger is very similar. Baccarat has been popular since it started to appear at live casinos and became a player favourite everywhere. So, building on that success, an Asian version of the game was introduced. Dragon Tiger is not a new game but both Pragmatic Play and Evolution Gaming offer very good live versions of this game. Carry on reading for our full game review and strategy.

Where Can I Play Dragon Tiger Live?

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              How to Play Dragon Tiger Game?

              1. Place your bet within the betting timeframe on what you believe the cards characteristics will be.
              2. When the round starts, the live dealer draws 2 cards face down, one for Tiger and one for Dragon.
              3. The dealer then flips the cards face up and you can see the outcome of each card.
              4. Collect any winnings and bet again.

              There are more betting options available than just the main Dragon Tiger bet, so read on to learn more.

              Dragon Tiger Game Rules

              Dragon Tiger shares similarities with Baccarat, as does Andar Bahar, another popular card game in India. You will have several different options to bet ready for you on screen. You then place the bet on the field that you want to bet on. If you want to see what players are betting on then look at the betting overlay for percentages of each betting option. As soon as you have finished placing your bets, wait for the betting timer to end and the round starts. All bets on the table when this happens are final.

              When the round starts the dealer draws three cards. The first card will be discarded and put in a burn pile. And the second card and third card are for the Dragon and Tiger position. All cards are drawn face down and you will not know the result of the game-round right away. The cards will now be flipped face-up by the dealer and you will see the outcome of the drawn cards.

              The strongest card will determine the winning side. How strong a card is, is set by the numeric value of the card. It goes like this: Ace is one point, King Queen, and Jack is 13, 12, 11 points in that order. 10 to 2 are worth their own numeric value. If both cards are the same value the game-round is a tie.


              Live Dragon Tiger Pragmatic Studio


              Side Bets

              There are many side bet options in Dragon Tiger: Big, Small, Odd, Even, Colour and Suits. Moreover, all side-bets pay 1:1, except for Suits which pay 3:1. But you need to keep in mind that side bets are closed after 50 rounds and are enabled again after the deck is reshuffled. Otherwise, on other providers, odds decrease to maintain house edge. This is because online casinos and game providers are trying to prevent giving an edge to players who are counting cards. Sevens do not count towards side bets.

              Big and Small – place a bet on the card value being between A-6 (small) or 8-K (big).

              Odd or Even –Β  bet on whether the card value is an odd or even number.

              Colours – will the card be back or red.

              SuitsΒ – place a bet on the suit of each of the cards. So, you can place a suit bet on the Tiger side of the board and one on the Dragon side of the board.


              Payout Table

              The payout table for Live Dragon Tiger is not complicated and the RTP is 96.27%.

              – Main Dragon Tiger bet payout 1:1
              – Tie Bet 11:1
              – Suited Tie Bet 50:1
              – Most Side Bets 1:1
              – Suits 3:1

              Live Dragon Tiger Variations

              Each game provider has their own version of live casino game. Variations differ from each other by the different side bets that are offered as well as payouts in some cases. Let’s review each game provider:

              Pragmatic Play Live – Standard payouts exist as well as most side bets. No suit bets available on Pragmatic and side bets are restricted to first 50 rounds on a new shoe.

              Evolution Gaming –Β  Standard payouts exists. No side bets available.

              Ezugi – Standard payouts exist. But no side bets or suited tie bets available.

              Asia Gaming Live – Regular bets and side bets are available.

              Playtech LiveΒ – offers all betting options.

              On most games, the odds change as the shoe empties out of cards. Thus, the casino maintains the same edge throughout the game rounds. So, make sure that you are aware of this when placing your bets.

              Dragon Tiger Betting Strategy

              When it comes to strategy in Live Dragon Tiger there are a few things you can have in mind when playing to increase your chances. The base bet is pretty much a 50/50 chance of a win.

              Base Bets Only, DragonΒ  or Tiger

              A good way to increase your chances is to only bet on Dragon or Tiger. This is because it gives you a 50/50 chance of winning each time. Although tie bets offer higher payouts, they carry more risk and you need to rely more heavily on luck.

              Don’t Bet on the Tie Bet

              Tie bets have good payouts, but there is a good reason for this. Standard tie bets offer a payout of 11:1. Whereas, suited tie bets pay out 50:1. Even if you made 11 or 50 straight tie bets in succession, your chances of landing a tie or even a suited tie are very small.

              Count the Cards

              Dragon Tiger is a good example where you achieve a slight edge in counting cards. This is because not many cards are dealt and it’s easy to keep track of them. So, always keep track of 7 as this will be a loss no matter your bet.

              Bet on Suits Probability

              Keep track of the suits and bet on the probability of how many of one suit are left in the game. Although this strategy is used only further into the game not with newly shuffled decks.

              Live Casino India’s View

              You will find that Live Dragon Tiger is a straightforward game. Moreover, you can easily learn how to play and the extra excitement of the side bets does make it quite entertaining. Live casino dealers serve up the game in a nice custom studio for you to get more immersed in the game. We suggest you try the game out, it’s not hard to learn, and it’s easy to win. So, are you a Dragon or a Tiger?

              Play Dragon Tiger LiveΒ at JeetPlay Now

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