Crazy Time is one of the most popular game show games from Evolution Gaming. It is an upgraded version of Dream Catcher. When you play Crazy Time, you can land one of four different bonus games, with chances of hitting big multipliers and huge wins. Evolution Gaming has created a very fun and entertaining game. You can play this game for hours because there is so much action going on. Because of its popularity, many other live casino studios have tried to create their own game versions. And Evolution have even released a spin off game based off one of the bonus games, called Crazy Coin Flip. So, carry on reading our Crazy Time game review for more details.

crazy time evolution gaming

Where to Play Crazy Time

These are some of our recommended India live casinos.Β Choose one of our Crazy Time casino sites below and claim your welcome offer.

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How to Play Crazy Time

When Evolution Gaming first launched Dream Catcher a few years ago, it quickly gained popularity. So, they launched a follow up in Live Monopoly, which featured a Monopoly-themed bonus game. Now they’ve raised the bar even higher, by adding more bonus games. Similar to Live Dream Catcher, Crazy Time features a giant wheel with many possible outcomes on it. You have 8 possible outcomes to bet on and then the game show host spins the wheel. As soon as the wheel stops, the needle will point to a specific outcome on the wheel. If you place a bet on this outcome, then you will win a cash prize.

In Crazy Time you can bet on four regular bet multipliers: 1x, 2x, 5x and 10x. Additionally, you have four premium betting options. Each premium option represents a different bonus game: Coin Flip, Pachinko, Cash Hunt or Crazy Time. Once the betting round ends, 2 spinning slot reels appear above the wheel. One reel features all 8 betting options and another reel features win multipliers from 2x up to 50x. When the reels stop, a chosen betting option will be enhanced with a higher multiplier. For example: if the 5x betting option lands together with a 5x multiplier, then this option will now become 25x your bet. So if you placed a bet of β‚Ή1,000 on 5x and it lands on the wheel, then you will win β‚Ή25,000 instead of β‚Ή5,000.

In regular game mode, there are no re-spin options like in Dream Catcher or Live Monopoly. Re-spin options are only available in Pachinko and Crazy Time bonus games. If you land on “DOUBLE” in the bonus rounds, then all the multiplier wins are doubled and a new bonus round begins.

Bonus Games

As we mentioned before, you can land four different Crazy Time bonus games. Each bonus game is unique and offers up big win multipliers. In order to reach a bonus game, you need to place a bet on it and wait for the wheel’s needle to land on it. Once your betting option has landed, then your bonus round will begin. The best possible outcome is if the slots reel land on both the specific bonus game and 50x multiplier. So, your bonus game result will be multiplied by 50x. Below, we cover all 4 bonus games from lowest to highest potential wins.

Coin Flip

A very simple bonus game that has two possible outcomes, red or blue. Each colour represents a side of the coin that is flipped to reveal a win multiplier. Before the coin is flipped, win multipliers are generated and assigned to each side of the coin. The colour that shows facing up determines the outcome of the coin flip.

Cash Hunt

In this particular Crazy Time bonus game, players are taken to a shooting gallery carnival game. Rows and rows of win multipliers appear on the screen, with the highest possible win being 100x. Win multipliers are then covered up with shooting targets and shuffled up across the screen. You then have a certain amount of time to choose a target to shoot at to reveal your prize. If you’re lucky then you could find the 100x win.


In the Pachinko bonus round, win multipliers appear at the bottom of your screen stacked up next to each other. Your job is to tell the host which slot to drop the puck from so that, hopefully, it will land on your desired outcome. Unlike the first 2 bonus games, in Pachinko you have a “DOUBLE” feature. When the puck lands on doubles, the prizes are doubled and you drop the puck again. This can happen multiple times until you reach the 10,000x cap.

crazy time bonus game

Crazy Time Bonus Game

Undoubtedly, Crazy Time has the biggest potential for massive wins. But first, let’s explain how this bonus round works. If the main game needle lands on Crazy Time, then the game show host will go and open the big red door. Behind the door is a big virtual game wheel loaded with win multipliers and re-spin options. Unlike the normal big money wheel, in Crazy Time, you have 3 different coloured needles. Therefore, you have to pick a coloured needle before the bonus round starts. So, even though many players are online simultaneously, certain players will win different amounts.

Bonus Enhancers

In addition to big win multipliers, Crazy Time also has bonus enhancers. You can land on either a “DOUBLE” or a “TRIPLE“. If your chosen needle lands on an enhancer, then all prizes are doubled or tripled and you spin the wheel again. If Pachinko offers have a 10,000x cap, then Crazy Time is double that, at 20,000x. The Crazy Time wheel will re-trigger until the cap is reached.

So, you place a bet of β‚Ή10,000 on the Crazy Time bonus game. Then the slot reels land on Crazy Time and a 50x multiplier. Our friendly game show host spins the wheel and it lands on Crazy Time. We’re super excited and hoping for some doubles and triples. Our first several spins re-trigger the wheel and our prizes have now ballooned up a lot. Our chosen needle lands on a 12,000x win multiplier.

So, on a hit like this we would win 50 X 12,000 X our β‚Ή10,000 stake = β‚Ή6,000,000,000!

Crazy Time Game Review Verdict

Evolution Gaming has done it again. They’ve taken a popular game and built on it, adding more volatility and bonus features. We had a great time doing our Crazy Time game review because this game is so fun to play. If you like game show live casino games then make sure you sign up at one of our recommended live casinos. Currently, a few Indian online casinos offer Crazy Time, but more will soon add it too. So, let’s get a little CRAZY!

Latest Crazy Time Winners

Recently, two members of our LCI community had an amazing 5,000x win on Pachinko. Both players were playing online at two different casino sites (19.10.21) when the big win landed. Rakesh won 25 Lakh at JeetPlay and Mohit won 15 Lakh at Parimatch. Furthermore, both players thanked us for our tips and strategies that we shared in this Crazy Time game review. You can read more info about 2 lucky Crazy Time winners here.

Crazy Coin Flip

Over the last few years Crazy Time has established itself as one of the most lucrative games for Evolution Gaming. Therefore, adding another blockbuster hit for Evolution to go with Lightning Roulette. Now, Evolution have decided to ride the success of Crazy Time and release a spin off game called Crazy Coin Flip.

Crazy Coin Flip is based off of the Coin Flip bonus round, whereby players await. a coin toss to reveal a win multiplier. In this version, players spin slots reels to increase multipliers of either side of the coin. And when they are ready they can enter the coin toss round to win their prize.


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