Lightning Storm Live by Evolution Gaming

Lightning Storm, is a live casino game from Evolution Gaming. Ever since Crazy Time was released, we have been looking for Evolution to come up with another blockbuster gameshow. There have been some games but none have reached the highs that Crazy Time have. Can Lightning Storm be the one? Lightning Storm incorporates a big money wheel with instant cash payouts, dynamic multipliers, and a bunch of bonus games filled with powered-up multipliers and laboratory experiments. Let us begin chasing the storm and see if the Evolution lightning hits the live game players again.

Lightning Storm Live Casinos

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    How to Play Lightning Storm

    The game uses a 39-segment DigiWheel. Each spin can give instant payouts or start one of five bonus games. There are 20 wheel segments that can unlock a bonus game in each round. If you have played Funky Time before, then you will be familiar with the 23 betting options. One nice change from other Evolution money wheel games, is that when you bet on the “X Chaser” option, you’re automatically betting on all bonuses. This significantly differs from Monopoly Live and Crazy Time, where you have to physically bet on each bonus feature or dice rolls, separately. So, therefore you will qualify for any bonus that triggers, which adds more entertainment value to players.

    Lightning Storm Live Gameplay


    1. Betting: Decide where you think the wheel will stop and place your bets on those segments. You can bet on individual numbers, instant payout segments or on special bets like Storm Chaser and X Chaser.
    2. Spin the Wheel: Once all bets are placed, the game host spins the wheel.
    3. Outcome: The wheel stops and the segment it lands on will determine your winnings. If it lands on a segment you bet on, then you win! If it lands on a bonus game segment and you have a bet there, then you’ll proceed to play that bonus game.

    Lightning Storm Live Rules

    The 39-segment DigiWheel includes numbered segments, instant payout segments, and segments that trigger one of five bonus games. Your task is to predict where the wheel will stop and place bets accordingly. You have 4 types of bets to choose from here.

    • Numbered Segments: Bet on any of the numbers (1-20) if you believe the wheel will stop on that segment. Payouts for numbers are up to 20:1.
    • Evolution Logo Segments: These segments offer instant payouts with a 1:1 payout rate.
    • Storm Chaser: This special bet places a chip on the segment with the β€˜Lightning Storm’ bonus, ensuring you participate in this bonus round if the wheel stops there.
    • X Chaser: Automatically covers all segments that receive a bonus symbol and a multiplier during the initial spin.

    After the wheel is spun, 20 bonus game symbols are randomly assigned to the wheel segments. Segments with a bonus game symbol can also receive a multiplier (2x to 50x). If the wheel stops on an Evolution logo, thenΒ  you get a direct 1:1 payout. Stopping on a number segment gives up to 20x your bet, depending on the segment. If the wheel stops on a segment showing a bonus round and you have bet on this segment you proceed to that bonus game.

    Payout & Bet Types

    The return to RTP of Lightning Storm is set at 97.44%, and the maximum payout for all winnings in a game round is €500,000 (or the equivalent in your local currency).


    • Leaf Segments: These segments payout 1:1.
    • Number Segments: varies, but up to 20x.
    • Hot Spot: Max win 10,000x.
    • Monster Mash:Β  Max win 10,000x.
    • Battery Charger:Β  Max win 10,000x.
    • Fireball:Β  Max win 10,000x.
    • Lightning Storm:Β  Max win 20,000x.
    Bet Type Payout Ratio Maximum Payout RTP Percentage
    Leaf 1 : 1 97.44%
    Number (1–20) Varies Up to €500,000 95.13%
    Storm Chaser 95.12%
    X Chaser 95.13%

    Lightning Storm Bonus Games

    Important to note is that you can only participate in a bonus game if you have an active bet placed on the segment that triggered the game. Each bonus game offers quite a different experience and a chance for some big multipliers. So, you can either choose to bet separately on a few number segments or go for the X Chaser betting option which covers all segments. Thus, you can win one of the following 5 bonus games:

    Hot Spot

    In the Hot Spot bonus game, players face a giant, interactive 9×12 tile multiplier wall. Each tile on this wall hides a multiplier. You may recognize this bonus round from Crazy Time’s Duck hunt bonus game. You need to choose one tile on the wall that you believe might contain the highest multiplier. After selecting a tile, the multipliers are revealed, and a 3×3 area begins to move around the wall randomly. When this area stops, it doubles the multipliers within that area. If the 3×3 area covers the tile you chose, then your multiplier for that tile is doubled. And if the segment that triggered this bonus also had a multiplier from the main game (2x-50x), all multipliers on the wall are multiplied by this amount before the game round begins. This game can give multipliers up to 10,000x.

    Lightning Storm Hot Spot bonus


    Monster Mash

    In Monster Mash, you switch your view over to a laboratory where a monster is made using body parts (head, torso, legs). Each body part comes with a multiplier. There are three reels that spin, each with a different body part of the monster. The monster is then assembled from the parts, and the total multiplier is calculated by the values of these parts. If the segment that triggered this bonus had a multiplier, then it boosts the regular multipliers before the reels are spun. For example, if you get legs with 10x, a torso with 10x and a head with 5x, then the total could be 500x if multiplied by 20x. The maximum multiplier that is achievable in Monster Mash is also 10,000x.

    Lightning Storm Live Bonus Round Monster Mash


    Battery Charger

    Battery Charger features a mini wheel and a conveyor belt with ten batteries that each carry a multiplier. The game host spins the mini wheel to activate the conveyor belt and the batteries, into a battery charger. If the mini wheel lands on green and the battery has a regular multiplier, then that multiplier value is given. If it lands on a global multiplier (green), then all remaining batteries will double their values. However, if the mini wheel lands on red, then the battery overcharges and explodes. Moreover, the game ends when the mini wheel lands on green with a regular multiplier, or only one battery remains. That final value is your win multiplier for the bonus round. This bonus round can also result in multipliers up to 10,000x. Here too, Battery Charger bonus game traces its routes to another Evolution game, Cash or Crash.

    Lightning Storm Live Bonus Round Battery Charger



    In this bonus round, a ball is launched onto a table with 149 multiplier pockets. Pockets can have regular or double multipliers. If the ball lands on a regular multiplier, then you get that multiplier. Landing on a double multiplier doubles all regular multipliers on the grid, and the ball is launched again. This can repeat until all multipliers reach 10,000x. Once again, this bonus round resembles Evolution’s Pachinko bonus round. Yet the bonus round here takes place horizontally compared to the other games’Β  vertical versions. If the segment that triggered this bonus had a multiplier, all regular multipliers are boosted before the game begins.

    Lightning Storm Live Bonus Round Fire Ball


    Lightning Storm

    Lightning Storm is the creme de la creme of the bonus rounds. It’s equivalent to the Crazy Time mega wheel bonus round. This one is set on a rooftop with a big billboard that carries a grid of multipliers. At the start, you select one of three lightning strikes. The multiplier of your lightning strike will be applied to your payout. It works like this, the lightning strikes the billboard and moves around the grid, stopping on multipliers and adding them up. The total result can be a sum of regular multipliers or these multipliers can be enhanced by a global multiplier. This bonus round can pay up to 20,000x.

    Lightning Storm Live Bonus Round

    Strategy and Tips

    Evolution logo bets have the highest RTP at 97.44%, making them the safest bet for steady, smaller wins. Whereas, number bets offer varying payouts with an RTP of 95.13%. So, they offer more volatility but also bigger wins. Bonus games can pay out up to 20,000x your bet. We suggest you try to cover bonus bets as much as you can. This is also what the Storm Chaser Bet is about it, as it makes sure you are guaranteed entry to the Lightning Storm bonus round , if the segment lands. Use this bet to guarantee a shot at one of the highest potential multipliers (up to 20,000x). X Chaser bet automatically covers all number segments that receive a bonus symbol and a multiplier during the initial spin and is for multiplier chaser.

    If you’re new, watch a few game rounds before placing bets. Being only an observer can help you understand the game flow and where there are potential big payouts. Try to have some stake in every spin, even if it’s a minimal bet. On high RTP segments, this keeps you in the game and you won’t miss out on any lucrative bonus rounds.

    Live Casino India’s View

    If you like live casino gameshow games, then this is a game for you. There is potential for high multipliers everywhere and bonus games will trigger often. The only downside of these live game shows is that if you don’t have a bet on the bonus game, thenΒ  you are left watching. So, make sure you are in it to win it! Lightning Storm is projected to be the next blockbuster game in the Live Casino India community. So, will Crazy Time soon have a run for its money? Time will tell. But for now, Lightning Storm looks very impressive.

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