The Greatest Cards Show Live

The Greatest Cards Show is a live casino game by Playtech. This game features a large money wheel, but it lies flat like a roulette wheel. It was released in late 2022 and features cool bonus games too. The game is set in a Cabaret style backdrop and the game show hosts dress accordingly. If you like money wheel games, then you will enjoy this game too. The horizontal spinning wheel resembles the Wheel of Fortune TV game show.

Playtech has had some exciting releases in 2022, such as Everybody’s Jackpot Live. So, it’s nice to see them build on their popular money wheel games, Spin A Win ( not to be confused with Stakelogic‘s Spin to Win progressive jackpot feature) and Adventure’s Beyond Wonderland.

Where Can I Play The Greatest Cards Show?

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      How to Play The Greatest Cards Show?

      So as with all money wheel games, it is all about predicting where the flap will land on the spinning wheel. Of course, if you take into account the unique bonus cards, then things might get more complex as it is not just another spin-and-win game. Besides general payouts, there are also some interesting bonus games, fun visuals and mechanics.

      Launch The Greatest Cards Show and choose which wheel segments to bet on. To place a wager, click on any of the 52 card options on the interface that you see at the bottom of the screen. Because there is a limited time bank, you have some betting option on the left of your screen for quicker betting. You can place bets in any of the following ways:

      • You can select random cards from the 52 option grid
      • Choose a suit to bet on (Spades, Hearts, Diamonds or Clubs)
      • You can select a card value which will bet on that same value with all suits
      • There is also a Bet on All option

      If you do not choose the more defined options then you can build on your previous bets by clicking on the Rebet potion and adding more bets to the game round. When betting is over, the wheel spins to reveal the outcome. ย If you picked right, then you get a payout of 40x your bet.

      The Greatest Cards Show Betting Interface



      The Greatest Cards Show Game Rules

      The Greatest Cards Show combines augmented reality with wheel-based mechanics and RNG-based bonus games. Each wheel segment or piece is designed to resemble a playing card. They come in the classic four suits from regular playing card decks and go from 2, 3 and up to Aces, in each suit. The wheel consists of 54 segments and there are 52 card segments and 2 Joker segments.

      The Greatest Cards Show also features 3 bonus games: Spotlight, Light Show and Joker Bonus. Once the betting phase is done, before the wheel is spun, 3 to 12 gold or silver cards are selected. If the wheel stops on a selected gold card it will take you to the Light Show bonus round and the silver card takes you to the Spotlight bonus round. To be able to enter the bonus round you need to have a bet on the winning segment. If you land on any of the 2 Joker segments then the Joker bonus round will begin.

      The Greatest Cards Show Wheel


      The Greatest Cards Showย Payouts

      The official RTP is set at 96.67%. The game has a single-segment payout of 40:1, however, there are 54 segments on the wheel. There is quite a bit of house edge, which is there to cover the payouts on the bonus rounds.

      • 40x for the main game wheel segment
      • 50 – 2,000x for Spotlight Bonus Game
      • 50 – 5,000x for Light Show Bonus Game
      • 100 – 1,000x Joker Bonus Game (multipliers can apply)

      The Greatest Cards Show Bonuses

      In order to land one of the three aforementioned bonus rounds, you need to have placed a bet on the winning card. A silver or gold-marked card will take you to the Spotlight or Light Show bonus round. There are no betting options for Jokers. So, as long as you placed a bet in the specific game round, then you’ll be eligible for the Joker Bonus game.

      Spotlight Bonus Game

      Once a silver card has landed the Spotlight bonus round begins. Three spotlights will shine on the stage and a card figurine will move under one of the spotlights. When done it will reveal a win multiplier for the bonus round winnings. The maximum amount you can win in the Spotlight round is up to 2,000x.

      The Greatest Cards Show Spotlights


      Light Show Bonus Game

      If the wheel stops on a gold card, then you enter the Light Show bonus round. Here there is a bit of player interaction. You need to pick one of three coloured lightbulbs that show up on the screen (blue, yellow or green). This is similar to the coloured flappers in the Crazy Time bonus game round.

      In the middle of the screen, there is a 5×4 grid with lights that have a multiplier assigned to each point. A light will jump on the grid and stop on one of the multipliers which are assigned to each lightbulb. Your winnings are determined by the lightbulb you picked. The max win is up to 5,000x.

      The Greatest Cards Show Lightshow


      Joker Bonus Game

      In the Joker bonus round, you will bet on one of the 4 suits. The Joker will then begin a juggling duel against a fellow suited Joker. The first to drop the ball is the loser. There are 3 duelling rounds to decide the winner. The winning card pulls a rabbit out of its hat, and the losing card finishes in 2nd place, while the losers from the previous duels get 3rd place. First, second and third place will each receive a payout.

      If The Greatest Card show wheel spins consecutive Jokers, then the payouts are multiplied. So, the bonus round payout will be multiplied by 2x each time. So in theory, consecutive Jokers means bigger wins. But there is a 1 in 27 chance of this happening on each spin.

      The Greatest Cards Show Strategy

      There isn’t much of a strategy to be had for The Greatest Cards Show. But you would like to cover as much of the wheel as possible. We do not suggest a bet on all strategy as you will be losing 11 credits on each losing round.

      Similar to live roulette strategy, you could choose to cover certain sections of the wheel. The wheel is designed in ascending order from 2’s to Aces. If you feel that flap will land on the higher card values then place 28 bets on 8’s to Aces. Or for the lower part of the wheel place 28 bets on 2’s to 8’s. You can also look at the results tracker for the results on previous game rounds. Also note that the game show host spins the wheel in the counter direction of the previous round, to throw you off your betting projections.

      The Greatest Cards Show statistics


      Live Casino Indiaโ€™s View

      Playtech Live has made a good new money wheel game to add to their growing portfolio. The biggest difference is that the wheel is horizontal and the bonus games are not exceptional. We do like the detail that has gone into the game. For example, when a silver or gold card is selected, then that exact same card becomes an animated figurine. It’s not just a generic card that is animated. So, that shows that the designers paid attention to the small details. However, we do feel that the colour setting is a bit dark for our liking.

      Potential wins on The Greatest Card Show are quite big, especially in the Spotlight and Light Show rounds, but unlike Evolution games, there is not much tracking information online about big wins on Playtech Live games. So, are these max wins even obtainable? Time will tell, but until then, this is still a very entertaining game to play.


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