Treasure Island Live by Pragmatic Play

Treasure Island is not just another live casino game, for many of us it’s a revisit to the classic novel with the same name. Crafted by Pragmatic Play, this game show is themed around the iconic Treasure Island novel. It introduces players to memorable iconic characters like Long John Silver and Captain Flint. The game revolves around a 54-segment big money wheel, featuring instant win prizes and six captivating bonus rounds. Win multipliers on bet spots, vary from 1x – 50x, and are a nice touch to each spin. Treasure Island seems to be aiming for frequent small wins but with the promise of larger treasures buried in the bonus rounds. Low volatility and small wins adds a lot of entertainment value, as your balance lasts longer. However, there is also potential for a max win of 15,000x.

Where Can I Play Treasure Island Live?

These are our recommended online casinos for Pragmatic Play’s Live games. As always, it depends on what region you are playing from and which games are available at online casinos.

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    How to Play Treasure Island Live?

    Playing Treasure Island might seem a bit daunting at first but no worries, you will get the hang of it quite fast. Start by understanding its core parts and the sequence of the game rounds. To get you started here’s a detailed walkthrough:

    • Place Your Bets: At the start, you choose where to bet. The game has many options, including six special bonus rounds. You have about 12 seconds to place your bets for each game round.
    • Gem Multipliers Set: After everyone’s placed their bets, the game sets the gem multipliers. These can be anything from 1x to 50x.
    • The Big Spin: The host spins the large wheel and the action begins.
    • Highlighting for Wild Collector: After the spin, some parts of the wheel light up. These parts are important for the Wild Collector part of the game.
    • Seeing What You Win: If the wheel stops on a Gem part, and you bet on it, then you win based on the multiplier shown. If it stops on a bonus wedge, and you bet there, then you get to play a bonus game. This is where the big wins can happen.

    Treasure Island Live Studio Dealer


    Treasure Island Live Rules

    Treasure Island’s game rules are an exciting mix of chance and strategy. 54 segments spread out over the big wheel, feature three types of gems and six unique bonus rounds. Due to dynamic gem multipliers, all gem segments have dynamic payouts. Win multipliers, ranging from 1x to 50x, are decided after the betting window closes. Some segments contain multiple gems, offering a chance for double payouts if the wheel stops there.


    The Wheel and Segments and Payouts

    Segments are divided between gem segments and bonus rounds. Gem segments account for 39 of the wheel’s 54 segments, and the payouts for these segments range from 1x to 50x. Additional 54 segments are bonus games. Some segments can have multiple gems on them, even mixed gems. So, there are more gems than the 39 segments on the wheel that are gem segments.

    Treasure Island Live Studio Dealer Betting


    Segment Number of Segments Payout
    Yellow Topaz 21 1x – 10x
    Green Emerald 14 1x – 40x
    Red Ruby 8 3x – 100x
    Wild Collector 3 2x – 900x
    Great Scavenger 4 3x – 450x
    John Silver’s Loot 2 2x – 10,000x
    Ben’s Lost Marbles 3 2x – 10,000x
    Billy Bones’ Map 2 5x – 15,000x
    Captain Flint’s Treasure 1 10x – 15,000x
    * Mixed Gems 6 Random Gem Segments combined gem payouts

    Gem Multiplier

    The wheel features three types of gems: Topaz (Yellow), Emerald (Green), and Ruby (Red). The Yellow Topaz appears most frequently, followed by the Green Emerald, which appears about as often as the bonus rounds. The Red Ruby is the rarest of the three. The Topaz is the most common with 21 sections on the 54-segmented wheel.

    Treasure Island Wheel and Gems


    • Topaz (Yellow): The multiplier for Yellow Topaz ranges between 1x and 10x.
    • Emerald (Green): For the Green Emerald, the multipliers can vary from 1x to 20x.
    • Ruby (Red): The Red Ruby has the highest range, with multipliers between 3x and 50x.

    Once the betting time concludes, the multipliers for each gem type are selected. This is done using three single “slot machines”, one for each gem type (Topaz, Emerald, Ruby). Each “slot machine” spins to stop on a multiplier value, which is then applied to the bets placed on the corresponding gem segments.

    Treasure Island Bonus Rounds

    Treasure Island comes with several bonus rounds.

    • Wild Collector and Great Scavenger: These features give instant wins based on the sum of gem values in selected wheel sections or mini slots.
    • Ben’s Lost Marbles: A game of live dice rolls and RNG (Random Number Generator).
    • John Silver’s Loot: Involves drawing up to 10 gem-coloured balls using a Bingo-style machine.
    • Billy Bones’s Map: Players pick tiles on a map, with RNG determining the hidden keys.
    • Captain Flint’s Treasure: Players choose paths through barrel levels, avoiding Skulls for higher payouts.


    The Wild Collector and Great Scavenger

    Wild Collector and The Great Scavenger works like this:

    Wild Collector Bonus Feature

    Activated when the wheel stops on the Wild Collector segment. The payout is determined by the number of gems within a highlighted range on the outside of the big wheel. The gems’ respective multiplier values are summed up to give a total payout, including the initial bet. And the minimum payout is 2:1, and the maximum can reach an impressive 900:1. On average, the payout is likely to be around 10x.

    This feature appears three times on the wheel, resulting in a 5.5% chance of being hit in any spin.

    The Great Scavenger Bonus Feature

    Occurs when the wheel lands on the Great Scavenger segment. The payout depends on the lit lights on each gem slot. The number of lit lamps is multiplied by the gem multiplier for that slot, and the totals from the three slots are added together. When the wheel stops on the Great Scavenger sector, there’s a chance for each slot to re-spin, potentially generating a larger multiplier. This event is random and not guaranteed every time. Payouts vary between 3x and 450x.

    The Great Scavenger is more frequent, occupying four segments on the wheel, giving a 7.41% chance of occurring.

    Ben’s Lost Marbles

    The Ben’s Lost Marbles bonus round in Treasure Island is a type of mini-game. The bonus round is inspired by games like Pachinko and Pinball. It involves a machine-style setup that adds a physical game element to the digital platform. You might familiar with this bonus game from Sweet Bonanza Candy Land. In this round, marbles are released from the top of the machine. These marbles then navigate through the machine, potentially getting caught in pockets. Each of the pockets within the machine has multiplier values attached.

    Treasure Island Bens Lost Marbles

    The final payout for the player depends on the number of marbles that get collected in these pockets. More marbles caught means a larger payout. The mini-game mostly relies on a Random Number Generator (RNG) for the outcomes. However, there is an interactive element at the beginning: a dice roll determines the number of marbles that will be dropped into the machine.

    John Silver’s Loot

    This is a bingo-style bonus game and doesn’t have any player interaction during the bonus game. The bingo mechanism derives from another live casino game Vegas Ball Bonanza. There’s a 3.7% chance of hitting this bonus round in any game round. At the start, each coloured ball in the machine is assigned a multiplier value based on the corresponding gem multiplier. This setup occurs at the beginning of the game. Up to 10 balls are drawn from the bingo-style machine. The balls are Yellow (Topaz), Green (Emerald), or Red (Ruby), with a few Black balls marked with a gem symbol. And if a black ball is drawn, it reduces the number of balls left to draw by five.

    Treasure Island John Silvers Loot

    In the machine, there is a total of 40 balls – 10 Yellow, 10 Green, 10 Red, and 10 Black. The value and number of balls are updated as each ball is drawn. Multipliers for the gems are selected at the start, up to a maximum of 20x in value. A Black ball drawn reduces the number to be drawn by five but still contributes to the prize pool depending on its displayed gem colour. The game ends when the number of balls to draw has been reduced to zero. The game offers payouts between 2x and 10,000x.

    Billy Bones’s Map

    Billy Bone’s Map is an engaging bonus feature that comes with a good potential for larger payouts.  This bonus round has the potential for the highest payout in the game, with a maximum of 15,450x. Here the main goal is to find three hidden keys on an 8×8 grid map. You have the opportunity to pick five squares on the map. Underneath these squares could be either gems or a key. And if you find all three keys, you open a chest containing a significant payout. If you don’t find all the keys, your payout is based on the value of the gems.

    Treasure Island Billy Bones Bonus

    The game starts with a spin of the wheel to choose the gem and its value. This determines the payout for the chest. The value is then multiplied by the active gem multiplier when the bonus round is triggered. Hence, the chest payout is the value multiplied by the gem multiplier. Players have 10 seconds to pick their five squares. If you haven’t selected any within this time, the game automatically chooses for you.

    After the selection, the map reveals the hidden gems and keys. The final win is either the contents of the chest (if all three keys are found) or the value of the discovered gems. The payout ranges from 5x to a maximum of 15,450x. Some would feel this bonus game is a copy of Gonzo’s Treasure Map that launched recently by Evolution.

    Captain Flint’s Treasure

    This bonus round in Treasure Island is a multi-level bonus round. The round consists of six levels. You progress through these levels by selecting from a grid of barrels arranged in a 7×6 formation. The objective is to pick barrels concealing gems and avoid those hidden skulls. Initially, each line of barrels will dissolve to reveal either gems or skulls underneath. If a player selects a barrel with a gem, they get the win multiplier and advance to the next level. However, if a skull is chosen, the game ends.

    Treasure Island Captain Flints Treasure

    The first two levels of the game contain no skulls, making them relatively safe. The risk increases from level three onwards, where one skull is present, and levels four to six each contain three skulls, increasing the risk of getting a skull. You may be familiar with this bonus round from Boom Time. This bonus round has a 1.85% chance of being activated each game round as it is only one segment on the wheel. The payouts can range from 10x to a massive 15,000x.

    Treasure Island Live Strategy & Tips

    To play Treasure Island Live effectively, it’s important to understand that the game, much like a slot game, offers a variety of betting opportunities and outcomes. Remember that no strategy can guarantee a win, and the game’s RTP is around 96% which is decent. Focus on managing your bankroll and deciding how long you want to play. Treasure Island, akin to a slot game, provides a result after each wheel spin which could be a win, a smaller payout, or a loss. The key is to manage these outcomes to maintain your bankroll​. You can choose to bet on game parts that yield higher profits but occur less frequently, or on parts like the gem segments that offer regular but smaller wins.

    A balanced approach, betting on both types of segments or betting on everything, might be effective. A bet-on-everything strategy guarantees that when a bonus round lands you get to play it, this is also where the larger payouts will be had. Using the provided game statistics can help you guide your betting strategy by showing which results occur more often and their average payouts. However, relying only on these statistics to place your bets is not advisable.

    Betting Tips

    Here are some tips to make playing Treasure Island more fun. Utilize the Auto Play feature for repeated bets, setting it for several game rounds up to 100. Note that the game does land on bonus rounds relatively often, about one every 3-4 spins. So you can somewhat plan for this. But do keep in mind that most wins you get are usually small, but they have the potential for larger payouts mainly in the bonus rounds. As we mentioned in the intro this game seems to favour several smaller wins instead of “Jackpot” wins, so its aimed for entertainment.

    Live Casino India’s View

    Treasure Island by Pragmatic Play combines the excitement of a treasure hunt, a classic theme from a classic book, with the thrill of live casino gaming. This game shares the 54-segment wheel feature with Sweet Bonanza CandyLand. So if you ever played that live game or any other money wheel game for that matter the base setup will be a familiar gaming experience. It stands out from the Indian fan favourite Crazy Time with a more varied assortment of bonus games and a higher maximum payout potential.

    The gameplay comes with both instant bonuses and interactive bonus games which make it a quite engaging experience. A straightforward approach and an excellent choice for those who enjoy the simplicity of Sweet Bonanza CandyLand but are looking for something with higher stakes and a more adventurous theme. We at Live Casino India think that this is a strong contender for the best money wheel gameshow in 2023, go ahead and give it a try and see if we might be right.

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