Everybodys Jackpot Live Playtech

Everybody’s Jackpot Live is a new live game show game from Playtech Live. It’s a live version of the popular jackpot slot Everybody’s Jackpot. Playtech was the first game provider to launch live slot games and is well known for their Age of Gods progressive jackpot live games. Everybody’s Jackpot Live is a community-focused slot game, much the same as Buffalo Blitz Live. This means all players online, play the same game at the same time. So, if one player wins, then all players participating in the game round win too.

There are multiple betting options and 4 bonus rounds which follow the Adventures Beyond Wonderland theme. But the creme de la creme is a possible multiplier win of up to 6,740x your bet! We will go through the gameplay and rules of the game. Then finally, we’ll discuss some strategy tips on how to play the game. So, carry on reading for more info.

Where Can I Play Everybody’s Jackpot Live?

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      How to Play Everybody’s Jackpot Live?

      Most of us most likely know how to play a slot and this isn’t much different.

      • First find Everybody’s Jackpot Live at your favourite online casino, if you can’t find it pick one from the list above they all have Playtech games.
      • Place your bet and you can also place an additional Double Up for 50% of the cost of your bet and this will give you a multiplier boost if there are any bonus rounds.
      • The slot starts and RNG decides which bonus game will be played, if it gets triggered the same game round (Free Games, Walters Bubble Bar, Pick Me Plaza, The Block).
      • You need 3 scatter symbols for a bonus game to trigger and go to the bonus round. If not, then you can still win from landing winning lines.
      • Once the spin is over a new one begins.

      Everybodys Jackpot gameplay


      Everybody’s Jackpot Game Rules

      As a community slot, all players play the same spins of the slot. Everybody’s Jackpot Live has 4 bonus games in which 3 of them are interactive and the 4th is free spins. The name of the game is Everybody’s Jackpot so it also has 2 jackpots: The Daily Jackpot and The Grand Jackpot.

      The main slot game is actually a 4-in-1 slot grid made up of four 3X3 reel grids. All 3×3 grids spin independently from each other. Each bet covers all grids, and if you land 3 of the same symbol in a grid, then you receive a multiplier win based on the symbol value. If you get more lines of the same symbol, then the multiplier gets multiplied by the number of winning lines.

      There is also a Double-Up betting option that will cost you 50% of your bet. Moreover, the Double Up feature affects any multiplier values that you can receive in the bonus rounds.

      Like in many regular slot games, there is also an Auto-Spin option. This allows you to set an amount of automatic spins, instead of clicking to spin each time. All active players in each regular game round receive the same payout multipliers. However, actual winnings can vary a lot due to the different bet amounts player bet with.

      Bonus Rounds

      There are four bonus games in Everybody’s Jackpot Live:

      • Wild Free Games
      • Walters Bubble Bar
      • Pick Me Plaza
      • The Block

      Out of these four bonus rounds, only Wild Free Games requires no user interaction. For a bonus game to start, the main slot needs to land at least 3 scatter symbols. Where the scatters appear does not matter. They can be in any of the 4 main grids. Any extra scatter you land adds bonuses to the bonus games too, such as more spins or better win multipliers.

      Everybodys Jackpot Live Bonus Rounds


      Wild Free Games Bonus Game

      The Wild Free Games bonus round uses a 3×3 slot. The number of free spins is determined by the amount of scatters land. You can receive between 5 – 30 spins. If you receive any wild symbols, then they are a substitute for any other symbol. For any winning line, you get a win multiplier based on the symbol value. Lastly, if you doubled up before the game round started, then all win multipliers that you receive will double.

      The number of spins you get from the main slot scatters are as follows:

      • 3 scatters – 5 Spins
      • 4 Scatters – 10 Spins
      • 5 Scatters – 15 Spins
      • 6 Scatters – 20 Spins
      • 7 Scatters – 25 Spins
      • 8-10 Scatters – 30 Spins

      Wild Free Games


      Walters Bubble Bar Bonus Game

      This bonus game consists of a 4×4 grid. It begins with Walter the caterpillar, blowing 3 coloured bubbles. The bubbles decide what multiplier you get by you picking one of the bubbles. Multipliers range from x1 – x9, x15, x20 and x25. Once you have picked a bubble the 4×4 slot starts where you see the “Walter Spins”. Walter Spins run like Hold & Win slots, if you’ve ever played them. If a Walter lands then a re-spin occurs. If no Walter lands, then a new spin is used.

      Your win is decided on how many Walters there are and is then multiplied by the multiplier you picked. Max multiplier for this game is x400 and x800 with the double-up bet active. Walter Spins are determined by how many scatters you landed.

      • 3 scatters – 3 Walter Spins
      • 4 Scatters – 4 Walter Spins
      • 5 Scatters – 5 Walter Spins
      • 6 Scatters – 6 Walter Spins
      • 7 Scatters – 7 Walter Spins
      • 8-10 Scatters – 8 Walter Spins

      Everybodys Jackpot Walters bubble bar


      Pick Me Plaza Bonus Game

      This bonus game also uses a 4×4 grid, and on the top you see 5 types of drinks. The grid is populated with these drinks and they have multipliers assigned to them, x3, x4, x5, x7 and the top one is x10. When the game starts the grid is blank and you have to pick 4 of the 16 squares that you want. The squares are then revealed in order of the multiplier value. The winnings are decided by the multipliers you get from the bonus game, multiplied by the value of the scatters. This is then applied to your bet amount. If you have the double-up option active, then the maximum multiplier is x680 and x340 without it.

      Payout with scatters:

      • 3 scatters – 1x Multiplier
      • 4 Scatters – 2x Multiplier
      • 5 Scatters – 3x Multiplier
      • 6 Scatters – 4x Multiplier
      • 7 Scatters – 5x Multiplier
      • 8-10 Scatters – 10x Multiplier

      Everybodys Jackpot Pick me plaza


      The Block Bonus Game

      In The Block bonus round, you are presented with a 3×3 grid on a virtual cube. On top of each of the columns, you see a multiplier that you can get when picking the correct square, when picking the next step on the cube. The aim of the game is to pick the correct next step out of 3 possible options. The 3 outcomes consist of an arrow that will take you to the next column, an arrow and coins that mean you collect the multiplier you see on the top of the column, and the final one is an X and coins symbol which means you collect the multiplier and the game ends for you.

      Your payout from this game is the total multiplier you collected, multiplied by the scatter multiplier value, times your bet amount. This is the bonus round with the highest win potential in Everybody’s Jackpot Live, with a max multiplier of x3,370 and with the double-up option you can win x6,740!

      Payout with scatters:

      • 3 scatters – 1x Multiplier
      • 4 Scatters – 2x Multiplier
      • 5 Scatters – 3x Multiplier
      • 6 Scatters – 5x Multiplier
      • 7 Scatters – 8x Multiplier
      • 8-10 Scatters – 10x Multiplier

      Everybodys Jackpot The block


      The Everybody’s Jackpot Live Jackpots

      Everybodys Jackpot Jackpots

      Of course, Everybody’s Jackpot Live also has 2 progressive jackpots. They are separate from each other. So, there are two possible jackpot payouts when you play. The Daily Jackpot runs from 00:01 – 00:00 GMT and triggers once per day. Whereas, the Grand Jackpot will randomly trigger after it has hit its target amount. Both jackpots are seeded by Playtech to start them, and then the rest of the jackpots are filled by players. Daily Jackpot is filled up by players, with 1.5% of each bet made and the Grand Jackpot gets 1%. So, in total each game round, 2.5% of your bet amount is added to the jackpot prize pools.

      Both Jackpots are triggered during gameplay and one lucky player will win 50% of the jackpot, and the rest gets divided between the other active players. How much you receive from the Jackpot shared sum depends on the size of your bet made, relative to the other players. What’s great is that every time a jackpot is won, if you were active during the round, then you win a share.

      The lucky winner is selected in-game, the normal gameplay pauses and you will be taken to the jackpot selection in the Meta Village. All players are put in 4 groups, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades. One of the groups gets selected and the others are eliminated. This continues until there is only one player left. The last player standing is the jackpot winner!

      Everybody’s Jackpot Live Strategy

      For some tips and possible playing strategies, we will have a look at the different components that make up Everybody’s Jackpot Live. For the most part, it’s always good to go for the Double Up. This will give you higher multipliers and payouts of 50% extra on your bet. Not having done the Doubling Up on your bet when the bonus game rounds start is not the best feeling.

      Since slots games have random outcomes, there is not much you can do to anticipate any outcomes. However, you could apply a betting strategy, by using the auto-spin feature. First start off with low bets for a set amount of auto-spins, and increase your bets for each auto-spins set of spins thereafter. When a bonus lands, reset to your smallest bet.

      In the bonus rounds, everything runs on random number generators. So the results are pre-determined and you can’t really apply any strategy like in other live casino games.

      Everybodys Jackpot double up

      Live Casino India’s View

      Everybody’s Jackpot Live is a fun game to play no question about it. Although the studio is fully digital and only the host is real, it lends itself well to what the game tries to do. Bonus games are fun and have a good variety to them. The biggest allure of Everybody’s Jackpot Live is the jackpot prizes. Besides base game and bonus rounds wins which are good, the jackpots are everyone’s main objective. And the fact that all players get a piece of the pie makes this game even more appealing. If you are getting into Live Slots you probably should take a look at Extra Chilli Epic Spins as its the best one out there right now most likely.

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