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Fan Tan has a long history and originated in China as a game of pure chance. The game is played by predicting how many beads are left after the pile has been split. Predicting the remaining count when divided by four. And now Evolution Gaming has brought their version in a nice china-inspired studio to the live casino as well. It’s nice to see them cater to more players from the Asian region. Let us have a look at this easy-to-learn guessing game.

Where Can I Play Fan Tan Live?

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    How to Play Fan Tan Live?

    1. Place your bet on how many beads will be left, min 1 max 4
    2. watch the dealer split the beads with the cup and use the special stick to divide into rows of 4.
    3. If you predicted correctly collect your winnings.
    4. That’s it for the basic betting version

    There are more betting options available such as even or odd, similar to roulette. And also more advanced bets can be made.

    Fan Tan Live Game Rules

    The Fan Tan Live game is played on a big red table where there is a pile of beads. The dealer will then collect some of these beads in a cup from the big pile and put them in the middle of the table and move the larger pile out of the way. Now the dealer divides the pile into groups of four in a fan pattern on one side of the table using a special stick.

    What you bet on are the last beads in this smaller pile. The normal Fan Tan bet, Fan, is how many of them will be left for the last swipe of the stick. This is max four and minimum one, this is the Fan bet. Another option is to bet on even or odd, Big or Small.


    fan tan live top view of the game

    Fan Tan Advanced Bets

    The betting in Fant Tan is as simple as it seems. You do have the option to play Fan Tan with the advanced layout and you then get access to some different bets.

    Nim Bet

    With a Nim Bet, you get the standard fan bet but Instead of just picking one number you get two, one of them will push the bet. For example, you pick 1 number, let’s say 3 and if it is 3 you will get paid 1.95:1 and another number as well let’s say 4. If it is instead 4 it’s a push and you get the money back.

    Kwok Bet

    You also have the Kwok bet to choose from it works very similar to the Nim bet. The difference is that you are paid if you get either of the numbers you placed your bet on. However, there is then a reduced payout of 0.95:1.

    Ssh Bet

    Then we have the Ssh (Sheh-sam-hong) with this you bet on 3 of 4 numbers this has of course an even lower payout of 0.032:1.

    fan tan advanced bet

    Payout Table

    The RTP of Fan Tan varies depending on your bets it goes from 96.25% to 98.75%

    • Fan Bet – 2:85:1
    • Odd/Even/Big/Small bet – 0.95:1
    • Nim Bet – 1.95:1
    • Kwok Bet – 0.95:1
    • Ssh Bet – 0.032:1

    Fan Tan Betting Strategy

    There isn’t much of a strategy here as the bets are quite straightforward and it isn’t much you can do after placing your bet. You just wait for the outcome. Instead, you might just want to go for a bet that has the highest chance to produce a win.

    Live Casino India’s View

    A straightforward game of pure chance. And the house edge on all bets in Fan Tan Live is quite ok and basically works like roulette. Evolution has made a very nice studio that goes in red and gold so you get a good Chinese feeling giving a nod to the origins of the game and immersion into the game. Live Casino India game reviewers enjoyed playing this game and there are no complicated rules to learn. So why not give it a chance and try your luck on this prediction-oriented game. So why wait go pick a number between 1 and 4 and let it ride!


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