Funky Time by Evolution Gaming

Funky Time is part of more than 100 new games that will be released in 2023 by Evolution Gaming. Since Evolution has acquired several other big named studios under its umbrella. So these are games from Big Time Gaming, NetEnt, Ezugi, and other developers they recently bought that are part of the 100. The game that attracted the most visits at ICE 2023 is the one that is set to surpass Crazy Time in popularity. Funky Time Live is the title of the game set to give Crazy Time fans something new to enjoy.

Funky Time Live and Crazy Time share certain similarities due to Funky Time being built based on the Crazy Time game show but Evolution has enhanced the game with new and intriguing bonus games and betting alternatives. This will give Funky Time Live a different experience for the players compared to Crazy Time. So let us check out what we have for this live game. And we hope you like Disco because it is about to get groovy.

Where Can I Play Funky Time Live?

If you want to play Funky Time Live we suggest you check out these recommended online casinos.

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    How to Play Funky Time Live?

    To access Funky Time first you must find an online casino that offers Evolution Live Casino games. Almost all online casinos do offer Evolution games. So it should not be hard to find one if you already have a favourite casino that you play at it will be there. And most online casinos also have a search function for games so use that to see if it is available.

    Funky Time Studio and Wheel

    How to Play

    If you have played Crazy Time you will find your feet fast. Funky Time Live is based on Crazy Time so the general gameplay will be the same.

    Bets are placed on the corresponding colours of the segments of a money wheel.

    For each new round you place a bet on the segment you think the wheel will stop on.

    Your choices are to place a bet for the instant win on the 1s and letters. Or you can also choose to place bets on bonus games. It is possible to bet on both at the same time of course.

    Hopefully, you picked the segment that it landed on and will get a payout from it. Or if the wheel lands on a bonus game you will be taken to that bonus game to play it out before payout.

    Funky Time Live Rules

    Funky Time Live features the brand-new digiwheel money wheel. As you might have guessed it’s a digital wheel with “screens” as the physical panels. The digiwheel features 64 segments in total. And 12 of them are for the bonus games. The wheel is spun in the opposite direction as last time for each game round, just like in roulette.

    There are 52 segments for the regular instant win bet types. These are the 1s and letters. Of these 52 segments 24 segments on the wheel that spell P, L, A, Y and F, U, N, K and T, I, M, and E. The letters have a 25x payout. The words or letters are placed on the wheel 2 times in six blocks of four.

    Auto Play and Quick Bet are available and can repeat a bet up to 100 game rounds. Of course, this comes with a win-and-loss limit that you can set. The Quick Bet has options to bet on all letters and bonus games in one press of a button.

    Extra multipliers from 2x up to 50x can appear on the wheel when playing. These mystery multipliers are assigned after you have placed your bets. They can land on both bonus games and the instant payout segments.  And there is no limit on how many players can play at the same time.

    Funky Time Spin Wheel

    Bonus Games

    If you played Crazy Time you know this is the meat of the game, it’s why you play Crazy Time. So bonus games are important. And Funky Time Live have 4 of them. Two of them are interactive with choices to be made and two will be the same for every player that has a bet on it.

    If you don’t have a bet on the bonus game when it lands. You will have to just watch the game unfold for the other players until it’s time for a new game round.

    And if there was a multiplier assigned to the bonus round segment on the mainwheel when it landed. It will then apply to the payout of the bonus game round. Max multiplier you can get from a bonus game is 10,000x, capped by Evolution.


    Feeling thirsty? The game shows host leads you to a virtual bartender when the money wheel stops on the BAR bonus game.

    Every player that has bet on this bonus game will select one of three colours Teal Orange or Magenta. Three cups are filled by the robot bartender. And the multiplier increases as the glass becomes more full.

    The robot then tops up a glass, once it has been filled, with a cocktail stick that provides an additional multiplier for that glass.

    Funky Time BAR bonus game

    Stayin’ Alive

    Who wants to live forever? you do of course, especially in this Funky Time bonus game.

    Stayin Alive features a ball machine that gives out balls one after another. For you to climb one of 3 multiplier ladders that you have picked.

    Here you pick a colour same as in the BAR bonus round. After that, a bingo machine decides your fate. And the more balls of your colour that come out from the machine the higher multiplier you will get.

    A ball is drawn from 90 balls in the bingo machine until there have been 4 black stop balls drawn. When this happens the bonus round is over.

    The ball drawn have colours and will advance the ladder with the corresponding colour. There are 1-step and 2-step balls.

    Funky Time Stayin Alive


    When the Funky Time digiwheel lands on Disco the game transports you to a digital discotheque and you play the Disco bonus game.

    You will see a dancefloor that has 37 squares in total. And on the dance floor is Mr Funky. The game presenter is your DJ that spins a record player “wheel” that has 8 segments with arrows on it.

    Mr Funky will then move according to the arrow you got in the spin, a step to the left, to the right, forward, or back. Every new step you take on the dance floor increases your multiplier as represented on the square Mr Funky moves to.

    Available Multipliers range from 1 to 100x. And there are also Double Multipliers that you can land on that then will double 5 squares on the dancefloor.

    When Mr Funky falls off the dance floor due to no more floor in the direction you got from the record player wheel. The bonus round is then over.

    Funky Time Disco Bonus game

    VIP Disco

    This bonus game is the same as Disco but it has bigger multipliers. The multipliers in VIP disco range from 1 to 500x. And it also features a larger dance floor with 64 squares instead of the normal 37 in Disco. It is also in this bonus game the biggest payouts will be made from Funky Time Live.

    RTP & Payout

    Funky Time comes in at an RTP of 95.99%. With the lowest bet RTP at 95.38% on the VIP disco bet. The max payout for the game is €/£/$ 500,000.

    • Number 1 with 28 segments: 1-50:1 Payout
    • Letters 24 segments: 25-1250:1 Payout
    • BAR 6 segments: Up to max Payout
    • Stayin Alive 2 segments: Up to max Payout
    • Disco 3 segments: Up to max Payout
    • VIP Disco 1 segment: Up to max Payout

    Funky Time Live Strategy & Tips

    So how do you play optimal in Funky Time? Keep in mind this is a gameshow moneywheel type of game so it is intended to be entertainment. That said you can get some quite big payouts from Funky Time, the same as you can in Crazy Time.

    Bet On All Strategy

    When you place a bet on all possible options you have 17 active bets. If all things are equal you will need a 16:1 win each time to remain at the bankroll status quo. But most of the time the wheel will stop on the number 1 segment which has a payout of 1:1. The number 1 segment has a 43% chance of landing and the letters 37% with a 25:1 payout. Which then won’t be enough to get you in the black from all the number 1 segment only wins. So the only way to come out on top or break even is if you get some decent bonus wins. Use this strategy with care and be aware that you will likely deplete your bankroll this way.

    Main Wheel Only Strategy

    Funky Time is enjoyed most when playing the full game with bonus rounds. So this is maybe not the most exciting strategy for this type of game. As you will not be playing in the bonus rounds. Only focus on the main wheel and its 1s and letters. While hoping that the boost multipliers will come your way. Let us say you hedge your bet with 1s and put an equal amount on letters, hoping you get some boost multiplier once in a while to come out on top. In the long run, as you are not covering the full wheel you might likely not profit. So if you do make a large payout it’s time to cash out.

    Focus On Bonus Strategy

    Funky Time is all about the bonus rounds right? Do a similar bet to above with 10 equal units on number 1 segments and the same unit bet on 6 of the letters. Here you add 1 unit on each of the bonus rounds. This way you cover most of the wheel and is somewhat bankroll steady. It does require that the bonus rounds come in about every 4-6 spins. We do like this strategy the most. As you get to play the full game and your bankroll should last a little longer.

    Bonus Rounds Strategies

    Looking for a strategy for when you get into the bonus rounds? Well, there is no strategy to be had. For the BAR you can pick one of three, so it is up to you. There is no way to logically deduce which glass it will be that gets the highest multiplier. It is all RNG. Stayin Alive same here but it is analogue and you can’t know which will be the best choice. So pick one and enjoy the ride. Finally DISCO, there is no choice to be made you get what you get in this pure RNG round.

    Live Casino India’s View

    We at Live Casino India have very much been looking forward to this title. As Crazy Time is of course one of our favourite live game show games. Hopefully, you like the 70s and disco. If you do then there is no other game like this. Otherwise, you might persevere due to Funky Time being quite fun. We think this game will be received quite well by players. Especially Crazy Time fans. As this is probably one of the better money wheel games to come out in a while now.

    It does give that familiar feeling if you have played Crazy Time. Good to see Evolution make another in the same genre for the fans. A solid and fun game and we are sure to see some good payouts from it once it’s been out a little bit. Lightning Storm is the sequel to this game also offering a money wheel and numerous bonus games.

    On the other end, there is nothing really new here. Yes, it’s a digiwheel instead of the regular one but it does not have any before-unseen mechanics. They really did re-invent the wheel here. So we will look at it like a fresh Crazy Time and yes it’s good to get an update when some time has passed. We do recommend you try this if you are into gameshow and money wheel games. If you are looking for a slot with some spice added to it but want to stay in the Evolution Gaming part of the online casino. Then have a look at Extra Chilli Epic Spins.

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