gonzos treasure map live by Evolution Gaming

In Gonzo’s Treasure Map Live Evolution Gaming takes us on another exhilarating journey with Gonzo. This game offers a fresh twist on the classic treasure hunt and a refresh of the 2021 title Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live. While Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live took its inspiration from the NetEnt online slot series, focusing on uncovering hidden treasures behind stones, it didn’t get all as popular with players as some of Evolution’s other titles. This paved the way for Gonzoโ€™s Treasure Map.

While its foundational elements come from Treasure Hunt, this sequel pumps up the visual and gaming experience. The gameplay in Gonzos Treasure Map has been tweaked to captivate a wider audience. So get ready to travel to ancient landscapes and decode cryptic maps. Let us join our favorite explorer Gonzo on his quest to find the hidden treasure.

Where Can I Play Gonzos Treasure Map Live?

Where can you embark on this thrilling adventure with Gonzo? Lucky for you Indian live casino enthusiasts in India have several online casinos that offer this title from Evolution Gaming.

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    How to Play Gonzos Treasure Map Live?

    Gonzo’s Treasure Map Live offers a fresh twist on the live casino experience. There aren’t really many other titles that have this type of gameplay. For those new to this type of adventure here’s a step-by-step guide to get you of the ground.ย First and foremost, log into your chosen online casino. If you’re new, you might need to complete a quick registration process. Once logged in, deposit funds if necessary, taking advantage of any welcome bonuses tailored for Indian players.

    1. Find the Game: Navigate through the casino’s game library. Given the popularity of Evolution Gaming titles, Gonzo’s Treasure Map Live is often featured prominently. Click on the game to launch it. The game screen will present you with a map. Start by familiarising yourself with the layout, betting options, and potential payouts.
    2. Place Your Bets: Decide on the amount to bet. The game offers a wide range of betting options. So all types of players should be catered for.
    3. The Hunt: Once your bet is placed, the main game begins. The map will show various treasures, and your task is to predict their locations. Use your intuition, strategy, or sheer luck to make your picks.ย Just like its predecessor, Gonzo’s Treasure Map Live boasts exciting bonus features. Watch out for special symbols or multipliers that can amplify your winnings.
    4. The Reveal: After making your selections, the game will unveil the treasures. If your predictions were correct you win.

    After each round, you have the choice to cash out your winnings or dive back into the treasure hunt. If you choose to play again, simply repeat the process. Happy hunting!

    Gonzos Treasure Map Live Game Rules

    Gonzo’s Treasure Map Live, much like its predecessor, is a good-looking game. At the heart of the game lies the treasure map. On it, there are symbols that hold the key to your treasure. The main gameplay is all about predicting the symbols’ locations on the treasure map.

    Betting in Gonzos Treasure Map Live

    The central element of the game is a map, which essentially serves as the game board. This board comprises 7 columns and 10 rows, totalling 70 betting positions. This layout looks like an old explorer’s map very much fitting the theme of treasure hunting. Players begin by placing chips on one or multiple segments of the map. With the freedom to place up to 70 bets in a single round, players have the flexibility to diversify their betting strategy quite a lot. Players have a 14-second window to place their bets. Once this period is done, no further bets can be made until the next round.Gonzos Treasure Map Live Main Game

    After the betting phase, three keyhole stones are randomly positioned on the board. These stones are the ones you want to trigger the Gonzoโ€™s Treasure Map bonus round. If you have an active bet on that stone you get a win and you go to the Bonus round. If this win is achieved through a Multiplier block, all rewards in the bonus round are doubled.

    Block Drops

    A slot located at the top of the screen releases five blocks, each landing on a column of the board. The rows these blocks occupy are chosen randomly. Two types of blocks can descend:

    • Gold Blocks: These multiply the bet placed by 10x if it lands on one of your bets.
    • Multiplier Blocks: These multiply the bet by 20x if it lands on one of your bets.

    Gonzos Treasure Map Live Block Drop

    Bonus Round

    The bonus round in Gonzo’s Treasure Map Live offers players a chance to maximise their winnings. Here’s how it works:

    • Triggering the Bonus Round: To kick off the bonus round, players need to watch out for the special ‘Key stone’ during the main game. If you’ve placed a bet on a position that has this Key stone and that exact spot wins, you’re in for the bonus round treat!
    • The Bonus Wall: Once inside the bonus round, Gonzo presents a new wall filled with 70 stones. Unlike the main game, each of these stones has a hidden multiplier value.
    • Multiplier Values: The stones on this wall can conceal multipliers ranging from a modest 25x to a whopping 500x. Some stones aren’t just regular multipliers they are special Double tiles.
    • The Ruby Block Drop: A significant part of the bonus round is the descent of a large Ruby block. It starts from the top and lands on a random stone. If it lands on a regular multiplier, that’s the multiplier you get.
    • The Double Tile: When the Ruby block lands on one of the Double tiles, all the multipliers on the entire wall double in value. And that’s not all! After doubling the multipliers, the Ruby block drops again, giving you another chance at landing on a high multiplier or even another Double tile. The Ruby block will keep dropping and potentially doubling multipliers until it lands on a regular multiplier stone. Once it does, the bonus round concludes, and your winnings are calculated based on the final multiplier value.

    Gonzos Treasure Map Live Bonus Game

    RTP & Payout

    Gonzoโ€™s Treasure Map Live boasts an RTP of 95.26%, which, while slightly lower than some other live casino games, still offers a fair chance of returns. The game is focused on players getting regular payouts. Regarding the payout structure, it is straightforward. When you correctly predict the tiles, the rewards are determined by the type of block that lands on your chosen position:

    • Gold Block: Multiplies your stake by 10.
    • Multiplier Block: Multiplies your stake by 20.

    The bonus round, however, introduces multipliers ranging from 25x to 500x that can be applied to your stake, depending on which tile the Ruby block lands. There’s also the potential for the Ruby to land on a Double tile, which doubles all multipliers on the board and then drops the Ruby again. This can lead to exponential growth in potential winnings. However, there’s a ceiling to how much you can win in the bonus round. With the maximum payout capped at $ยฃโ‚ฌ 500,000. Or equivalent in the local currency where the game is offered.

    Gonzos Treasure Map Live Strategy & Tips

    Gonzo’s Treasure Map Live, with its vibrant visuals and dynamic gameplay, is more than just a game of chance. While luck plays the main role, a few strategies can enhance your gaming experience. Thus increase your chances of a win. Here are some insights and tips tailored for our Indian online live casino players. Before placing any bets, spend some time understanding the game. Watch a few rounds, get a feel for the flow, and observe how often the bonus round is triggered. Knowledge is power, and the more you know, the better decisions you’ll make.

    While it might be tempting to consistently bet on the same spots, it’s wise to spread out your bets. This way, you increase the chances of hitting a winning stone or even the ‘Key stone’ that triggers the bonus round. If you’re not in a bonus round, take the opportunity to observe. See where the Ruby block often lands and how frequently the ‘Double’ tiles come into play. This observation might give you insights for your next game.

    Gonzo’s Treasure Map Live is designed to be entertaining. So while it’s natural to hope for big wins, remember to enjoy the journey. The game is mainly based on chance. So although a strategy can make the experience better there is no way of guaranteeing wins. If you enjoy this game try out Treasure Island too.

    Live Casino India’s View

    While both Gonzoโ€™s Treasure Map Live and Gonzoโ€™s Treasure Hunt Live are inspired by the iconic character Gonzo and his quest for treasures, they offer somewhat different gaming experiences. The main one is the inclusion of a bonus round in Gonzos Treasure Map Live. Whereas in Gonzoโ€™s Treasure Hunt Live, the Prize Drop feature was the highlight. While both games offer a unique take on the treasure-hunting theme, they cater to different player preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the map-based adventure or the stone-picking challenge, Gonzo ensures an entertaining experience in both games. The RTP for the games are roughly the same.

    Gonzoโ€™s Treasure Map Live offers a visually fun experience but also promises more engaging gameplay with the potential for lucrative payouts. While it draws inspiration from its predecessor, Gonzoโ€™s Treasure Hunt, it has its own identity with some other features. Ready to go hunting for treasure? Why not join our favourite explorer Gonzo and try it out? Or if you are looking for some other Evolution live casino game titles, perhaps the “updated” Crazy Time title Funky Time might be something for you. And the live slot Extra Chilli Epic Spins might be worth a try, also by Evolution Gaming. Or perhaps something completely different as always you can always find more great game reviews with tips here at Live Casino India, your online gambling portal.

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