Jet Set Racing Roulette Playtech

Jet Set Racing Roulette is a special live casino game we haven’t seen before. It mixes virtual racing betting with two roulette wheels. It enables you to make predictions about the results of the simulated races which in turn can potentially raise your possible payout. There are definitely some original concepts in Jet Set Racing Roulette. Combining not one but two roulette wheels with race betting to make a consistent live game fills an intriguing mix.

With nothing else on the live casino roulette market that looks like this does it hit the mark or is it just too different?

It looks like a sportscast and we would say it’s a bit of a mix of Evolutions Football Studio or Football Card Showdown by Playtech together with roulette. And although it’s not as difficult to understand as it may seem at first, it might be good to have a look through this review to get a good understanding of it for a bit of a headstart. Let us get into it, is Jet Set racing roulette live good?

Where Can I Play Jet Set Racing Roulette Live?

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      How to Play Jet Set Racing Roulette Live?

      Although it looks like there is a lot going on when you first fire up Jet Set Racing Roulette it is not really that hard to get to grips with the game after a game round or two. In Jet Set Roulette you place bets on simulated races that you see on a large screen behind the presenter.

      The outcomes of these wagers are then combined with the outcomes of two European roulette inside bets. If you are a fan of sports racing and sports betting you will enjoy watching the simulated horse or dog races, which look very good although they are not real dogs, horses or motorbikes.

      How to Play

      • Every round start with placing your bet, do so by selecting your bet value with the markers to the right in the interface.
      • Place your roulette bets, 2 of them.
      • Now pick who you will think will win the upcoming races, 1st and 2nd place.
      • Now you will watch the race that will set your payout multipliers.
      • Once the multipliers are decided it’s time for roulette.
      • When both roulette wheels have been spun and landed on numbers the multipliers for each colour are applied.
      • Collect any payout and it’s time to bet again for the next game round.

      Jet Set Racing Roulette


      Jet Set Racing Roulette Live Rules

      Jet Set Racing Roulette uses two roulette wheels in each bet together with two sets of racing predictions, each “set” has its own colour Orange and Teal. Every wager in this game involves using both halves. These two wheels are basically divided between each wager you put. Half of your entire bet is used by the orange wheel, while the other half is used by the teal wheel. Your wagers on one wheel are the same as your wagers on the other.

      This means that you always have two opportunities to win. But it also means your rewards will be cut in half. But In the end, it opens the possibility to get twice as many multipliers as you would in games like Lightning Roulette.

      As per normal European Roulette, you have access to place bets through the racetrack and you can access it on the left in the betting interface. Bets such as Voisins, Tiers and Orphelins among others are available here.

      You also have the bet creator and Lucky Dip features. Bet Creator lets you create custom bets to use and the Lucky Dip feature places random straight-up bets for you.

      While the game itself is only presented in English right now, you can select other languages for the interface such as Mandarin, French etc but Hindi is not available though

      Only Inside bets are valid for a multiplier payout in Jet Set racing Roulette. The multipliers are decided by the races. Races alternate between different categories horse, greyhound, and speedway motorbike races are possible categories for the race.

      This merely influences how the simulated races will look, so it is just cosmetic and has no real impact on the outcome of the race. RNG is used to determine the winner and second place of races.

      Jet Set Racing Roulette Race bet options

      Jet Set Racing Roulette Multiplier

      The higher multiplier a racer has the lower the chance of that racer to win the race. By placing an active bet but without selecting a racer in the race you will automatically choose the favourites in the race which gives the lowest multipliers but the highest chance to win the race.

      The odds of that horse, greyhound, or rider winning decrease as the indicated multiplier increases. The stars you see next to a racer indicate how well the racer is predicted to do in the race.

      If you managed to guess correctly on the races and also win an Inside bet the multiplier is used in place of the standard payout of 24:1. The 1st place multiplier is added to any roulette winnings if you correctly pick the winner.

      If you correctly pick the winner of second place, the second-place multiplier will be used in its place. If both are correct, a special combination multiplier that is more than the sum of the two will be used instead.

      And if you manage to pick the correct places for both the orange and teal races a high Jet Set Multiplier is applied to your payout.

      It is possible to win in Jet Set Roulette without guessing the races correctly, just by winning the roulette bet. But as mentioned only Inside bets are eligible for multipliers.

      Jet Set Racing Roulette teal wheel


      Payout & RTP

      RTP for Jet Set Racing Roulette is 97.29% for the Inside bets and 97.30% for outside bets. The minimum bet is 20 INR and the maximum bet is 50,000 INR. And the Max payout is capped at 43,241,459 INR.

      If you win a roulette bet but it is not an inside bet or you didn’t predict the multiplier correctly you still win. However, the payout is lower than in regular roulette for the same type of bet. This is because it compensates for the multiplier payouts.

      For the maximum payout, you need to win an Inside straight-up bet and both race predictions to get the Jet Set multiplier. Bets like Split, Street Corner and Line can also receive multiplier payouts.

      • Split Payout – (bet x multiplier) divided in 2
      • Street Payout – (bet x multiplier) divided in 3
      • Corner Payout – (bet x multiplier) divided in 4
      • Line Payout – (bet x multiplier) divided in 6

      Payout – Max Payout

      • Straight-up: 23 – 2499 : 1
      • Split: 11 – 1249 : 1
      • Street: 7 – 832.33 : 1
      • Corner: 5 – 624 : 1
      • Line: 3 – 415.66 : 1
      • Column/Dozen – 2:1
      • Odd/Even/Red/Black/High/Low – 1:1

      These are the max bet per bet type:

      Jet Set Racing Roulette Bet limits

      Jet Set Racing Roulette Live Strategy & Tips

      To get the most out of Jet Set Racing Roulette we think you should just do Inside bets, as the multiplier is what you want. If you don’t play this title for the race multipliers, there are better alternatives that pay better for live roulette online. Outside bets might be of interest if you are trying some strategy out perhaps. In general, it makes the most sense to pick the favourites in your racing picks as you want to get the multiplier as often as possible for your payout.

      So focus on making sure you get the best possible odds of getting a multiplier. As regardless of how large it is it’s much better than not getting it or getting it very seldom for your payouts and the longevity of your bankroll.

      Live Casino India’s View

      It is great to see that Jet Set Racing Roulette is not just another Lightning Roulette multiplier look-alike such as Quantum Roulette. You might think that two roulette wheels are one too many. But you will find that it just gives more action and possibilities each round to get that payout. It also serves the function of getting two bets into the allotted timeframe, the races do take some time so game rounds are not super quick. We at Live Casino India also like that the multipliers apply to all inside bets rather than just Straight-Up bets.

      So if you want an exciting roulette game with some sports betting feeling to it this is the game for you. If you want faster gameplay per game round we suggest you have a look at another roulette game perhaps. However, do try this out you might feel that as you get 2 bets per game round is fast enough for your bankroll. As always gamble responsibly and follow the guidelines we write about in our Roulette guidelines to follow when playing online. If you are more into Evolution games we have listed the top ones from them in our top 4 roulette games by evolution article. And evoultions last roulette addition is the reworked Gold Bar Roulette now under the name of Gold Vault Roulette.

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