Jumanji The Bonus Level Live by Playtech

Let us head into the wild world of Jumanji the Bonus Level Live. A live casino game based on the movies and brought to life by the masters at Playtech. This isn’t just another live casino game it’s an adventure waiting to unfold. Playtech has put a lot of effort into this game, and it is been in development for 3 years. It’s also the most elaborate game studio they have made to date. As you roll the dice, you’re not just aiming for wins, you’re navigating through a jungle filled with surprises, bonuses, and big rewards. In this game review, we’ll journey through its features and share some tips. and see how it stands out for Indian online casino lovers. So start by putting on your best jungle exploring gear and let us start the adventure.

Where Can I Play Jumanji the Bonus Level Live?

Many online casinos offer this exhilarating game. But the casino needs to offer games from Playtech, and not all online casinos do, so that is the base requirement. So for the best experience, especially for Indian players, we’ve got some top recommendations. These online casinos not only ensure a smooth gaming experience but also offer fantastic bonuses and promotions. So, gear up and choose your preferred platform to start your Jumanji journey by checking out these recommended online casinos.

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      How to Play Jumanji the Bonus Level Live?

      Jumanji the Bonus Level Live is a live dealer entertainment game developed by Playtech, inspired by the classic Sony film, Jumanji. Players assume the roles of characters from the film and embark on an adventure. The game combines live-action and RNG elements in a jungle-themed setting. We suggest that you first wait a couple of rounds to get an understanding of the game mechanics. Familiarize yourself with the game’s features and look out for special symbols and bonus rounds.

      1. Log In or Sign Up: Head to your favourite online casino that have Playtech game titles. If you’re new, you’ll need to create an account. For returning players, simply log in.
      2. Search for the Game: Use the casino’s search bar to find ‘Jumanji the Bonus Level Live’. Usually, it is found under live games or the game show category. Click on it to launch the game.
      3. Place Your Bet: Before the jungle quest begins, decide on your wager. There are 8 betting positions. And you can set up auto spin which we recommend.
      4. Spinning the Wheels: The presenter spins the two wheels. Here you can win multipliers on the second wheel to the right based on the character chosen (more on that in the next section).
      5. Enjoy the Bonus Features: Hopefully, the wheel lands on one of the 6 bonus features where you have an active bet, as Jumanji is all about the bonus games.
      6. Cash Out or Play Again: As a quick guide that’s it, but there is much more to this title. Continue in our next section for detailed information on game mechanics and bonus features.

      Jumanji the Bonus Level Game Rules

      So let us start with the wheels. The game’s core consists of two 43-segment wheels. There are eight betting positions available to place bets on. And the betting grid consists of numbers 1 & 2 and six bonus rounds. Firstly, players choose a character: Ruby Roundhouse, Professor Sheldon “Shelly” Oberon, Franklin “Mouse” Finbar, or Dr. Xander “Smolder” Bravestone. Your chosen character can win extra payouts or be selected during a “Saving Jumanji” round. Whatever you choose does not matter per se as all have an equal chance to land. So pick a character you like most. 

      Jumanji The bonus Level Betting


      Wheel One 43 Sections:

      1. Numbers 1 & 2 – 17 sections each.
      2. Monkey Valley Bonus – 3 sections.
      3. Jungle Royale Bonus – 3 sections.
      4. Snake Bite Bonus – 2 sections.
      5. Wild Spin Bonus- 2 sections.
      6. Rhino Run Cash Collect – 1 section.
      7. Path of Jumanji Bonus Round – 1 section.
      8. Jaguars’ head – 1 section

      Wheel Two 43 Sections:

      1. Ruby – 9 sections.
      2. Shelly – 9 sections.
      3. Mouse – 9 sections.
      4. Smoulder – 9 sections.
      5. Re-spin x2: – This segment doubles the payout of wheel 1 and re-spins the 2nd wheel – 1 section.
      6. Two Character Groups – 2 sections. Each section features 2 different characters.
      7. Four character Groupings – 1 section.
      8. Jaguars Head: 3 sections. If it lands simultaneously with a Jaguar on wheel 1 then a Saving Jumani bonus round starts.

      Betting on the Wheels

      Players can bet on numbers and bonuses in the betting options. An auto-play feature is also available for those who wish to repeat the same bet for a set number of rounds. The first wheel determines the outcome, while the second wheel provides multipliers through your chosen character. If either wheel stops on the Jaguar’s head, half of your bet is returned. But when both wheels stop on a Jaguars’ head a special bonus round “Saving Jumanji Ceremony” is triggered.

      If the second wheel stops on a character or character grouping, then those characters receive double payouts. The game can result in a number win, a bonus round, a “Saving Jumanji” round, or a loss with a minimum of 50% of your total bet returned.

      Additionally, the “Saving Jumanji” bonus round can be triggered in two ways: when both main wheels land on Jaguar Heads or during the “Rhino Run” or “Path to Jumanji” bonus rounds.

      Jumanji the Bonus Level Bonus Games

      There are six main bonus rounds that we will go into detail about, the seventh is the Saving Jumanji bonus round.

      • Jungle Royale: Players throw items at Van Pelt to destroy his health points.
      • Monkey Valley: Players choose a bridge to cross an abyss. Cross abridge for a cash win.
      • Snake Bite: Players pick three out of five cards to reveal multipliers.
      • Wild Spin: A traditional big wheel with animal figures and character symbols is spun.
      • Path of Jumanji: A dice board game where animals complete a 15-step path collecting multipliers.
      • Rhino Run Cash Collect: Multipliers and symbols drop from the sky onto a chosen line.

      Jungle Royale Bonus Round

      In essence, the Jungle Royale bonus round offers players an interactive experience where they can engage in a battle against Van Pelt and potentially earn significant multipliers. In this bonus round, two player positions are pitted against the evil character Van Pelt. Each playing position is given three chances to throw items at Van Pelt with the aim of depleting his health points.

      As a player, you have to decide whether you want to be Player 1 or Player 2. If you don’t pick in time, then game interface will automatically select one for you. The game alternates between the two playing positions, allowing each to throw three missiles.

      Missiles and Their Multipliers

      The type of missile for each player is chosen randomly before the start of each game round. If both players manage to defeat Van Pelt, then an additional 10x multiplier is awarded. Regarding payout, this bonus round can yield a minimum value of 4x and a maximum of 27x, excluding any additional bonus multipliers.

      • Stone: 2x multiplier.
      • Boomerang: 6x multiplier.
      • Banana: 6x multiplier.
      • Miss: no multiplier.

      Jumanji The bonus Level Jungle Royale


      Monkey Valley Bonus Round

      In the Monkey Valley Bonus Round, players are presented with a choice of three bridges to cross an abyss. Each bridge is assigned an initial multiplier value and a risk rating indicating the likelihood of the bridge being destroyed by monkeys. The Monkey Valley Bonus Round offers a minimum payout value of 4x and can go up to a maximum of 27x, excluding any additional bonus multipliers.

      After selecting a bridge, monkeys will run across each bridge, causing damage as they proceed. This damage can either reduce the multipliers for the bridge or completely destroy it. If the monkeys successfully cross your chosen bridge without it collapsing, you win the remaining multiplier value for that bridge as a payout. If your chosen bridge gets destroyed, then you receive a consolation prize of 5x.

      The Bridges

      • Low-Risk Bridge
        • Multiplier Value: Between 10x and 14x.
        • Risk of Destruction: 20% chance of being broken.
      • Medium-Risk Bridge
        • Multiplier Value: Between 15x and 20x.
        • Risk of Destruction: 40% chance of being broken.
      • High-Risk Bridge
        • Multiplier Value: Between 25x and 32x.
        • Risk of Destruction: 80% chance of being destroyed.

      Jumanji The bonus Level Monkey Valley


      Snake Bite Bonus Round

      The Snake Bite bonus round utilizes a deck of 52 cards. These cards have face values that represent a Basket, Antidote and Snake. Firstly, a presenter shuffles the cards and then deals five of them face down on the table. As a player, you are required to select three out of the five dealt cards. After your selection, the presenter turns over each card, revealing its face value. These 3 cards will determine your total payout for the round. Snake Bite bonsu round has a minimum payout of 4x and a maximum payout of 40x, not including bonuses.

      The Cards

      • Basket Cards: If you manage to get one basket card, then the payout is 5x. For two Basket cards, the payout is 10x, and for three Basket Cards, the payout is 30x.
      • Antidote Cards: One Antidote Card will give a payout of 10x. Two Antidote cards result in a 20x payout, and three Antidote cards provide a 40x payout.
      • Snake Cards: One or two Snake Cards result in no payout. However, if you get three Snake Cards, the payout is 5x.

      Jumanji The bonus Level Snake Bite


      Wild Spin Bonus Round

      Wild Spin Bonus round is a bonus round that uses a traditional 54-segment big money wheel and is easy to understand. It is covered in various Animal figures, Character motifs, and re-spin segments. The minimum payout for this round is 10x and the maximum payout is 40x.

      How it Works

      • The presenter spins the wheel.
      • If the wheel lands on a Respin segment, then all the animal payouts receive a 5x increase, and the wheel is spun again.
      • If the wheel stops on a Character segment, then Animal payouts for that Character are doubled, and the wheel is spun again.
      • The game is done when the wheel stops on an Animal figure.

      The Wheel

      • Twenty-nine Butterfly segments with a payout of 10x.
      • Nine Ostrich segments with a payout of 15x.
      • Six leopard segments with a payout of 20x.
      • Three Rhino segments with a payout of 40x.
      • Three Re-spin segments.
      • One Character segment each for Mouse, Ruby, Smoulder, and Shelly.

      Jumanji The bonus Level Wild Spin


      Path of Jumanji Bonus Round

      Path of Jumanji is essentially a dice board game that involves 4 game pieces represented by different animals. Players get to select an animal for the four dice rolls. Animals to pick from are a Blue Monkey, Purple Crocodile, Red Elephant, and Green Rhino. And each animal is associated with a coloured dice. The objective for each animal is to complete a 15-step path, collecting multipliers along the way, until one of them reaches the centre first.

      Saving Jumanji the Next Level Bonus is activated if the Saving Jumanji Bonus is awarded on stone three and the animal then lands on stone eight. The maximum payout for this bonus is 30x, excluding any additional prizes from the game or the Saving Jumanji ceremony.

      The Paths

      The fifteen path multipliers are consistent for each animal. They are as follows: 1x, 1x, Green Dome, 2x, 2x, 2x, 1x, Green Dome, 2x, 2x, 2x, 2x, 2x, 2x, 9x. The bonus round is over when an animal reaches the centre. The multipliers collected by your animal as it moved along its path are your winnings. If your animal lands on the green domes at steps three and eight, you can also get additional bonuses.

      Green Domes

      There are green domes positioned at steps three and eight. Landing on these domes triggers additional bonuses:

      • Doubling the total payout.
      • Advancing three steps forward.
      • Adding 5x to your total.
      • Adding 10x to your total.
      • Triggering the Saving Jumanji the Next Level Bonus round.

      Jumanji The bonus Level Path of jumanji


      Rhino Run Cash Collect Bonus Round

      The Rhino Run Cash Collect bonus round is probably one of the most volatile bonus rounds in the game. This bonus round can payout significant multiplier wins and also access the Saving Jumanji the Next Level bonus, which can pay out between 100x and 1,570x.

      How to Play

      At the start of the round, players will see three coloured chests situated at the bottom of three coloured lines. Each line contains six slots. Players start by selecting one of the coloured chests. And the chosen chest determines the player’s line for the duration of the game. The game consists of seven “Drops”. During each drop, multipliers, green jewels and cash collect symbols fall from the sky, landing on the player’s chosen line.

      When Cash Collect coins are active on lines, then players collect multipliers and green jewels. Moreover, if a line boasts two or more Cash Coins, it multiplies the payouts. Finally, after the seventh drop, the game is finished and wins are paid out.

      Rhino Stampede

      Occasionally, Rhinos will stampede through the game, moving down the player’s line. As they pass, they can break open chests, revealing their contents, which could be a multiplier, a jewel or a cash collect coin. The minimum payout in this round is 5x. But the maximum can go as high as 630x and even higher if the Saving Jumanji bonus round is also triggered.

      Rhino Run Symbols

      • Multipliers – values of 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, and 10x.
      • Green Jewels:- three jewels advance you to the Saving Jumanji Ceremony bonus round.
      • Cash Collect Coins: These coins allow players to collect the Multipliers and Jewels on their line.

      Jumanji The bonus Level Rhino Run


      Saving Jumanji Bonus Round

      The Saving Jumanji Bonus Round is a special bonus round that can be activated in two ways. The bonus round itself starts with a bit done by the game presenter placing the Green Jewel into the Jaguar’s head and chanting “Jumanji”. If it’s the standard Saving Jumanji Round, all four character symbols are active, and one is selected for the largest payout.

      The Saving Jumanji Bonus can also be triggered as a “jackpot” round during two other bonus rounds: “The Path Of Jumanji” and “Rhino Run: Cash Collect”. In this version, termed the “Saving Jumanji: The Next Level Bonus Round”, the player who initiated the bonus will receive a random multiplier ranging between 100x and 1,570x.

      Main Wheel Jaguars

      When both main game wheels simultaneously hit the Jaguar Heads, they trigger the Saving Jumanji Bonus. In this situation, each of the game’s four characters stands an equal chance to emerge as the winner.

        • The character chosen to “save Jumanji” receives a payout of 11 times their total bet for that round.
        • The other three characters, not chosen, each receives a payout of 5 times the total bet amount placed for that round.

      Jumanji The bonus Level Saving Jumanji

      RTP & Payout

      The game boasts an impressive RTP of 97.63%. Meanwhile, it caps the highest payout at 5000x. Interestingly, the game’s design ensures players frequently experience wins and often encounter bonus rounds, which, let’s face it, is where the real excitement lies. However, each segment of the game, including its various bonus rounds, comes with its own RTP. For instance, the Snake Bite Bonus Round lags a bit, offering the game’s lowest RTP at 95.08%.

      Players can achieve a maximum payout of 5,000x by repeatedly triggering the Re-spin x2 segment on the second wheel.

      Jumanji the Bonus Level Live Strategy & Tips

      The game is all about the Bonus Rounds. If you’re not playing to get a bonus round you need to rethink your strategy. Regarding the bonus rounds the big wins can come from the Rhino Run Cash Collect and Path Of Jumanji bonus rounds. These bonus rounds can trigger the Saving Jumanji the Next Level bonus round. The bonus round can award multiplier payouts of up to 1569x and 1029x, respectively, adding to the winnings already secured during the round.

      So, your aim is to get into those bonus games. And bonus round segments occupy more than a quarter of the wheel. So, on average, you can expect a bonus round of some sort quite often.

      Remember, while strategies can enhance the gaming experience, outcomes in live casino games are primarily based on luck. Always play responsibly and within your means.

      Live Casino India’s View

      Jumanji the Bonus Level Live is a testament to the evolution of live casino gaming. Bringing movie magic into the online casino realm, Playtech has crafted an experience that’s both nostalgic and innovative. The game’s great-looking studio and design, combined with its multiple bonus rounds, offer a fun adventure for all types of players. Additionally, the game’s RTP, ranging up to 97.63%, is quite good especially when compared to other live casino games.

      Bonus rounds, inspired by the movie’s iconic scenes, provide chances for big wins and are also engaging and fun to watch. While the frequent bonus rounds and regular wins can be exciting, it’s good to keep in mind the volatile nature of online casino games. Rhino Run Cash Collect and the Path Of Jumanji bonuses are where the real big wins can come from, offering large multipliers.

      The game captures the essence of the Jumanji universe while providing a good game for online casino players. Whether you’re a fan of the movie or just someone looking for a unique live casino experience, Jumanji the Bonus Level Live is a must. Dive in, roll the dice, and let the adventure begin! OR if you are looking for more ruins maybe try this similarly themed live game from Evolution, Gonzos Treasure Map Live.

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