Lightning Roulette vs Spread Bet Roulette

Lightning Roulette from Evolution Gaming most of us know already. It came out in 2018 and took the online live casino world by storm with its multiplier gameplay and high payouts. Since Lightning Roulette was the pioneer of non-standard live roulette games, here at Live Casino India, we’re doing a series of comparisons of roulette games that were inspired by Lightning Roulette’s innovation. Lightning Roulette vs Spread Bet Roulette is a comparison of two great roulette games. Spread Bet Roulette Live comes from another renowned game developer Playtech. Let us do a quick comparison to see how these games fair up against each other.

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What is Lightning Roulette?

EGR Award for Best Game 2018. Almost anyone that has played live games online has seen and tried this roulette game from Evolution Ggaming. Lightning Roulette made waves back in 2018 when it came out, due to the big win multiplier features that had been added to the gameplay.

The possibility to win up to 500 times your bet on a lucky number was a game changer. Standard European roulette games had become boring with long waiting periods in between rounds. So, Evolution Gaming took the initiative of adding some flare by making a new entertaining roulette game, that also less seasoned roulette players could enjoy.

Normally you would get 35:1 on a straight-up bet. But in Lightning Roulette there is a possibility to get up to 499:1! To compensate for higher wins, Evolution lowered the standard payout to 29:1. You can find tips and tricks for this game in our Lightning Roulette review page.

What is Spread Bet Roulette?

One game that has undergone several fascinating iterations in recent years is roulette. Exciting roulette games have been created by a number of the major game software providers for online casinos, including the one above. Spread Bets Roulette live is a fascinating roulette variant from game developer Playtech Live.

As you can tell from the name, spread betting is the main focus of this roulette game. In contrast to Lightning Roulette, there are no win multipliers. But even without the multipliers, the maximum payout is 400 times your bet. Instead of random multipliers, this game features a large money wheel made up of two smaller wheels that spin in opposite directions of each other. The two wheels combined make up the spread bets.

So, in this game, you can place normal roulette bets as well as spread bets. Thus, adding some more entertainment value for you.

Lightning Roulette vs Spread Bet Roulette

Lightning Roulette Spread Bet Roulette
Min / Max Bet 20 / 1,00,000 Rs 20 / 50,000 Rs
Max Win 500x 400x
Special Feature Lightning feature Spread Bet wheels
Betting Time Clock 18 seconds 15 seconds

Same as Evolution was first with the multiplier type Lightning Roulette, Playtech was the first to bring Spread Bet Roulette to live online casinos. Spread Bet Roulette was usually only available in regular land-based casinos. Both are based on European roulette with the same rules set. Spread Bets can be seen as side bets but is also the main feature of Spread Bet Roulette. Both games are similar in a way.

Lightning Roulette has the multipliers applied with their Lightning feature. In Spread Bet Roulette you more or less pick what multiplier you want to go after, knowing all the possible combinations to get it on each spin. But as far as highest payout goes, Lightning Roulette takes the cake with 500x vs 400x.

LCI Recommendation

For us here at Live Casino India, we prefer Lightning Roulette. The possible payout is higher with 500x and we like the studios better. Also, the gameplay is just simpler in a way with the multipliers being applied automatically. But we do enjoy Spread Bet Roulette too. So, our recommendation is to try them both and judge the gameplay for yourself.

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