Live Sic Bo, also known as Dice Pair, Tai Sai, Dai Siu, and Hi-Lo, is a popular Asian casino game. Sic Bo is gaining in popularity amongst Indian players, mainly due to its resemblance to Jhandi Munda. Its origins can be traced back to China, but it has become a global phenomenon in Live Casinos across the world, in the UK, Europe, and the USA.

Where to Play Live Sic Bo Online

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How to Play Live Sic Bo Online

Live Sic bo is an engaging game, which is why it’s so popular with Indian live casino players. Three dice are loaded into a small dome-shaped container attached with an electronic trigger. A live casino trigger presses the trigger and the 3 dice start rolling. Sic bo players then need to bet on the outcome of the dice. There are many different betting options, which you can see in the image below. Live dice games are common at most live casinos, but some of the best versions are offered by Playtech, XPG, and Evolution Gaming.

Sic bo is a pure game of chance. Players bet on what the dice will show. In some versions of the live games, dealers use an automatic mechanism to roll the dice. Whereas some live dice game providers take a more traditional approach. Here instead, a dealer shakes the dice in a little flask-like container and lets the dice out onto the table.

live sic bo

Betting Options

If you look at the image above, then you may be a bit overwhelmed by what you see. For inexperienced Sic bo players, this is definitely the case. Unlike Jhandi Munda and other dice games, in online Sic bo there are much more betting options:

Number Bets

Players can bet on any of the 6 numbers of the dice. Number bets are similar to Jhandi Munda, except instead of crowns and stars, you have numbers on the dice. Payouts are made according to the following outcomes:
– If you hit one of the numbers on the 3 dice then you get paid even money on your bet. However, if the number you bet on land twice or three times, then you get paid 2:1 and 3:1, respectively.
– If you hit all three of your number bets, then each bet gets paid out 1:1.
– One other possible solution is betting on 2 numbers separately and they both land on the 3 dice. Here you would get paid 1:1 on one bet and 2:1 on the number bet that landed on two dice.

2-Dice Combo Bets

Players can bet on 15 different two-dice combinations, excluding doubles (1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, 6-6). If your bet lands then you will be paid out 6:1. When a double lands you lose your bet.

3-Dice Total Bets

Players can bet on 14 different live dice totals from 4 to 17, inclusive. In live Sic bo, triples do not count for 3-dice total bets. Therefore, you may have noticed that dice totals 3 and 18 are excluded. That’s because they can only be formed by the lowest triple dice combos (1-1-1 and 6-6-6). Some dice totals can be formed by more dice combos than other totals. Therefore, they have a lower payout. In the image above you can see each 3-dice total’s payout, ranging from 6:1 to 60:1.

In Lightning Dice you only have 3-dice bets, so 3 and 18 are included too. If you’re lucky, then your bet selection could be randomly selected for a 1,000x multiplier!

Hi-Lo / Small -Big Bets

Bets are made on the total sum of the three dice. So, you have two options: low sums (4-10) or high sums (11-17). If you’re wondering why 3 and 18 are not part of the hi-lo bets, then it’s because triples (1-1-1, 2-2-2, 3-3-3, 4-4-4, 5-5-5, 6-6-6) are excluded. 3 and 18 are outcomes that can only be made by triples. Therefore, they’re not included. When any triple lands you will lose your bet. Hi-Lo bets payout even money.

Doubles and Triples Bets

These bets are very straightforward. You need to bet on any 6 choices of doubles and any 6 choices of triples. If you land your double bet you get paid out 11:1 and for a triple, you get paid out 180:1. Triple’s payout so much because you need to hit one specific outcome on every dice, on the same roll. So, your chances of this happening are very low. In fact, it’s exactly 1/6 chance on each dice. So, for them to all land simultaneously, you have a chance of (1/6)(1/6)(1/6), which equals 0.4%. One last betting option is placing a bet on any triple to land. Since this guarantees you a win on any triple, the max payout of 180:1 is reduced sixfold. So, if a triple lands you’ll get paid 30:1.

Live Sic Bo Basic Strategy

Live Sic bo is similar to Roulette and Dream Catcher. In all games, you have multiple betting options. Experienced players may opt for a more high-risk betting strategy whereas novice players should first try a less risky approach. The more you play online Sic Bo and other dice games, the more accustomed you get to how the games work. Only then do we recommend trying more adventurous bet combos. You can also check out our comparison of all online sicbo games offered by different game providers.

Low Risk

As a rule of thumb in gambling, if a certain betting option has many outcomes, then the risk is higher but so is the reward. When taking a low-risk approach to online dice games, you should only bet on numbers and hi-lo bets. With hi-lo bets, you have close to a 40% chance of landing your bet for even money. Moreover, on a numbers bet you have a 16.7% chance of landing one number. However, if that number lands more than once or you land multiple numbers, then you’ll get paid out more. So, even though your chances are much lower than hi-lo bets, then the multiplier factor makes up for it.

High Risk

If you want to win big, you need to take risks. Therefore, more seasoned players will usually bet on higher-paying betting options. Like roulette, professional players will spread the board, placing bets on numerous options, trying to cover their other bets. This strategy doesn’t guarantee any wins, but it can sometimes minimize your losses and risk exposure.

So, if you want to try using the high-risk strategy, then here’s what you need to do when spreading out your bets.
– Make large size wagers on lower odds bets, such as numbers and hi-lo bets.
– Place medium size wagers on medium odds bets such as 2-dice combos, 3-dice totals, Doubles and Any Triple bets.
– Lastly, place small bet amounts on Triples, because when they land you’ll get a very big pay out.

Different Online Dice Games

Live Casinos feature different types of Sic Bo dice game variations, with new twists to freshen up the gaming experience and keep players engaged. Evolution Gaming really excels when it comes to introducing new twists to classic casino games. Two of their game creations which are twists on original games are Live Monopoly and Lightning Roulette. Besides their Super Sic Bo game, they have created an exciting live dice game with a twist, Lightning Dice.

Super Sic Bo

Evolution Gaming always likes to add special features to their games. In Super Sic Bo, they have reduced the winning odds of some of the more high-risk bets, but have added big win multipliers into the mix. So, if you land a triple and that specific dice combo is enhanced with a win multiplier, then you will win more. If for a triple you usually get 180:1, so in Super Sic Bo you only get paid 150:1. This is almost a 17% decrease in odds. However, random win multipliers up to 1,000x are added on each game round. So, the multipliers more than make up for the 17% decrease in odds. You can check our research piece on why Super Sic bo is so popular.

super sic bo dices in a glass dome

Ultimate Sic Bo

One of Indian players’ favourite game developer Ezugi is the one behind this game title. Ezugi has been a staple for players who like games such as Andar Bahar and Teen Patti. Ultimate Sic Bo is a version of Ezugis’s normal Sic Bo game with some tweaks to the gameplay and payouts.

The highest payout of the regular Sic Bo Live is 180:1 while in Ultimate Sic Bo this has been massively bumped up to 1000:1! It looks the same with the same studio and dealer and the only difference is the gameplay interface. The higher payout is achieved with the addition of multipliers and it is also the reason why you would pick this version over the “normal” one.

Ultimate Sic Bo Ezugi

Lightning Dice

Lightning Dice is a turbo-speed version of traditional online Sic bo also from Evolution Gaming. In Lightning Dice, players can only bet on the total sums of the 3 dice (3-18). Payout odds are exactly the same as in normal Sic Bo games, where 3 and 18 payouts at 180:1 and other totals’ payout ranges are between 6:1 and 60:1.

What adds a nice twist to the game is that every round a random outcome is selected for enhanced win multipliers. A common win multiplier is between x25 -x40. So if a 10 is selected for an x40 multiplier win, then if 10 lands you will get paid out 40:1 instead of the usual 6:1. In the Lightning Dice game, the highest possible multiplier win you can get is 1,000x

Lightning Dice Logo

Pragmatic Sic Bo

Pragmatic Sic Bo by Pragmatic Play is a classic take on Sic Bo, featuring a simple yet elegant design enabled by green screen technology. The game revolves around guessing the outcome of three dice, uniquely agitated under a glass dome. It offers a variety of betting options, from straightforward number guesses to more intricate Big/Small and Odd/Even bets. The game’s pace is quick, with a 15-second betting window and an Auto Play option. Adding to the experience are detailed statistical trackers, showing results and trends from past rounds. Pragmatic Sic Bo strikes a perfect balance between traditional gameplay and modern technological enhancements, appealing to a broad range of players.

Pragmatic Sic Bo

Mega Sic Bo

Mega Sic Bo by Pragmatic Play rejuvenates the classic Sic Bo game with the addition of Mega Payouts, where random multipliers can amplify winnings up to 1000x. This live dice game is simple yet thrilling, focusing on predicting the outcomes of three agitated dice. The betting grid offers diverse options, including totals, single numbers, and odd/even bets, with a quick 15-second betting window and an Auto Play function for ease of play.

A key feature is the glass-domed dice shaker, adding a dynamic visual element. The game provides detailed statistics for strategic betting, showing trends and past results. While its studio presentation is similar to other live casino games, Mega Sic Bo’s unique payout structure and high RTP of 97.22% set it apart. It’s a great choice for players seeking a traditional game with a twist of modern technology and high-stakes excitement.

Mega Sic Bo


Jhandi Munda – Crown and Anchor

Jhandi Munda is a dice game that originates from Arunachal Pradesh. Also known as Crown and Anchor in other parts of the world, Jhandi Munda. is a game that consists of 3 to 6 dice. Like in Sic bo, players must bet on the outcomes of the rolled dice. However, instead of numbers, there are 6 different symbols to bet on. In Crown and Anchor, the symbols are replaced by a crown, anchor, and 4 card symbols.

You can bet on any of the symbols and if they land on any of the dice then you’ll be paid out like in Sic bo. For 6 dice versions of the dice games, you’ll receive payouts of 4:1, 5:1, and 6:1 for 4, 5, and 6 matches, respectively.

jhandi munda crown and anchor

Why Dice Games, Why Live Sic Bo?

Live dice games can be very exciting to play because they are easy to understand if you’ve never played them before. Payouts are also quite big on some bets, so potential big wins add extra gambling thrills. If you want to give these games a try then click here.

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