Mega Ball by Evolution Gaming

Mega Ball Live is another easy-to-understand and enjoyable lotto/keno/bingo type of game from Evolution Gaming. So you might already know about and played some of their other very popular live games, Crazy Time and Cash or Crash. This is something of a bingo-type game where you can sit back and relax. Place your bet and see the balls roll in and for the last ball, you will be on the edge of your seat hoping for that big multiplier. Read our game review below on how to play, and where to find this game.

Where Can I Play Mega Ball?

Find Mega Ball at one of the top casino sites below. So let’s start chasing that Mega Ball 100x Multiplier.

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              How to Play Mega Ball?

              1. Firstly chose your bet size per card.
              2. Then pick how many cards you want to play.
              3. And the machine will now start picking balls.
              4. 5 in a row lines, when you get them on a card, will be marked automatically in the game interface.
              5. Now the multiplier wheel will be spun at the end.
              6. The last ball picked will apply the multiplier to that number, fingers crossed, you have that number in a line.
              7. Now enjoy your winnings and do it all again!

              Mega Ball Game Rules

              Mega Ball is a very straightforward live game and there is not much to keep track of per se. As with other similar Evolution Live studio games, the layout will be familiar. When you open the game you will see a ball machine in the middle that mixes the balls. Before a new game round begins you’ll be prompted to place your bet, how high of a bet per card. Then you pick how many cards to play with for the round. In the lower right corner of your screen, you can see the history of the last multipliers that were picked. On the left of the screen, you have the chat window and game show host. You also find the paytable here.

              Game round

              Once you have picked the number of cards and placed your bet to play. The betting range is β‚Ή10-10,000 the game will keep you updated while the balls are picked marking lines for you and what balls you need to win, and how much you are winning from that card. You can maximum play with 400 cards per round. Now the balls get picked, there are 51 balls in total and 21 get picked each round.

              The name of the game is of course to get as many rows/lines of 5 as possible per card. There are 5×5 spaces on a card but the middle spot is empty so 24 numbers in total per card. You can get 5 in a row in all directions, horizontally, vertical and diagonal. Lastly, after the 20 balls, the Mega Ball is picked in the machine with the multiplier that is set from the big wheel, the multiplier ranges from 5x to 100x.

              Mega ball gameplay

              Mega Ball Payout

              True to form Evolution has developed a game with some exciting and potentially huge payouts. The RTP of Mega Ball is 95.50% and the maximum payout is β‚Ή50,000,000. And the payout table looks like this with an example of a win with the minimum bet of β‚Ή10:

              • 6+ lines: 9,999 – 999,999:1 – Payout 100,000.
              • 5 lines: 99 – 99,999:1 – Payout 10,000.
              • 4 lines: 249 – 24,999:1 – Payout 2,500.
              • 3 lines: 49 – 4,999:1 – Payout 500.
              • 2 lines: 4 – 499:1 – Payout 50.
              • 1 line: 1x(push) – 99:1 – Payout 10.

              Betting Strategy

              The betting strategy for Mega Ball is not much to talk about it’s a simple game in that way. However, our tip for it is to never bet more than 10% of your bankroll if you go with 10 or more cards. More cards are more likely to get a win, as there are 12 possible lines on a card so with 10 cards there are 120 chances for a line. Also, it is more fun to play with more cards in our opinion.

              Live Casino India’s View

              We recently reviewed Cash or Crash also from Evolution gaming here at Live Casino India. Same as Cash or Crash this game uses a ball mixer but is more similar to the good old Bingo. We feel that the game rounds have a good pace. And it’s a fun game that can get very exciting when the last Mega ball is about to get picked. Easy to learn and play for everyone it is suited to a relaxing game session, as there are not many decisions to make while playing, with some heart-pounding moments in between when you see those golden lines start coming together on that card. We had a good time playing it. And we recommend you try it out. Start chasing those 6 lines and a 100x multiplier!


              Play Mega BallΒ at JeetPlay Now

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