Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball by Playtech

Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball is Playtech’s innovative blend of live bingo and the renowned Mega Fire Blaze Bonus round. This dynamic pairing offers players an exciting gaming experience with the potential for a whopping 2,500x payout through the Mega Fire Blaze Bonus. Played with up to eight 4×4 cards, this live dealer bingo game features Lucky Ball numbers that can amplify line payouts to 99:1. Additionally, securing three Bonus cards grants players access to the coveted Mega Fire Blaze Bonus round, where the top prize is a staggering 2,500x.

Where Can I Play Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball?

These are our recommended online casinos that offer live casino games from Playtech.

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      💳 RuPay Credit & Debit Cards
      💰 Netbanking, UPI, Paytm
      ✅ Google Pay, PhonePe, AstroPay


      How to Play Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball?

      Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball is a quite straightforward game, if you ever played bingo you are halfway there. Here’s a step-by-step guide so you know what to expect when firing it up at your favourite online casino.

      1. Selecting Cards: Begin by choosing the bingo cards and Fire Blaze Bonus cards you wish to play. There’s a handy “Select All” option to quickly pick all cards. Each card will have the bet value you’ve chosen.
      2. Lucky Ball Numbers: After the betting time is over, eleven Lucky Ball numbers are randomly picked from a pool of sixty. These numbers are highlighted on your cards, aiding in tracking them when playing.
      3. Drawing Balls: The game draws twenty balls from a pool of sixty. If a ball matches a number on your card or Bonus Card, it’s marked with a red dot.
      4. Payouts: Completed lines are highlighted, and players receive payouts for each line. Lines with Lucky Ball numbers offer better payouts.
      5. Bonus Round: If any Bonus cards are filled, the Bonus round is triggered. This round offers additional chances to get that big win.

      And that’s it when it comes to how to play Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball.

      Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball Bingo cards


      Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball Rules

      In Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball players can bet on up to eight 4×4 bingo cards. Each card offers multiple chances to win. Eleven numbers are designated as Lucky Balls for each game. These numbers can boost line payouts when they form part of a winning line. Three optional Bonus Cards can be played as well. Filling these cards gives and you are playing the Fire Blaze Bonus Round. Players win by completing lines of four numbers either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

      The payouts vary based on the number of Lucky Numbers in the line:

      • Line: 4:1
      • Line with 1 Lucky Number: 9:1
      • Line with 2 Lucky Numbers: 19:1
      • Line with 3 Lucky Numbers: 44:1
      • Line with 4 Lucky Numbers: 99:1

      Fire Blaze Bonus Round

      The Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball game features three distinct Bonus Rounds: Major, Grand, and Mega. Each of these rounds offers players the opportunity to win substantial multipliers. The primary goal in the bonus rounds is to fill the segments. When segments are filled, their multipliers activate, significantly boosting the potential winnings.

      Additional live games with the Mega Fire Black jackpot round are:

      Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball Bonus


      Playing the Bonus Round

      To enter a bonus round, players must complete one of the Bonus cards: Major, Grand, or Mega. The Major Bonus requires three balls, while the Grand and Mega require four balls each. And the maximum possible payouts for each round: Major: 120:1, Grand: 700:1, Mega: 2,500:1.

      Bonus Grid: Upon qualification, a bonus grid is displayed specific to the round. The grid is segmented and contains columns of slots where multipliers can land. The Major Bonus grid has two segments (four three-slot columns), the Grand has four segments (eight three-slot columns), and the Mega features six segments (twelve three-slot columns).

      Raining Orbs: During the bonus round, orbs containing multipliers tumble down into the grid in three cycles. Players start with three lives. If a multiplier orb sticks in the grid, the lives reset to three. If all three lives are lost without an orb sticking, the bonus round ends.

      Segment Multipliers: If multipliers fill a segment in the grid, a special segment multiplier activates. This multiplier increases all the multipliers within that segment. The potential multipliers for each round are as follows:

      • Major Fire Blaze: Slot multipliers of 1x, 2x, 5x with segment multipliers of 2x and star multipliers of 10x, 20x.
      • Grand Fire Blaze: Slot multipliers ranging from 1x to 10x, segment multipliers of 2x, 3x, and star multipliers from 10x to 100x.
      • Mega Fire Blaze: Slot multipliers ranging from 1x to 25x, segment multipliers of 2x, 3x, and star multipliers from 10x to 100x.

      Star Multipliers: Apart from the regular multipliers, segments can also have Star Multipliers. If they land during the game, they are then added to the total multiplier count.

      RTP & Payout

      Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball has an RTP  that varies slightly from base game to bonus round. The overall base game RTP for the base game stands at 97.32%. And the RTP for the bonus rounds ranges between 97.03% and 97.09%. This variation is due to the different multipliers and potential payouts in each bonus round. The payout is as follows:

      Bingo Cards Payout

      • Line: 4:1
      • Line with 1 Lucky Number: 9:1
      • Line with 2 Lucky Numbers: 19:1
      • Line with 3 Lucky Numbers: 44:1
      • Line with 4 Lucky Numbers: 99:1

      Bonus Rounds Payout

      • Major Fire Blaze: Payout ranges from 4 to 119:1.
      • Grand Fire Blaze: Payout ranges from 9 to 699:1.
      • Mega Fire Blaze: Payout ranges from 19 to 2499:1.

      Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball Payout


      Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball Strategy & Tips

      Playing Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball requires a blend of luck and strategy. While the game’s outcome is predominantly random, certain tips can enhance your experience. To start you off, set a budget before starting and stick to it. This ensures you play responsibly and prolong your gameplay. Use the “Auto Play” feature to manage your bets. Always try to diversify your bets. Spread your bets across multiple bingo cards. This increases your chances of hitting winning lines. Remember, the main cards offer nine chances, while bonus cards offer just one. Balance your bets according to that.

      Always consider playing the Bonus Cards, as they unlock the potential for significant multipliers and payouts. If you notice a prolonged absence of bonus rounds, consider adjusting your betting strategy. This might mean reducing your stake or focusing more on the main bingo cards. Bingo games, especially those with bonus features, can be unpredictable. Stay patient, and enjoy the game. That said, if you’re on a losing streak, take a break. Remember, while strategies can enhance your gameplay, there’s no surefire way to guarantee a win.

      Live Casino India’s View

      Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball, merges the thrill of bingo with the Mega Fire Blaze Bonus round. As such the game offers an uncommon bingo experience. The game comes with the potential for some nice payouts, especially in the bonus rounds. For Indian live online casino players seeking a fresh bingo game, this one ticks all the boxes. So if you like live bingo with a twist and the Fire Blaze mechanic then we at Live Casino India highly recommend giving it a go.

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