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Monopoly Big Baller Live by Evolution Gaming, is one of the new live game releases planned in 2022. Same as Crazy Coin Flip that we recently reviewed it is part of the Great 88. After a lot of anticipation and speculation, Monopoly Big Baller has finally launched at some casinos. If you’re a Monopoly game fan and also enjoy lottery games, then this game is right up your ally. Following in the footsteps of Monopoly Live, Monopoly Big Baller brings Mr. Monopoly and his infamous board game to the Mega Ball studio. The blending of the two games, brings a new element of entertainment to Evolution Live Gaming. So, let’s see what Monopoly Big Baller has to offer.

Where Can I Play Monopoly Big Baller Live?

Monopoly Big Baller has only been released recently. So not allΒ  gambling sites offer this game. But check out our most recommended online casinos below for the sites that do offer it.

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    How to Play Monopoly Big Baller Live?

    Monopoly Big Baller Live is a bingo-style gameshow which runs in 2 phases. The studio is made to look like a riverboat and the game is run by a live game show host with Mr Monopoly present in augmented reality. Firstly, like in Mega Ball, you have to buy bingo tickets and mark off the bingo balls that are drawn. If you hit winning combinations, then you qualify for the Monopoly bonus round. In phase 2, you have the Monopoly board game bonus round, where Mr Monopoly moves around the board collecting win multipliers.

    The objective of the game is similar to Monopoly Live. First you need to hit a winning combination to be eligible for the bonus round. Compared to Monopoly Live, Evolution Gaming have done away with the money wheel and added the Mega Ball bingo machine instead.

    A normal Monopoly Big Baller game round sequence looks like this:

    1. Select a betting stake.
    2. Place your bets.
    3. The bingo balls are drawn.
    4. Numbers are marked off on your tickets and winning combinations are calculated.
    5. If you land the right combination of numbers, then you win prizes and can qualify for the bonus round.
    6. Mr Monopoly takes you to his famous board game, the dice roll and he collects win multipliers for you.


    How To Play Monopoly Big Baller Video Tutorial

    Monopoly Big Baller Live Game Rules

    Like in Monopoly Live, there are 6 betting options. Instead of number multipliers, you now have 4 Chance or Free Space cards and the bonus game options: 3 Rolls and 5 Rolls.

    Firstly, you place your bets on one to four of the cards. Each card has a 5×5 grid with numbers on them, that fill up the grid. After your bets are placed, Mr Monopoly pulls a lever and random multipliers and free spaces are added to your cards. Free Spaces work like a “drawn number”, similar to what you get with a Free Space card.

    Free Space Card – the central number on the card is marked as a free space, guaranteeing a number for all possible lines.

    Chance Card – the central number is a guaranteed win multiplier.

    After the multipliers and free spaces are added, your focus switches to the bingo machine that starts drawing balls. 20 balls are drawn and your cards start to be marked off with drawn numbers. If you get a line consisting of five numbers on any of your cards, then you win the bet on that card.

    Payout and RTP

    Monopoly Big Baller has an optimal RTP of 96.10%. And the Payout is as follows:

    • Free Space Card: 2-39:1 per line
    • Chance Card:Β  2-199:1 per line
    • 3 Rolls: Starts Bonus Game
    • 5 Rolls: Starts Bonus Game

    Monopoly Big Baller Live Features

    Like in Crazy Time and Crazy Coin Flip for example, anticipation builds up for the main bonus game. This is because you can land massive wins in the Monopoly Big Baller bonus game.

    Free Spaces

    As mentioned, if you choose a Free Space card, then the center is a guaranteed free space. Free spaces act like marked numbers on your cards. Before the numbers are drawn each round, Mr Monopoly assignsΒ  free spaces and multiplies randomly, to the cards. So, the more free spaces you have, the better your chances are of completing lines.


    Win multipliers are applied randomly to numbers on your cards too. So, if a number drawn corresponds to a number with a multiplier on your card, then you win that multiplier. If you choose a multiplier card, then the central number is marked off with a guaranteed multiplier.
    Moreover, there are three types of multipliers in Monopoly Big Baller:

    • Standard multiplier 10x – 20x applies to any line containing the number.
    • Line multiplier 20x – 50x pays out if full line with multiplier is achieved.
    • Global multiplier 2x – 3x for a whole card and any winning line payout are multiplied by this multiplier.

    monopoly big baller bonus game


    Monopoly Big Baller Bonus Game

    In order to reach the bonus game round, you need to place a bet on either 3 Rolls, 5 Rolls or both. Therefore, we always recommend betting on both, so that you don’t miss out on any potential big wins. On the 3 Rolls and 5 Rolls cards, there are 3 numbers and 4 numbers slots respectively. You need to complete one of the cards to reach the bonus round. Moreover, when Mr Monopoly adds his multipliers and free spaces, he can add free spaces to the dice rolls cards too.

    Phase 1 – Adding Multipliers

    Mr Monopoly drops houses and hotels on random properties. Thus adding different win multipliers to properties. Starting from “GO”, multipliers increase as you move around the board. So, Park Lane will have the highest win multiplier which can reach over 1,000x.

    Phase 2 – Dice Rolls

    The dice are rolled according to the number of rolls you won. Every time the dice are rolled, Mr Monopoly advances along the board. The number of his spaces advanced is determined by the outcome of the dice. If he lands on a property, then he collects the win multiplier. Moreover, if a Double is rolled then Mr Monopoly advances and collects any winnings plus you get a free roll of the dice.

    If Mr Monopoly does not land on a property he may land on Chance or Community Chest and a card is drawn. This can add more winnings to your tally or reduce winnings. Furthermore, if you land on Income Tax or Super Tax, then your winnings are deducted by 10% or 20%, respectively. Should you pass “Go” then all multipliers on the board are doubled.

    Monopoly Big Baller Live Strategy

    Like in other top live game show games, we always recommend betting on the bonus options. Because there is nothing worse than playing a live casino game and then missing out on the bonus while other players get to win lots of money. Unlike the money wheel games where you have set payouts and bonus options, here you don’t have set wins. So, it’s a bit more tricky to apply a strategy. Therefore, we suggest any of the following Monopoly Big Baller Live Strategy options:

    Dice Rolls Bonus Strategy

    We recommend betting on both dice rolls options only. You can see in the game rounds history when the last bonus landed. So, if the bonus landed recently, try sticking to smaller bets. Then raise your bets slightly each round to catch the bonus on a higher stake. If you enter the game and a bonus hasn’t landed in a while, then start off with larger bets.

    Please note that this is a high risk strategy, and you may need a higher bankroll to facilitate a long streak of lost bets. Potentially, the high risk can pay off big time if we land a big bonus.

    Cards and Dice Rolls Strategy

    In this strategy we take a more conservative approach. Here we will bet on all cards and dice rolls at the same time. A similar strategy as above is applied for the Dice Rolls bets. But we cover some of our losses and potentially even win more on the bingo cards. Winning back money, allows us to maintain a bankroll to keep betting on the dice rolls and not miss out on the bonus round.


    monopoly big baller live casino


    Live Casino India’s View

    Having played Monopoly Big Baller Live, we are sure this will be a mega-hit. Hasbro has licensed the use of their Monopoly trademarks to Evolution Gaming. So, this has allowed them to create this game and Monopoly Live. Fun visuals and animation in a nicely designed studio make Monopoly Big Baller Live very entertaining. Moreover, the blend of Mega Ball with Monopoly Live has created a fun live casino version of Slingo. You can also try Lightning Lotto Live by Evolution or Mega Fire Blaze Lucky Ball by Playtech if you are looking for lotto games.

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