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Quantum Roulette Live is a live casino game by Playtech Live. If you have played Lightning Roulette before, then you will find it is very similar. Quantum Roulette features win multiplies, similar to the Lightning features on certain live games from Evolution Gaming. Lightning Roulette is one of the most popular live casino games from Evolution Gaming. So, it is no wonder why Playtech would make their own version of it. Quantum roulette has an automatic roulette wheel and features win multipliers up to 500x your bet. Compared to other Playtech Live games, this game is a live game show with a host that supervises the action. It all plays out in a futuristic-looking studio. But, how does it compare to similar roulette games? Read on to find out.

Where Can I Play Quantum Roulette?

Not all India Live Casinos offer Playtech games but these are our top picks where you can find them.

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      πŸ’° Netbanking, UPI, Paytm
      βœ… Google Pay, PhonePe, AstroPay


      How to Play Quantum Roulette?

      1. Select your chip value.
      2. Place your bets on different numbers on the roulette table.
      3. Once “no more bets” has been declared, multipliers are applied to random numbers.
      4. The roulette wheel spins to reveal the winning number.
      5. If the roulette ball lands on your chosen number you win.

      Evolution Gaming has designed very good live games over the past few years with the inclusion of multipliers on each game round. Of course, there are bound to be versions of these games from other game software providers. When it comes to Lightning Roulette we can find a version from Pragmatic Live that launched their own version in 2021 called Mega Roulette. And then we have Quantum Roulette which is operated by Playtech. They are all quite similar.

      Similar to any live roulette game, players need to place their bets before “No more bets” has been declared by the croupier. What makes Quantum Roulette different from standard roulette games are the win multipliers and the payouts. Moreover, you only have a limited amount of time to place your bets. So, your main objective is to bet on numbers, rather than on outside bets. If you prefer outside bets, streets, columns, etc., then we suggest playing regular roulette games. But if you prefer straight-up bets, then Quantum Roulette is just for you.

      Live Quantum Roulette Rules

      Quantum Roulette is basically standard European Roulette with one zero on the wheel but with added multipliers. So if you are familiar with roulette you will understand the rules of the game quite easily. Once the betting phase is over the multipliers will be assigned, after that the Quantum Boost/Leap feature might trigger, and then the ball will get spun by the auto roulette wheel and a result is given.


      Quantum Roulette Playtech Gameplay

      Multipliers are only assigned to straight-up bets, bets that are numbers only. So red/black or odd/even bets do not qualify for multipliers. There is a difference from regular roulette in the payout on regular straight-up bets. In normal roulette, numbers payout 35:1. But in Quantum Roulette, the payout is 29:1. This is to balance out the possible multiplier wins. Multipliers assigned to straight-up bets range from 50x to 500x and are done in 50x increments. Additionally, Quantum Boosts or Quantum Leaps can be activated on any game round.

      The maximum win multiplier that can be won is 500x. So, even with the Leaps and Boosts, the win is capped.

      Quantum Leap

      When a Quantum Leap is activated, the win multipliers are either doubled or tripled. This feature is similar to the double or triple options you can find on the Crazy Time wheel.Β 

      Quantum Boost

      Boosts can trigger randomly on any game round. Quantum Boosts will randomly add a multiplier up to 50x on a number. This is in addition to the other enhanced numbers.

      Quantum Roulette StrategyΒ 

      Roulette is one of the most popular games of chance. However, in Quantum Roulette the objective is to bet on numbers only. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for any multiplier wins. So, unlike standard roulette games, strategies vary here.

      Bet On Many Numbers

      When you bet on all numbers you will always land a winning number. But you will also lose money every round. With multipliers added to each game round, you can recover your losses with a nice big win. However, the payout in Quantum Roulette is significantly lower. So, you are losing more money each game round. Therefore, we do not recommend betting on all numbers. What we do suggest is to bet on 24 different numbers each game round.

      If your number doesn’t land, then click the rebet option and the double my bet option. So, if your number does land, then you cover your losses and you win money too. Carry on doing this until you land a winning number with a win multiplier.

      Bet On a Section

      Bet on a section of numbers and hope it will land there with a high multiplier. So, with this strategy of course the bet will be smaller but the chance to win will also be smaller. However, this is a bet where you try to bet on patterns in the gameplay that might come up.Β  If your bet lands with a multiplier, then your net winnings will be much bigger.

      If you prefer standard roulette games, then head on over to our roulette systems guide for more betting strategies.

      Live Casino India’s View

      Quantum Roulette

      Quantum Roulette by Playtech is a very good alternative to Lightning Roulette. If you like to enjoy playing roulette then this game will add more flair to the gameplay with the win multipliers. Thus, making it more entertaining. Playtech is a very well-established game provider. So, their live studio is very flashy and futuristic, making it quite nice to watch the gameplay. Additionally, the game show hosts are funny and professional. So, if you are looking for a roulette alternative with some nice visuals and bonus features, then try Quantum Roulette.


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