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Gold Bar Roulette is another of Evolution Gamings 2022 Great 88, released on the 15th of July. It is a live casino dealer game that features Gold Bar 88x multipliers that the players themselves can choose where to put. It is up to the player to pick which straight-up numbers should have multipliers and also the value of the multiplier. Gold Bar multipliers are won when playing and then placed on future game rounds. Gold bars can even be stacked on the same number! Sounds exciting right and like a possibility for some awesome payouts. So, let’s have a closer look at how to play Gold Bar Roulette.

Where Can I Play Gold Bar Roulette Live?

Find Gold Bar Roulette Live at our most recommended online casinos listed here below.

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    How to Play Gold Bar Roulette Live?

    Gold Bar Roulette Live is a live roulette game. So, the gameplay is exactly the same as a normal European Roulette game. If you want to brush up on normal roulette rules, then check out our great roulette guide.

    1. Open up the game at one of our recommended casino sites above.
    2. Marvel at the Golden studio.
    3. Place your bet (Only straight-up bets can win gold bar multipliers).
    4. A live croupier will spin the wheel.
    5. A ball lands on a number.
    6. With some luck, you collect a payout and an amount of gold bars.

    Gold Bar Roulette Live Rules

    Gold Bar Roulette is base on European roulette with some extra bonus features. The objective of the game, similar to Lightning Roulette and XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, is to bet only on numbers. You can use an auto play function to keep placing bets for you, as well as double your bet feature. Let us get into the features that make it unique, the Gold Bar multipliers and how they work.

    gold bar roulette studio goldbars

    The Gold Bars

    As mentioned before all bets can be converted into straight-up bets. This is important as this is how you get the Gold Bar Multipliers. Gold bars can only be won by winning a straight-up bet. So other bet types are not really important in this game. Unless you would like to cover some of your bets.

    At the beginning of the round bets are placed and then the live host will open the vault to reveal a number of gold bars for the round. If your number lands, then you receive all the gold bars in addition to your regular number payout. Now you can place gold bars on any number in the next game round. Each gold bar carries a payout of 88x. You can chose if to spend all of your gold bars at once or keep some for later rounds. But keep in mind that gold bars have a lifetime of 180 days before they expire.

    All gold bars have the multiplier value of 88x and a value assigned by the bet made to win them. You can see the value of your gold bars shown in the interface and when you hover over your gold bar balance. The value of your gold bars is also calculated by the average of all gold bars you have won. If you want a bigger payout, then you can place more than one gold bar on the same number. Therefore, 2 gold bars will pay out 176x and so forth.

    Gold Bar Roulette Settings Betting


    Payout & Bet Types

    RTP for Gold Bar Roulette is set to 97:10%. When it comes to bets there is a setting that you can activate so all bets will be converted to straight-up bets. So any inside or outside bet will be converted into straight-up bets. So for example, if you do a bet on red with a 5 chip all red numbers will have a straight-up bet of 0.27. Additionally, if you bet 20 on a split bet, then those 2 numbers will each have a bet of 10.

    Below is a list of bets, how many numbers it covers and payout from it as they differ from normal roulette.

    • 1 Gold Bar – 1 Number –Β  x88
    • Straight-up – 1 Number – 19:1
    • Split – 2 Numbers – 17:1
    • Street – 3 Numbers – 11:1
    • Corner – 4 Numbers – 8:1
    • Line – 6 Numbers – 5:1

    And for the payout of the outside bets:

    • Dozen/Column – 12 Numbers – 2:1
    • Red/Black – 18 Numbers – 1:1
    • Odd/Even – 18 Numbers – 1:1
    • Low/High – 18 Numbers – 1:1

    Gold Bar Roulette Strategy & Tips

    When it comes to strategy in Gold Bar roulette, we recommend playing your normal roulette strategy. But to use the specific gold bar feature of this game you can build up your amount of gold bars by betting on all numbers and then play only with gold bars after you have gotten the value up on them as well. Most likely we will see this type of play sooner or later when the game has been out for a bit and it will give some huge payouts. Please be aware that payouts are only 19:1 as compared to 35:1 on a standard roulette table. So placing bets on all numbers to guarantee gold bars is a dangerous strategy.

    Live Casino India’s View

    How awesome is itΒ  to be able to control the multipliers yourself? To be able to pick when to play them and on what numbers to place them, adds a lot to the game. Gold Bar Roulette is going to be a hit for all roulette players. A great game with an awesome-looking gold-clad studio, with a lot of control given to the player on what to bet on. We might even like this Evolution Gaming roulette game better than XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, just due to the control you have over your multipliers. If you are a roulette fan, then we do recommend you try this out.

    Gold Bar Roulette Hindi

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