Roulette has become a symbol for casinos around the world, along with games like blackjack and poker. Since its inception in 1720, roulette remains a frontrunner in a gambler’s list of preferred casino games. Furthermore, players have been trying to crack the code of the roulette wheel for a long time. Many live roulette systems incorporate specific mathematical equations and sequences to help you win. But, not all are full proof. Live roulette systems do not guarantee wins, but they can offer short term profit. Here are some tips that can help you become a pro at online roulette.

roulette wheel

Choose the Right Variant

Selecting between European, French, and American roulette can make a difference in your winning streaks. American roulette has 36 numerical fields along with 00 and 0 fields. On the other hand, European and French roulette don’t have the 00 fields. Therefore, the house edge is lower on these variants. Before you apply your live roulette system, make sure which variant you are about to play at online casinos.

Understand the Odds

Every game of chance has set odds for different scenarios in which a player may win. These odds differ across bets that may turn out in a player’s favour than the ones which won’t. Simultaneously, a range of odds also determine the potential for payout. For instance, if an event is more likely to happen, it will have a lower payout.  Therefore, it’s vital to understand the odds if you want to win.

We suggest that first you learn the roulette rules and bets. Then check out our roulette guidelines. After that, you can delve into specific odds. Once you delve into the game’s mechanics, you can start to make better sense of it and start using live roulette systems.

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Live Roulette Systems

Betting is a popular strategy when it comes to winning in roulette. While these strategies are mere mathematical calculations developed through the years, they come in handy while playing live roulette. Similar to the basic blackjack strategy chart, live roulette systems are easy to follow. Furthermore, when playing online you can keep this page open to use while you play at one of our recommended live casinos.

Martingale Roulette System

This betting strategy helps players recover from a loss. In this system, players should double their bet amounts after every loss. When they win, the bet amount gets reset as it was at the start of the session. Fairly straightforward, Martingale is easy to apply at the live tables. In order to make sure you apply the strategy correctly, you should only place a bet on outside bets that have a 50% chance of landing. For example, you can place even bets on Red/Black, Hi/Lo, Odd/Even.

You start off by betting 1 credit which is the minimum bet allowed at the table. If your bet misses than you double your bet on the same outcome. Repeat this action every time you lose until you win. When you win, you cover all of your losses with a small profit and you start over from the beginning with a bet of 1 credit.

Note: Most live games have a maximum bet limit at the tables. So you will only be allowed keep doubling your bet a limited amount of times.


D’Alembert System

It’s a betting strategy with even money and works best when playing roulette. Similar to Martingale players increase their bets after every loss. However, bets are increased by 1 unit and are not doubled. Moreover, when a win occurs, players should reduce their bet by 1 unit. So this systems serves as a way of recovering losses and reducing risk of losing winnings.


Fibonacci System

how to use the fibonacci live roulette system


One of the most famous live roulette systems is the Fibonacci system. Player make bets according to the previous bet sizes in the sequence. Similar to other live roulette systems, Fibonacci is best applied with even bets. If you follow our example in the table above, there are 15 bets in the sequence. Each losing bet is followed by another bet that is the sum of the two previous bet amounts in the sequence. Furthermore, when a winning bet occurs, you downsize your next bet to the amount 2 steps earlier in the sequence.