Lucky 6 Roulette by Pragmatic Play


Lucky 6 Roulette by Pragmatic Play is a new take on the classic European Roulette. This version of roulette is similar to another roulette title by Pragmatic, Mega Roulette. Lucky 6 stand-out feature is its multipliers. Six randomly chosen numbers receive multipliers each round, paving the way for potential big wins. Designed with a blend of traditional European roulette gameplay coupled with modern twists, it should offer a good experience for most types of players. In this review, we will have a look at how to play Lucky 6 Roulette, the game rules, betting options, possible strategies, and overall useful tips. So, let us see if this is something for you, read on to find out.

Where Can I Play Lucky 6 Roulette Live?

These are our recommended online casinos. Keep in mind that Pragmatic Play Live games might be hard to find for Indian players at the moment. However, try these online casinos to see if they offer them right now.

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    How to Play Lucky 6 Roulette?

    Lucky 6 Roulette is played on a standard European Roulette wheel layout but with a unique twist. If you are new to roulette in general we suggest you have a look at our roulette guide just to get to know the game in general.

    • Betting Time: Place your bets on the roulette table, you have about 17 seconds to do so each round. Bets can be straight-up, using the racetrack for neighbour bets, or through pre-configured bets.
    • Spin and Multiplier Selection: After betting time, the dealer spins the wheel. Six lucky numbers are selected each gets a multiplier between 50x and 2088x.
    • Outcome and Payouts: The ball lands in a pocket on the wheel. If it’s one of your straight-up bets and a lucky number, you win the multiplied payout. Other bets are paid according to standard roulette rules.

    Lucky 6 Roulette Live Rules

    This version of roulette follows the standard European Roulette rules but as mentioned with an added twist of multipliers. Another thing that sets it apart from regular live roulette is that the game features a unique Lucky 6 betting option. The standard bets include all typical roulette bets like straight-up, split, street, corner, line, and outside bets like Red/Black, Odd/Even, Dozens, and Columns.

    Lucky 6 Roulette Lucky Multipliers


    • Lucky Numbers and Multipliers: In each round, six numbers are chosen as Lucky Numbers, hence the name Luck 6 Roulette, each assigned a multiplier ranging from 50x to 2088x.
    • Straight-Up Bet Payouts: If the ball lands on a Lucky Number you bet on, you receive the multiplied payout. The standard payout for straight-up bets is 19:1, which is lower than the regular roulette due to added multipliers here.
    • Manual Wheel Spin: This is not an auto-roulette wheel and it has a dealer that spins the wheel manually, so it feels more like a traditional roulette game.

    Payout & Bet Types

    The RTP is 97.49%, slightly higher than the standard European Roulette, usually around 97.30%.

    Comparing the payouts and RTP with European Roulette and Mega Roulette. European Roulette typically has an RTP of 97.30%. The payout for a straight-up bet in European Roulette is 35:1. This is because it does not feature multipliers. Mega Roulette, also from Pragmatic and can be considered the prequel to Lucky 6 Roulette, offers multipliers up to 500x. Its RTP is similar to European Roulette, and the base payout for a straight-up bet is 29:1. This is higher than Lucky 6 Roulette’s 19:1 but lower than European Roulette’s 35:1.

    Lucky 6 Roulette Betting


    So, Lucky 6 Roulette offers a higher potential for large wins. However, the base payout for straight-up bets is lower compared to both European Roulette and Mega Roulette. This structure makes Lucky 6 Roulette more volatile. Offering the chance for bigger wins but with a reduced payout for standard wins.

    • Inside Bets: These include Straight-Up, Split, Street, Corner, and Line bets. The Straight-Up bet, particularly significant in this game, has a payout of 19-1999:1, depending on the multipliers.
    • Outside Bets: These encompass Dozen/Column bets, Red/Black, Odd/Even, and Low/High (1-18/19-36) bets, with payouts ranging from 1:1 to 2:1.
    • Special Bets: Lucky Bets like Lucky Chances, Lucky Dozens, Lucky Columns, and Bet On All, focusing on Straight-Up bets across the board to cover multipliers.

    Bet Type

    Details Payout
    Straight-Up Covers 1 number 19-1999:1
    Split Covers 2 adjacent numbers 17:1
    Street Covers 3 numbers in a line 11:1
    Corner Cover 4 numbers where they all meet 8:1
    Line Covers 6 numbers (2 Streets) 5:1
    Dozen/Column Covers 12 numbers 2:1
    Red/Black Covers 18 Numbers each 1:1
    Odd/Even Covers 18 Numbers each 1:1
    Low (1-18)/High (19-36) Covers 18 numbers 1:1

    Lucky 6 Roulette Strategy & Tips

    Keep in mind that these strategies and tips aim to enhance your gameplay while trying to manage risk. They do not however guarantee that you win, it is a game of chance after all. Given the volatility of the game, always try to manage your bankroll. Play responsibly and set limits to ensure a good session. Always keep a cool head when gambling.

    • Balanced Betting: Combine inside and outside bets. Inside bets, especially straight-up, are tempting due to multipliers, but outside bets offer more frequent wins.
    • Multiplier Focus: If chasing multipliers, remember they only apply to straight-up bets. However, betting on all numbers can quickly deplete funds.
    • Understanding Risks: Higher multipliers mean higher risks. So, adjust your betting strategy to balance the potential high payouts with the likelihood of regular wins.

    Lucky 6 Roulette Gameplay


    Live Casino India’s View

    Lucky 6 Roulette by Pragmatic Play is a nice addition to the roulette genre. A quite high RTP of 97.49% and the possibility of multipliers up to 2088x make this game stand out. Although, the base payout for straight-up bets is lower than in standard European Roulette and Mega Roulette, so chasing multipliers is the name of the game here. We always like, here at Live Casino India, when games have real dealers as Lucky 6 Roulette has, it just feels right.

    Lucky 6 Roulette offers bigger and more frequent multipliers than Mega Roulette, but this comes at the cost of lower regular payouts. However, this also makes Lucky 6 Roulette appealing to players who enjoy high-volatility games. So overall, Lucky 6 Roulette offers a potentially lucrative experience for players. And perhaps want a break from the traditional roulette gameplay.

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