Lucky Ball Roulette by Playtech


Lucky Ball Roulette by Playtech introduces a creative twist to the classic European Roulette. This version has all the traditional roulette elements while adding the unique Fruity Bet side bet feature. The game should offer a smooth experience for both traditional roulette fans and those looking for a little something new. With the combination of traditional betting options and the addition of the Lucky Numbers that come with multipliers, Lucky Ball Roulette should be both familiar and something of a novelty for roulette players. So let us get into it, how to play, rules and payouts.

Where Can I Play Lucky Ball Roulette Live?

Have a look at our recommended online casinos. Lucky Ball Roulette is from Playtech, not all online casinos offer games from them so you might need to have a look around for their live games.

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      How to Play Lucky Ball Roulette?

      Lucky Ball Roulette combines classic live roulette gameplay with an intriguing side bet option known as the Fruity Bet. This extra bet adds a layer of excitement, where before each spin, you can wager on the outcome of five ‘Lucky Numbers’. These numbers are determined by a three-reel slot machine mechanic, introducing a slot game feel into roulette. Each Lucky Number has its own potential multiplier that goes from 3x to 100x. This will boost your winning potential quite a bit if the roulette ball lands on any of these numbers.

      Lucky Ball Roulette Studio


      • Start with the Main Game: Place your traditional roulette bets on the European Roulette wheel.
      • Opt for the Fruity Bet: Before the spin, decide if you want to participate in the Fruity Bet side bet.
      • Lucky Numbers Selection: The game selects five Lucky Numbers via a slot mechanism, these are marked with a purple symbol on the table, each with a potential multiplier of 3x to 100x.
      • Spin and Result: The roulette wheel spins, and if it lands on one of your Lucky Numbers, you could win a multiplied payout.

      Lucky Ball Roulette Live Rules

      Lucky Ball Roulette follows the standard European Roulette rules with an added twist, the Fruity Bet. If you want to learn the basics, and common strategies for roulette have a look at our live games guide. Here are the key rules specific to Lucky Ball Roulette:

      • European Roulette Base: The main game is played like any other European Roulette, with bets placed on numbers, colours, or groups.
      • Fruity Bet Side Option: This is an optional side bet that revolves around predicting five Lucky Numbers chosen by a slot machine mechanic.
      • Lucky Numbers and Multipliers: Each of the five numbers is assigned a multiplier (3x to 100x) which applies if the ball lands on that number.
      • Winning Conditions: Standard roulette bets pay according to traditional rules, while Fruity Bet payouts depend on the multipliers and the ball landing on the chosen Lucky Numbers.

      Lucky Ball Roulette Bets


      Fruity Bet Side bet

      The Fruity Bet in Lucky Ball Roulette is an optional side bet where players predict which of the five designated ‘Lucky Numbers’ the ball will land on. In each round, these numbers are selected along with their two neighbouring numbers on the wheel, forming a section of five. Once betting time closes, a three-reel slot machine determines the multiplier for each Lucky Number. The multipliers vary based on the symbols that line up on the pay line, with different symbols like Cherries, Melons, Bars, Bells, and Sevens offering multipliers from 3x to 100x.

      • Cherries: Landing three cherries symbol awards a 3x multiplier.
      • Melons: Three melons symbolize a 5x multiplier.
      • Bars: Getting three bars results in a 20x multiplier.
      • Bells: Three bells yield a 50x multiplier.
      • Sevens: The highest, three sevens, bring a 100x multiplier.

      Payout & Bet Types

      In Lucky Ball Roulette, the RTP for the main European Roulette part is 97.30%, which is typical for European Roulette. The Fruity Bet side bet has a slightly lower RTP of 95.29%, due to the increased risk and potential for higher payouts due to multipliers. This side bet involves predicting five Lucky Numbers each round, and payout multipliers going from from 3x to 100x.

      Bet Type Details Payout
      Straight-Up Covers 1 number 35:1
      Split Covers 2 adjacent numbers 17:1
      Street Covers 3 numbers in a line 11:1
      Corner/Square Cover 4 numbers where they all meet 8:1
      Line/Six Line Covers 6 numbers (2 Streets) 5:1
      Column/Dozen Covers 12 numbers 2:1
      Even Chances Red/Black, Odd/Even, 1-18/19-36 1:1
      Fruity Bet (Side Bet) 5 Lucky Numbers with multipliers 3x to 100x


      Lucky Ball Roulette Strategy & Tips

      In Lucky Ball Roulette, the strategy comes down to two key parts: the traditional European Roulette game and the Fruity Bet.

      Fruity Bet: The Fruity Bet, offering a return-to-player (RTP) of 95.29%, is a high-risk, high-reward option. It involves betting on a set of five lucky numbers, each game round, with multipliers ranging from 3x to 100x. While it can be tempting due to its higher potential payouts, the statistical likelihood of winning in the long run is lower compared to traditional roulette bets.

      Regular Roulette: For the standard roulette game, the approach should be more about bankroll management and strategic betting. This includes a mix of inside and outside bets to balance the risk and ensure some level of return for each spin. Observing the short-term game statistics can guide your betting decisions, but remember that each spin is independent and doesn’t influence the next.

      In summary, combining the Fruity Bet with a sound strategy in the main game can enhance the overall gaming experience, but it’s crucial to remember that no strategy can guarantee success in a game of chance like roulette. So the key is to find a balance that suits your play style.

      Live Casino India’s View

      Playtech always makes quality live casino games and Lucky Ball Roulette, with its Fruity Bet option, offers a refreshing twist on traditional European Roulette. The Fruity Bet, while fun and very appealing for its high multipliers, should be used with a cautious approach this is due to its lower long-term RTP. This game might be ideal for players who enjoy the potential high payouts and have the bankroll to ride out the RTP. But you also have the combining roulette with slot-like elements, which is a nice mix. For a more consistent play strategy, the traditional roulette bets provide familiar gameplay. At LiveCasinoIndia, we think that overall, Lucky Ball Roulette works for a wide range of players, with its blending of classic roulette enjoyment with some innovative betting options and slot touch.

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