Nexus Roulette live by OnAir

Nexus Roulette is a live roulette game that incorporates four roulette wheels. This game connects the outcomes of four separate wheels in its gameplay. If you are familiar with the old live game offerings from NetEnt Live, then this might be something you recognize from Roulette Max. On Air Entertainment has some former Netent team members which might explain the similarities. Moreover, you can win up to 5,000x, if you land a special win multiplier. The game might seem complicated at first but don’t worry, we will simplify it for you.Let’s have a look at Nexus Roulette Live and see how to play it.

Nexus Roulette Casinos?

Nexus Roulette is a live roulette game from On Air Entertainment, and might not be available at all online casinos.

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How to Play Nexus Roulette Live?

As this game isn’t your regular live roulette setup, we will go into detail a bit more on how to play. The main roulette wheel is marked by a blue circle. Behind it are three additional wheels, each distinguished by different shapes and colours: green triangle, orange square, pink hexagon. Only the main wheel has a betting grid for placing your bets. So. let’s start with the bets.

The Bets

  • Main Wheel Bets: You can place inside bets (straight-up numbers, splits, streets, etc.) on the main wheel’s betting grid.
  • Nexus Side Bets: These bets cover outcomes on all four wheels, offering a way to win based on the combined results, mostly outside bets.


Begin each game round by placing your bets. Choose from straight-up bets for possible multiplier wins, or Nexus Bets for other betting strategies. After placing your bets, watch as the wheels spin and reveal the outcomes. Main wheel spins first, followed by the other 3 wheels in succession. As a result, the main wheel’s result is revealed first. You can place traditional roulette bets on the main wheel, while Nexus Bets allow you to wager on outcomes across all four wheels.

Winning straight-up bets on the main wheel start with a base payout of 29:1. Multipliers are applied if the same number appears on multiple wheels. Thus, increasing payouts up to 5,000x. Nexus Bets payouts are determined by matching results across the four wheels.

Result and Payout

  • Wins are calculated based on the main wheel’s result and any applicable multipliers from matching numbers on the other wheels.
  • Nexus Bets win if the conditions such as colours or column outcomes across wheels are met, thus giving additional payout possibilities.

Nexus Roulette Live Rules

Nexus Roulette uses four Auto Roulette wheels and offers several chances to win through multipliers and Nexus Bets. The Main Wheel is where the primary roulette action happens it is also the only wheel with a betting grid for placing regular roulette bets. Behind the main wheel, three additional wheels are located marked with a green triangle, orange square, and pink hexagon. These wheels play a special role in determining multipliers and Nexus Bet outcomes.

The main wheel spins first, followed by the others in a sequence designed to reveal the main wheel’s result first. Traditional inside bets can be placed on the main wheel, offering standard roulette payouts. However, only straight-up bets on this wheel are eligible for enhanced multipliers. Nexus Bets are replacing the traditional outside and column bets. Nexus Bets are across all four wheels and payouts are based on the outcomes of these wheels.

Nexus Roulette live Roueltte Wheels



Straight-Up Multipliers

Straight-up bets can get increased multipliers if the same number appears on two or more wheels, with potential multipliers of 50x, 500x, and up to 5000x if it matches on all four wheels. You also have cross-wheel matches boostingΒ straight-up bet payouts even if the main wheel’s number doesn’t match.

Nexus Bet Payouts

  • Column and Colour Bets: These bets give payouts when three or four wheels land on the same column or colour, with multipliers ranging from 3x to 20x, depending on the match.
  • Number Matches: Payout based on the same number on two, three, or all four wheels, even if the player didn’t select specific numbers.
  • Range Bets: Players can bet on the added total of the numbers where the ball lands across all four wheels, with payouts varying based on the total range.

Payout & Bet Types

The RTP for Nexus Roulette Live varies depending on the bet type, ranging from 90.71% to 97.30%.

Bet Type Condition Payout RTP (%)
Straight Up Main Wheel 28:1 97.05%
Any 2 Wheels 49:1 97.05%
Any 3 Wheels 499:1 97.05%
All 4 Wheels 4999:1 97.05%
Color Bet Any 3 numbers with the same color 2:1 93.35%
Any 4 numbers with the same color 3:1 93.35%
Line Bets Six line 5:1 97.30%
Corner 8:1 97.30%
Street 11:1 97.30%
Split 17:1 97.30%
Column Bet 3 numbers in the same column 7:1 95.89%
4 numbers in the same column 19:1 95.89%
Nexus Bet Any number on 2 wheels 4:1 91.96%
Any number on 2 wheels and another number on the other 2 wheels 9:1 91.96%
Any number on 3 wheels 49:1 91.96%
Any number on all 4 wheels 499:1 91.96%
Wheel Sum Bets 0-16 364:1 94.35%
17-40 12:1 90.71%
41-74 1:1 94.52%
75-102 3:2 93.92%
103-119 13:1 95.80%
120-144 85:1 93.35

Nexus Roulette Live Strategy & Tips

There are various Nexus Roulette strategies that you can use, but as always keep in mind that no strategy guarantees a win. It can however improve gameplay and winning chances. A good rule of thumb is a strategy that involves not exceeding 10% of your starting balance in a single round, spreading out your bets to balance risk, and somewhat hedging your bets.

Betting tips:

  • Inside Line Bets have the highest RTP at 97.30%, offering stable returns similar to traditional roulette but without multipliers.
  • Straight-up Bets come next with a 97.05% RTP, benefiting from multipliers with a maximum payout of 5000x, though most often it is in the range of 50x or 500x.
  • Nexus Column Bets perhaps the best value? payout of 7:1 or 19:1 for matching three or four wheels and an RTP of 95.89%.

Live Casino India’s View

Nexus Roulette is a fun and different way to play roulette, a popular casino game. It adds new twists with extra wheels and special bets, making it exciting for players. With different wheels and bets, you can win more money in new ways. But remember, it’s still hard to beat the casino in the long run. Some bets can pay out a lot of money if you’re lucky, especially with the game’s special multipliers. It’s important to know how the game works and to have a plan. Don’t bet too much at once, and try to make your money last longer.

Live Casino India recommends Nexus Roulette for people who love roulette but want something a bit different. As with all roulette variants play for fun and do not expect to win big all the time. However, with smart choices and a bit of luck, you can have a great time playing and possibly get a nice payout as well.

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