red door roulette by Evolution Gaming

Emerging from the innovative halls of Evolution Gaming, Red Door Roulette is a thrilling extension of traditional roulette, marrying classic gameplay with the adventurous twists from Crazy Time. This intriguing variant entices with a mysterious red door, a hallmark borrowed from the widely celebrated live game show, Crazy Time. As the host spins the wheel the slot determines 3-15 Bonus Numbers per round, similar to the popular Crazy Time Bonus game.

This fusion of familiar roulette charm and the prospects of hefty multipliers from Crazy Time’s bonus wheel makes Red Door Roulette an anticipated entrant in the live casino realm, especially among Indian gaming enthusiasts. The enigmatic red door beckons, promising a venture into a bonus room of abundant rewards. Are you ready?

Where Can I Play Red Door Roulette Live?

Find Red Door Roulette Live at our recommended online casinos.

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    How to Play Red Door Roulette Live?

    Red Door Roulette unfolds much like traditional roulette with a unique bonus element. Place bets on numbers 0 to 36, and if the ball lands on your chosen number, you win. The game gets interesting when the slot picks 3-15 Bonus Numbers, which gives a chance to unlock the Crazy Time Bonus game.

    Red Door Roulette Gameplay

    Upon triggering, players step through the red door into a bonus round based on the Crazy Time Bonus Wheel, eyeing wins up to 4000x. Straight-up wins may have adjusted payouts of 19:1, due to the possible multiplier wins.

    1. Access the Game: Choose an online casino, navigate to the Live Casino section, and select Red Door Roulette.
    2. Place Your Bets: Bet on straight-up numbers to be able to enter the bonus game.
    3. Multiplier Unveiling: Look out for Crazy Time keys dropping on random numbers, similar to Lightning Roulette.
    4. The Spin: The host spins the roulette wheel. And as with normal roulette, you win if the ball lands on your bet.
    5. Bonus Round Entry: If the ball lands on a number with a key, the Crazy Time bonus game begins. Go through the red door and now you get spins on the money wheel, where you can get some serious payouts.
    6. Game Conclusion: Count your winnings and decide where to put your next bet to play again for another round of Red Door Roulette.

    Red Door Roulette Live Rules

    In Red Door Roulette players bet on numbers 0 to 36 the ruleset is mirroring traditional roulette rules. Other normal roulette bets are available but they won’t get you into the bonus round. The game begins with a host spinning the roulette wheel, and players win if the ball lands on their chosen number.

    red door roulette studio

    Be aware that the payouts for Straight-up wins are adjusted from the conventional 35:1 to 19:1 to accommodate the multiplier wins, this is normal for most multiplier-enhanced roulette titles.

    Red Door Bonus Round Keys and Multipliers

    At the start of each round, a slot determines 3-15 Bonus Numbers these numbers will grant you entry into the Crazy Time Bonus game if you have a bet on it. As you might guess the number of keys on the grid may vary each round

    Alongside the Bonus Numbers in Red Door Roulette, random multipliers up to 20x may appear, enhancing potential payouts on straight-up bets or carrying over to the Bonus game to supercharge your winnings.

    Crazy Time Red Door Bonus Round

    The first part of the game’s name, Red Door, is drawn from one of Crazy Time’s best bonus features. Once triggered, the presenters walk the players through the iconic red door into an Artificial Reality-enhanced bonus round, reminiscent of the bonus feature in Crazy Time.

    Red Door Roulette Bonus Round Money Wheel

    As mentioned above if you have a multiplier from the base game in Red Door Roulette this carries over to the bonus round. The rewards in the bonus round are substantial even without a previous multiplier attached going into it. Here players have the opportunity to win up to 4000x.​

    After the bonus round concludes, players are brought back to the base game to continue with the traditional roulette gameplay.

    Payout & Bet Types

    The Return to Player (RTP) in Red Door Roulette stands competitively at 97.30%, And we would say that is a fair balance between entertainment and potential returns. As always what RTP indicates is that over a long-term play, players can expect to retrieve around 97.30% of their total bets. The house holds a margin of 2.70% (edge).

    The payouts for Straight-up wins have been adjusted to 19:1 in Red Door Roulette, deviating from the standard roulette payout of 35:1. This adjustment is made to accommodate the additional winning opportunities provided by multipliers and bonus rounds.

    Random multipliers up to 20x may come into play in Red Door Roulette, boosting the payouts on Straight Up bets significantly. These multipliers can either multiply the payouts in the base game or be carried over to the bonus game, supercharging the potential winnings. In the bonus rounds, players can bag massive wins with multipliers going up to 4000x. The chance to multiply winnings to such an extent makes the bonus rounds highly lucrative and the major attraction of Red Door Roulette.

    Per Bet Payout

    The payouts for most bet types follow the standard roulette payout chart, except for the Straight-Up bet which, in this game, pays 19:1 instead of the traditional 35:1. The maximum payout is expressed as 3999:1 for the Bonus Round, which is triggered by a qualifying Straight-Up bet. The RTP (Return to Player) for Straight-Up bets is 97.09%, while for all other bets, it’s 97.30.

    • Straight Up Bet: Payout is 19:1
    • Split Bet: Payout is 17:1
    • Street Bet: Payout is Β 11:1
    • Corner Bet: Payout is 8:1
    • Line Bet: Payout is 5:1
    • Column Bet: Payout is 2:1
    • Dozen Bet: Payout is 2:1
    • Red/Black Bet: Payout is 1:1
    • Even/Odd Bet: Payout is 1:1
    • Low (1-18)/High (19-36) Bet: Payout is 1:1
    • Bonus Number Multiplier: Up to 20x
    • Crazy Time Bonus Round Multiplier: Up to 4000x

    Red Door Roulette Strategy & Tips

    Embarking on a Red Door Roulette adventure aims at unlocking the coveted Bonus Round. For roulette enthusiasts indifferent to bonus features, classic European or French Roulette might be preferable. Familiarize yourself with traditional roulette betting options and payouts. A solid understanding of the base game is crucial before delving into the added features of Red Door Roulette.

    Going for the Bonus Round:

    • The core strategy revolves around accessing the Bonus Round, where the real excitement and potential high rewards lie.
    • Though the bonus round can be volatile with typically smaller payouts, the chance of hitting a multiplier or snagging a Double during a bonus wheel spin is where bigger wins can emerge.

    Bankroll Management:

    • As with many live games, wise bankroll management is crucial to prolong your gameplay, thus providing more opportunities to enter the bonus round. Set a budget and stick to it. It’s easy to get carried away with the exciting bonus features.

    Live Casino India’s View

    Engaging in Red Door Roulette’s spins, the fusion of traditional roulette with the thrilling Crazy Time bonus round is a captivating draw. However, the game’s volatile nature can be a double-edged sword. So while the potential for substantial wins is what keeps you playing, it may also lead to quicker bankroll depletion if luck isn’t on your side. The adjusted payout of 19:1 for straight-up wins, compared to classic roulette’s 35:1, can be a dampener.

    But if you have played any multiplier roulette title before you know this is normal. Yet, the unique excitement it offers, especially the multipliers, makes Red Door Roulette a game worth exploring for live casino enthusiasts in India. The experience it provides is distinct, and who doesn’t like Crazy Time bonus games? So we recommend players delve into this adventurous variant of live roulette.

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