Ezugi royal poker

Royal Poker by Ezugi is a game that is based on standard Poker rules. Unlike, regular Texas Holdem games that are played between a group of players, Royal Poker is a casino poker game. So, you play against the dealer. Some of you may recognize the game as Russian Poker or Chinese Poker, but Ezugi went with a more neutral name. Royal Poker follows 5 card draw rules where you can exchange cards in your hand for new cards in order to make a better hand. So, lets see what Ezugi have to offer with this live card game.

Where Can I Play Ezugi Royal Poker Live?

Find Ezugi Royal Poker Live at these recommended online casinos listed here below.

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      How to Play Ezugi Royal Poker?

      Ezugi are well known for their Teen Patti and Andar Bahar games in India. If you are looking for a new casino to play Royal Poker at, then check out our recommended list above.

      • Start with placing the Ante bet.
      • A dealer deals 5 cards face up to the player and 5 cards for the dealer face down, except 1 card that is face up.
      • You now have 4 options: Fold, Play, Another Card or Swap.
      • A dealer now deals 5 community cards. These cards are the swap/extra cards.
      • Your hand is now complete and you can decide to Play or Fold. Playing costs 2 times your bet.
      • Next, the dealer reveals his cards and orders them by rank. A dealer needs Ace-King to qualify or higher. If the dealer does not qualify, then it’s a Push.
      • If the dealer qualifies, then hands are compared and the best hand wins.

      It might seem a bit confusing at first but you will get the hang of it in no time.

      Ezugi Royal Poker Live Rules

      Royal Poker is played with a fresh deck of cards in each round. Jokers are removed from the deck of cards as they are not needed. Your objective is to create the best 5 hand possible with 5 cards. You can either play the hand as it is dealt to you or you can use the community and extra cards to better your hand. The dealer deals 5 cards to the player and 5 community cards from where you get your 6th card or your swap cards.

      Unlike normal Texas Hold’em, where you can use the community cards (the board) to have a better hand, the dealer may not use them in Royal Poker. So, only his dealt hand counts. Moreover, when you buy an extra card, it gives you 2 different winning hands. Because out of the 6 cards you can make two different hands consisting of 5 cards.

      Ezugi Royal Poker gameplay


      A dealer needs to have at least an A-K high hand to qualify. If he doesn’t qualify then a Push occurs and you will only get your play bet paid out. The cost of buying a card from the dealer is 1 ante. You can also buy a card for the dealer.Β  The bought card is pulled from the deck and replaces the highest card in the dealer’s hand.

      You can also buy Insurance. This allows you to protect your made hand if the dealer doesn’t qualify.

      Gameplay Options

      There are four options when playing Royal Poker Live.

      1. Play the hand you got dealt and this costs you 2x the Ante bet.
      2. Swap cards, pick 2 – 5 cards that you want to swap, this costs you an Ante per card and will be replaced by the same number of the community cards that gets drawn.
      3. Buy an extra card for one Ante and you get the first community card that gets drawn.
      4. Fold your hand, lose your bet and don’t take part in the rest of the game round.

      Ezugi Royal Poker Decision



      If you have a made hand of a 3 of a kind or higher, then you will be offered Insurance. The Insurance is only for the dealer not qualifying. If you have Insurance and the dealer does not qualify you will then get a payout of 1:1 from the insurance.

      Ezugi Royal Poker Payout

      The RTP for Royal Poker is 98.23%, The double hands’ payout is when you have bought an extra card and get 2 hands.

      Ezugi Royal Poker Payout Table

      As you can see from the table above, when you take an extra card you have 2 possible hands to play with. Each hand plays out separately and you receive winnings based on each hand’s strength. For your convenience, we show the combined pay out of 2 winning hand scenarios. Of course there could be situations where the dealer’s hand may be better than one of your hands. In a case like this, your winning hand is paid out and the losing hands’ bets are taken.

      Royal Poker Strategy & Tips

      Royal Poker Live isn’t hard to play. You need to know, when to fold or play your hand based on the strength of your hand. By not seeing the dealers cards, it’s hard to make an exact estimation if your hand is strong enough to win or not. However, if you do not have at least a pair, then we suggest folding your hand. Sometimes you may be folding a winning hand if the dealer doesn’t qualify but you will be saving 2x your Ante bet in the process each time.

      Furthermore, you should always buy an extra card. This will give you more chances of a better hand and even an opportunity to win more money. If you have a strong hand, then you should never buy a card for the dealer. Because this could remove an Ace or King needed for his hand to qualify.

      Ezugi Royal Poker Betting


      Playable Hands

      The hands you are looking for to start with are the following. If its not one of these, then fold.

      • A-K (ACE-KING) Or higher.
      • A straight draw, that is missing a card in the sequence.
      • 4 Cards of same suit for a possible Flush.
      • 3 Cards of a Straight Flush or a Royal Flush.
      • You have a Q (Queen). If the dealer shows a 5 or lower, else fold.

      Buy the 6th Card When You Have:

      • Straight or Flush draw.
      • Pair, 2 Pairs, 3 of A Kind, Straight, Flush.

      Swap When You Have:

      • Swap 2 cards when you have 3 Cards to a Straight Flush or Royal Flush.
      • Exchange 2 cards when you have 3 of a kind and dealer is not showing the 4th card.
      • Swap 3 cards when you have A-K (Ace-King) or higher.
      • Swap 4 cards when you have Q (Queen) and the dealer shows a 5 or lower, else fold.

      Live Casino India’s View

      Royal Poker is a great Russian Poker live game. If you haven’t played Russian Poker before, then this might seem a bit confusing at first, gameplay-wise. It is not. The hardest part if you are somewhat new to Poker is just knowing the value of your hand, and once you have that down and once you get the hang of the game loop it is actually quite easy. If you follow the strategy then your bankroll should last you a bit and you may even win some money.

      All in all, we think that Ezugi has made a good version of the live casino card games recently. And Royal Poker keeps up with that momentum. The user interface is good and very easy to use. If you enjoy other poker games like Casino Hold’em or Caribbean Stud, then we suggest giving Royal Poker a try. If you are into poker also check out Caribbean Stud Poker as it might be something for you as well.


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