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Boom City is a new intriguing game by Pragmatic Live. It’s something completely new from them and we’re sure you’ll like this game. If you haven’t already heard, Pragmatic plan on launching a live casino version of Snakes ‘n Ladders. So, Boom City is their first crack at a live casino board game. You have a 6×6 grid full of different symbols. These could be multipliers, power ups, bonus features or busts. Additionally, you have 2 dice located beneath the grid. These are used to determine the numbers of spaces down and across on the grid. So, unlike Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, another live grid game, Boom City offers much more entertainment. So, keep on reading our game review to see what’s in store at Boom City.

Where Can I Play Boom City?

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    How to Play Boom City Live?

    • You have 10 seconds to place your bet on the six betting options that are available.
    • The grid wall will refresh and the dice will be activated by the presenter.
    • First die decides the vertical line and the other die the horizontal line.  Where they intersect is your winning square.
    • If you placed a bet on the square in question it is either a win or goes into a bonus round. However, it might even be a bust as there are bust squares as well.

    Each Boom City game round starts with betting action. You have six betting options to chose from. You can either bet on straight up multipliers (x1, x2 and x5) and you can bet on either of the 3 bonus games: Dice Battle, Lucky Drop and Boom. These betting options may look familiar too from other well known money wheel games like Crazy Time and Sweet Bonanza Candy Land. You could say, that in Boom City, the big money wheel was replaced by a virtual grid os squares instead of wedges. And instead of spinning the wheel, 2 dice are rolled to determine a winning square.

    Once you have placed your bets, the dice are rolled and the winning square is announced. If you bet on either Bronze, Silver or Gold and that square landed, then you receive a x1, x2 or x5 payout on your bet, respectively. If you bet on any of the bonus games and they land, then you enter the specific bonus game rounds. Additionally, there may be up to 2 Bust squares per game round, and landing on these will end the round and no wins are credited. Lastly, there are also 3 Power Up squares. If one of them lands, then squares are enhanced with bigger payouts.

    Boom City Rules

    Boom City Live is played on a wall of squares reminiscent of a bingo card. The virtual grid is 6 rows and 6 columns. Thus there are 36 squares featured on the grid. Each round starts with the grid being populated with a new combination of squares. The squares or tiles are made up of: Bronze, Silver and Gold multipliers as well as Bonus Games, Power Ups and Bust squares.

    Winning squares are determined by 2 dice rolls (one gold and one blue). A fold die represents columns 1-6 and a blue represents rows 1-6. After both dice are rolled, your winning square will be the intersection point of the column and row that feature on the dice.

    Each game grid has a set range of how many of each square type are applied:

    • Bronze multipliers (x1) appear 12 – 13 times
    • Silver multipliers (x2) appear between 9 -11 times
    • Gold multipliers (x5) appear 4 – 6 times
    • Power Up squares appear 3 times
    • Dice Battle squares appear 1-2 times
    • Lucky Drop squares appear 1-2 times
    • Boom or Bust squares can appear once at most
    • Bust squares appear between 1 to a few times


    boom city pragmatic play live casino


    Boom City Payout

    Boom City Live have a max RTP of 96.21%. The number of each type of square varies in each round, except for the Power-Up squares.

    • Bronze – 1:1
    • Silver – 2:1
    • Gold – 5:1
    • Power Up – 2x to 5x
    • Dice Battle – minimum 3x
    • Lucky Drop – minimum 5x
    • Boom or Bust- minimum 10x
    • Bust Square – no win

    Boom City Bonus Games & Features

    As we mentioned earlier, there are 3 bonus games and a Power Up feature. Below we go into more detail about the bonus games and enhancing feature.

    Power Up Square

    There are always 3 Power Up squares per round. Additionally, at the bottom of the grid there are different green multipliers beneath each column. Power Ups work as bonus enhancers. A good example, is the x2 and x7 wedges on the Monopoly Live money wheel. If you land on a Power Up square then the respective green multiplier that beneath the selected column is applied to 24 squares. A Power up boost can be applied to bonus game squares too.

    After the Power Up boost has been applied a re-roll occurs. If you land on a Power Up square again, then more boosts are added. You can land Power Ups up to 5 times in a row.

    Dice Battle

    The Dice Battle bonus round is very straight forward. All you have to do is pick one of the 2 dice: Gold or Blue. After all players have made their picks, both dice are rolled 3 times. Each roll gets logged and after 3 rolls the totals for each die are summed up. The die with the highest total wins.

    If you picked the winning die, then you receive the combined total of both dice rolls. But, if you didn’t, then you still get the multiplier win equal the total of the losing die’s rolls. So, at least if you pick incorrectly, you’re still guaranteed a smaller win. In case of a tie, everyone gets the same payout.

    One special outline in Dice Battle, is the triple sixes multiplier. If a particular die rolls a 6 three times, then a 500x win multiplier is applied. This is a lot higher than a standard Sic Bo game where triple 6’s pays 180:1.

    boom city dice battle


    Lucky Drop

    In the Lucky Drop game there are 6 columns with 4 stacked multipliers in each. The lowest multiplier per column is 5x and they increase up to as much as 200x. Before the grid is populated, you need to pick 1 of 6 columns. Once everyone as made their picks, multipliers are added and the dice begin to roll.

    Both dice are rolled 3 times. Every time a die is rolled, the number it lands on will knock off the lowest multiplier in the respective column. For example, if you land ed a 2, then the bottom multiplier will be removed and so on. In order to reach the best multipliers in a given column, then you would need to land that corresponding number 3  times in 6 rolls.

    boom city lucky drop


    Boom or Bust

    Finally, we have the Bonus or Bust bonus round. In this bonus game, the gold die is used to decide the active square. It is a ladder game where you try to climb as high as possible for a higher multiplier win. Here there is a 6 by 7 grid.

    On each row, there are bust or multiplier squares. The higher you get the more treacherous your journey is because more bust squares appear in higher rows. Additionally there are 2 types of special feature squares:

    • Level up – moves you up 1 row
    • Hyper – moves you all the way up to row 6

    The bonus game starts with a roll to set a safe multiplier for all players to win. Therefore, if you bust on the next roll, you are guaranteed a win. After each roll of the dice, you have a choice whether to continue for bigger wins or to cash out. This option we’ve come across before in Evolution Gaming’s Cash or Crash game.

    In the Boom or Bust bonus round you can land the biggest multiplier wins. But you need to be cautious of going bust.

    boom city live pragmatic boom bust


    Boom City Live Strategy & Tips

    When it comes to strategy in Boom City you can try a few strategies. Like with most money wheel games, you can choose to focus on either the bonus games or just the win multipliers. So, lets review how each strategy plays out.

    No Bonus Games

    Opting to bet only on Bronze, Silver and Gold squares will yield at most a x5 win multiplier per round. This strategy guarantees the highest RTP as these 3 multipliers make up the majority of the grid’s squares. So, chances are higher for landing one of them. Taking each payout into consideration, you should place higher bets on Bronze compared to Gold.

    Bonus Games

    Betting on all bonus games can be a very risky affair. You will need to have a larger bankroll for this strategy as bonus squares are very limited. In fact at most you will have 5 bonus squares on a grid. That equates to about a 14% chance per round. If you opt for this strategy, then we suggest starting on a minimum bet and doubling your bet every 5 game rounds. This way, if you land a bonus game, you are guaranteed a minimum payout of 5x which will be 10 times higher than your previous 5 lost bets. Once you win, start again from the beginning.

    Bet All

    The most fun way to play Boom City is to bet on all options. You are guaranteed some money back each game round, if a bust square isn’t selected. Keep your bonus game bets set to a certain bet and play around with betting sizes for the multiplier bets. Winning back money each round, will keep your bankroll up and you can play for longer.

    Live Casino India’s View

    If you thought Sweet Bonanza Candy Land was a fun game, then think again. In fact, we believe that Boom City is much more closer to Crazy Time’s level of appeal. The bonus games are fun and have good features. Furthermore, it looks like Pragmatic have developed a new board game innovation to build future live games on. So, what are you waiting for, go get your Boom on! Or if you are looking for another Pragmatic Play dice-centered live game why not check out Snakes And Ladders Live?

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