Jhandi Munda is a traditional gamble in India originating in Arunachal Pradesh. It is also known as a game of chance that has made it very popular among Indian gamblers too. Jhandi Munda derives from an old British dice game called Crown and Anchor. Dating back to the 18th century, this dice game was used for gambling purposes among British sailors in the Royal Navy when they were stationed in India. Today you can find variations of this dice game at online casinos. But the most popular version is Microgaming’s Crown and Anchor. If you want to learn how to play this dice game, then carry on reading our Jhandi Munda game guide.

Where to Play Jhandi Munda Game

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Jhandi Munda Dice Symbols

online jhandi munda game

Before we explain how to play Jhandi Munda let’s understand what the game is. Jhandi Munda is a game of chance usually consisting of 6 dice. Each die has 6 symbols on them, which represent a betting option.

  • Jhandi / Jhanda – Flag
  • Munda/ Burja/ Mukut – Crown
  • Hukum – Spade
  • Paan – Heart
  • Chiri / Chiriya – Club
  • Eent – Diamond

When India was occupied by Britain, many games and traditions were passed on into Indian culture. Like Teen Patti, which derived from 3 Card Brag, so is Jhandi Munda derived from a popular sailors’ game called Crown and Anchor. Most online casinos have the Crown and Anchor casino game. So, an Anchor (Langur) will appear instead of a Flag (Jhandi).

How to Play Live Jhandi Munda Online

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to learn how to play Jhandi Munda. It’s a very easy game to play. While the game originated as a street gambling game today many Indians even play Jhandi Munda during festivals such as Dashain and Dashami. Moreover, it is still played on wooden boards or canvasses, to keep up with the tradition of the game. But, now you can find this popular game at most Indian online casinos.



Traditionally, Jhandi Munda is played with 6 dice. But in most online versions of the game, there are 3 dice. At the beginning of the game, players place bets on any of the six symbols on the dice. If your bet matches one of the face-up symbols then you win.


  • One Match = 1:1 Payout
  • Two Matches = 2:1 Payout
  • Three Matches = 3:1 Payout
  • Four Matches – 4:1 Payout
  • Five Matches – 5:1 Payout
  • Six Matches – 6:1 Payout

The object of the game is to bet on a symbol that you believe will land on any of the dices. If that symbol appears, then you get a 1:1 payout. However, if the same symbol appears multiple times, then you receive bigger payouts. Each symbol has a 1 in 6 chance of landing. If you choose to bet on more than one symbol, then you will only receive a 1:1 payout for each bet if both symbols land. You will not get a 2:1 payout for the 2 landing symbols.

Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

Most novice gamblers will tell you to bet on three different symbols at a time. Why? Because in their minds you have a 50% chance of landing a winning symbol. In reality this is not true. Each symbol has a 1 in 6 chance of landing on each die. Furthermore, if you land a winning symbol you only get a 1:1 to payout. So if you bet 1,000 Rs. on each symbol and only one of those symbols came up, then you’re at a loss of 1,000 Rs. If one symbol appeared twice then you are break-even for the round. So, let’s look at the scenarios where you can actually return a profit in a betting round with 3 symbols:

  • 3 different symbols land (1:1 payout for each) = 3,000 Rs. profit.  The odds for this event are 0.8%.
  • 2 of the same symbol + 1 matching symbol (2:1 payout + 1:1 payout) = 2,000 Rs. profit. Odds for this event are 3.3%
  • 3 of the same symbol (3:1 payout) = 1,000 Rs. profit. Odds for this event are 8.3%

So, you can see that applying this strategy requires a lot of luck with the dice to return a profit. Therefore, we recommend either a low-risk strategy or a high-risk strategy.

Low Risk 2 Symbol Strategy

Place bets on any 2 symbols. This way if you hit one symbol, then you will always cover your lost bet. Moreover, if you land both symbols or the same symbol multiple times then you’ll in profit. Let’s assume we keep to the 1,000 Rs. bets again. Here are the following win scenarios with this strategy:

  • 1 match for each symbol (2 x 1:1 payout) = 2,000 Rs. profit. Odds for this event are 25%
  • 2 of the same symbol and 1 match for other symbol (2:1 + 1:1 payouts) = 3,000 Rs. profit. Odds for this event are 23%
  • 2 of the same symbol (2:1 payout) = 1,000 Rs. profit. Odds for this event are 5.6%
  • 3 of the same symbol (3:1 payout) = 2,000 Rs. profit. Odds for this event are 0.93%

So you see that even if the highest payout doesn’t land you still can double your money one in every 4 rolls of the dice on average.

how to play jhandi munda online


Jhandi Munda High-Risk Strategy

In this strategy, you only bet on one symbol. Even though a one in 6 chance doesn’t sound too convincing, you have 3 chances to land the symbol on any of the dice. So, you actually have a 50% chance of landing the symbol. In traditional Jhandi Munda, there are six players and each player gets to bet on one symbol. In roulette, the highest paying bets are number bets that payout at 35:1. But you have to land the right number out of 37 or 38 options. So, the risk is high. But so is the reward. Let’s take a look at the different scenarios with this strategy:

  • 1 match (1:1 payout) = 1,000 Rs. profit. Odds for this event are 50%
  • 2 matches (2:1 payout) = 2,000 Rs. profit. Odds for this event are 5.5%
  • 3 matches (3:1 payout) = 3,000 Rs. profit. Odds for this event are 0.5%

Can I Play Jhandi Munda in the Live Casino?

Currently, the only version available online are the RNG (Random Number Generator) version of Crown and Anchor. Even though these are computerized versions of the game, they are fair.

As we mentioned above Jhandi Munda is a simple game with limited betting options and less exciting payouts. So, if you want more betting options and higher payouts, then you can play Live Sic Bo. Instead of Jhandi Munda dice, you have regular dice and many more betting combinations. You can bet on matching numbers, the sum of the dice, triples, doubles, and more. In Super Sic Bo and Lightning Dice, random betting options can have their payouts enhanced up to 1,000 your betting stake. So, technically you can play the Jhandi Munda game at live casinos.