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Lightning Dice is one of the easiest casino games to play and is served up by the excellent game provider Evolution Gaming. The idea is to see the dealer roll 3 dices – and you’ll have to guess the total number of these three dices. If you get the number correct, you’ll be paid in accordance with the multiplier on that number so let’s have a look at what it is all about and some tips further down in this review.

Where to play Lightning Dice Game

First here you have some great online casinos that all offer Lightning Dice. When you have read this review and want to try this game you can’t go wrong with any of them:

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    How to play Lightning Dice Game online

    As we mentioned earlier Lightning Dice is quite an easy game to understand and play and is pretty much a stripped-down version of Live Sic Bo with some exciting features. We have made a step-by-step guide to playing this fun and rewarding game:

    Step 1: Bets
    Before you can win you need to bet of course so before the roll, you place the bet by guessing the total value of the three rolled dices. This game enables you to place bets on various numbers. You can bet on all numbers or a single number.

    Following are the available betting chips:

    • 1
    • 5
    • 10
    • 50
    • 100
    • 500
    • 2000
    • 2x(double)

    To bet, use the betting layout’s drag/drop function.

    If you want to bet on every number, click on the ‘bet on all’ button. You’ll see a timer with a countdown, showing you how many seconds you’re left with to place your bet for the upcoming round.

    Step 2: Dice roll
    The dealer does the dice roll once the betting round comes to an end. The dealer puts the dice on the machine’s top and then pulls a handle by stepping down. The machine then rolls the dice right before your eyes.

    The Lightning process also kickstarts when the dealer drops the dice. This means certain numbers will be randomly chosen. The chosen number will have a better payout, this is the lightning feature that makes this game so fun. While this happens, you’ll be seeing this process on the screen in real-time.

    Step 3: Outcome
    Every dice drops to the bottom when the machine is done rolling the dice. During this instant, you’ll see the roll’s outcome as the camera zooms in for you. The dealer will announce the winning number, which will also be clearly visible. If you win, payouts will be made.

    Lightning Dice payouts

    The list below shows the Lightning Dice payouts and the Payout Table is as follows:

    ? 3 or 18150x ?
    ? 4 or 1750x ?
    ? 5 or 1625x ?
    ? 6 or 1515x ?
    ? 7 or 1410x ?
    ? 8 or 137x ?
    ? 9 or 126x ?
    ? 10 or 115x ?


    For instance, if you bet ₹1000 on number 17, and the dices show 17 you’ll win ₹1000×50.

    The likelihood of getting the combinations are different. Some combinations don’t come as frequently as others. This is why the payouts are higher for less probable numbers. For example, to get a total of 18, there’s just a single way of combining the numbers of every die: that’s by getting 6 on each dice. The payout for this is then higher because it’s less likely to occur.

    Lightning Dice Percentages

    There are 27 different ways to get a total of 10. Consequently, the payout for this number isn’t as rewarding.

    Strategy, Tips and Tricks

    So to start this small guide be aware that the RTP for this game is at 96.21%, based on 3 or 18 bets. Here we give you some basic tips on how to enjoy Lightning Dice to its fullest. Have these in mind and then you can experiment to find your own optimal strategy.

    Don’t make big bets on numbers 3 and 18

    So these two numbers have the highest payouts. However, their possibilities are also the lowest. While their basic payout is 150x. But if you’re fortunate enough, you can have up to 1000x the bet on these numbers. By making small bets, you’ll not be running out of money. Yes, making huge bets on it may be very tempting, but this may cause you to lose more. There’s very little chance for either of these numbers to appear, so you’ll have to increase your chances by making many bets. Furthermore, with smaller bets, you’ll be able to play more rounds. And this way, you’ll increase your chances of winning.

    Bet on value numbers

    Some numbers have a greater likelihood of appearing more – these numbers are known as value numbers. These numbers are 8 to 13. While you’ll have a greater probability of getting them, their main payouts are between 5x and 7x.

    Compared to other bet options, these payouts are a little lower. But you’re still getting some good cash. And who knows you hit the 50x multiplier jackpot?

    Winning with this strategy requires you to bet at least 7 times. However, don’t expect bigger payouts from this strategy.

    Never bet on every number

    Why you shouldn’t is because there’s no chance of hitting every number in Lightning Dice. And certain numbers have a greater likelihood of occurring than others, have a look at the percentages in our chart above. So betting on every number isn’t advisable. But if you want to play a game where there’s an equal chance of hitting every number, try Lightning Roulette. Moreover, betting on all might sometimes work in games like these.

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