Stock Market Live by Evolution Gaming

Stock Market Live, is a live casino game developed by Evolution Gaming. Are you joining in on the bull rush? This review aims to equip you with all the necessary knowledge before your first day on the trading floor. Waving your arms around screaming buy, sell, dump it! This live game is a window into the adrenaline-filled world of stock trading, albeit virtual stock trading. Stock Market Live gives you the simulation of real-time stock market fluctuations, mixed in with the interactive fun of a live casino game. And its ideal for both stock market enthusiasts and casino game lovers. If you’ve ever played Aviator crash games, then this game follows the same mechanic. You need to know when to hold or sell your bet. Let’s see how it works.

Where Can I Play Stock Market Live?

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    How to Play Stock Market Live?

    Stock Market Live by Evolution Gaming is a live casino game that simulates the ups and downs of the stock market in a live casino format. Here’s a simple fast guide to get you started:

    1. Join the Game: Log into your preferred online casino that hosts Evolution Gaming games and select Stock Market Live from the live casino section.
    2. The Interface: Upon entering the game, you’ll see a user-friendly interface displaying a virtual stock chart with various betting options.
    3. Placing Bets: Before each trading session (game round) begins, you’ll have a short window of time to place your bets. You can bet on whether you think the stock value will end up higher (Up) or lower (Down) than its starting value.
    4. The Trading Session: Once betting closes, the trading session starts. Watch as the virtual stock’s value fluctuates on the chart, in real time, much like real live trading.
    5. Session Outcome: At the end of the session, the game compares the final stock value to its initial value. Winnings are paid out based on the accuracy of your prediction and the payout rates for the selected outcome.

    You don’t need extensive knowledge of the stock market, which is a win in itself. Stock Market Live offers a straightforward experience. Making quick bets on stock movements and enjoying the live trading atmosphere. This game provides a way to get in on the action of the stock market without putting down your life savings to participate. Note that there might be different versions with a slightly different setup depending on the region you are playing from.

    Stock Market Live Rules

    Stock Market Live operates on a set of straightforward rules designed to mimic stock market trading, with two main parts betting and trading. The primary goal is to predict whether the value of a fictional stock will rise (Up) or fall (Down) by the end of a trading session. Each game round begins with a short betting period, during which players place their bets on the direction of the stock’s value, UP or DOWN. After the betting period ends, the trading session starts. Starting from zero, the game’s RNG (Random Number Generator) system changes the stock’s value, represented as percentage points ranging from -100% to +100%. The graph on the screen tracks these changes in real-time.

    Stock Market Live Gameplay Up


    The session concludes with the final value of the stock being locked in. Players who accurately predicted the stock’s direction win their bets. And winnings are calculated based on the amount that you bet and the payout odds for the chosen outcome (Up or Down). There is an option to use an auto-bet feature for consecutive rounds, allowing for continuous play without manually placing bets each session. Each trading session has a set duration, so you get fast-paced gameplay. If you feel the “stock” has dropped too much or gone up enough, then you can use the “cash out” option to pull out your winnings or left over bets before the round ends.


    The Portfolio

    The Portfolio feature is a nice addition of some strategy to the game, mimicking real-world stock trading. This allows you to manage your bets and winnings similar to managing a real stock portfolio. As you play, your winnings, along with the initial bets that gave you those winnings, are stored in what is called your “Portfolio.” This means that rather than directly adding your wins to your main balance, the game keeps them in this separate virtual account.

    You have the option to “cash out” your Portfolio at betting time, transferring the funds back to your main balance. However, doing so might incur a small fee (like a commission), which is much like the transaction costs in real stock market trades. So you must weigh the benefits of cashing out against the potential cost.

    Managing Your Portfolio:

    When placing new bets in coming rounds, you have the option to use the funds from your Portfolio. So you can either reinvest your winnings into new bets or add more from your main balance. Essentially, your Portfolio acts as a separate betting pool. You need to decide when to reinvest the winnings or cash them out to the main balance. This mirrors risk management where you decide when to hold or sell stocks based on market performance predictions.

    The Portfolio feature directly impacts your strategy in the game. You can choose to place bets directly from your Portfolio, which accumulates with each win. And deciding when to cash out your Portfolio or continue betting can and will impact your overall strategy and potential payouts.

    Game Versions

    Do note that depending on which region you play from there might be some differences in how the game plays, but nothing huge it is still the same game. But there are some variances.

    • Version 1: This version has a live host and bets again for you on the same choice. Your game goes on until you decide to take out your money.
    • Version 2: There’s a live host, but it doesn’t bet again for you. After each round, your money is automatically taken out.
    • Version 3: No host here, but it keeps betting for you on the same choice. After every round, your money is automatically taken out.
    • Version 4: No host in this one. It bets again on the same choice for you and keeps going until you decide to take your money out.


    Payout & Cashing Out

    The payouts in Stock Market Live are based on the accuracy of your prediction of the stock’s direction. Your wins or losses are calculated based on the percentage change in the stock’s value relative to your bet. How much you win or lose depends on how close your guess is. If you guess right, you could win as little as 0.01 times your bet or double your money. If you guess wrong, you might lose a tiny amount, as little as 0.01 times your bet or even double what you bet. For each 1% the stock goes up, and you guessed it would go up, you win 1% more of what you bet. But if you guessed wrong about the direction, you lose 1% of your bet for each 1% the stock moves against your guess. The potential returns on bets are displayed before you confirm your wager.

    • If you predict an Up and the stock increases by 50%, for example, you gain 50% on top of your bet. Betting on Up and there is a 25% decrease you lose 25%.
    • Betting Down with a 25% drop, for example, results in a 25% gain, and there is a 50% rise then leads to a 50% loss.

    Cashing out can only be performed during Betting Time and incurs a 1% commission fee. This transfers your Portfolio balance to your main account.

    Stock Market Live Strategy & Tips

    This game is about gambling, not real stock market trading. You won’t deal with actual stocks or watch the market’s ups and downs as a professional investor does, which should not be a surprise to anyone. The outcome is either UP or DOWN. It’s basically flipping a coin.

    • Don’t overcomplicate your strategy. The game’s setup means you’ll win some and lose some, aiming for a fair balance over time. If you notice a winning pattern, that might be a good time to bet.
    • Use a simple strategy like the one you would use for Baccarat, as at its core it has a similar concept of gameplay.
    • Bet wisely, if you win, consider taking out your money before betting again. This way, you don’t risk losing everything you’ve won so far.

    In short, enjoy the game for what it is, have fun, and don’t put too much at stake.

    Live Casino India’s View

    Stock Market Live by Evolution is an RNG-based live-based real-world stock trading without the headache of learning about stocks. Gameplay is similar to Baccarat, it boils down to a simple choice: betting on the rise or fall of a fictional stock’s value. Win or lose from 0.01x to 2x your bet on each trade. You can compare the odds to a coin toss. Overall, with its 99% RTP of Stock Market Live is an indication that it is not the fastest way to big wins, offering a max payout of 2x your bet. Yet, it presents a novel experience that is perhaps enjoyable to do for a bit not risking too much of your bankroll. A little bit of luck and a dash of strategy with the portfolio might be just the right combination. The best is to try it out and see if this type of game is for you.

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