Money Drop Live

Money Drop Live is a money wheel game from Playtech Live. It is a live casino game based on the hit UK TV game show, The 100K Drop. This game complements an already exciting portfolio of live games from Playtech Live such as the Big Bad Wolf Live collab with Quickspin, and the very entertaining Jumanji: The Bonus Level Live. Money Wheel games are very popular in India and the same technology as Spin A Win and Adventures Beyond Wonderland have been used in The Money Drop Live. Your objective in each game round is to save as much money from dropping. If your money drops, then you lose it. Have we got your attention yet? So, carry on reading our Money Drop Live review for more details, tips and strategy.

Where Can I Play Money Drop Live?

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      How to Play The Money Drop Live?

      Like in many money wheel games, first you have to place your bet and then the big wheel is spun. However, in The Money Drop Live, when your bet wins, your winnings are not credited automatically. What happens is that you take your winnings into The Money Drop round. If the Money Drop wheel does not land on your betting option, then you will not advance to the Money Drop phase of the game.

      Like in the TV show, there are 4 spots where you can place your money. You need to choose spots that will not open up, thus protecting your winnings. There may be more than 1 drop event in a game round as this depends on how big the multiplier win is .

      Money Drop Live Game Rules

      Money Drop Wheel


      Money Drop game wheel has 54 segments with different win multipliers and bonus games on them.Β  There are different betting options you can bet on. 51 segments are for win multipliers and 3 segments are for the Card Clash bonus round. You can bet on any or all of the following options:

      • 8x
      • 15x
      • 30x
      • 100x
      • 250x
      • 1,000x
      • 2,500x
      • Card Clash – Bonus Round

      After you have made your bet the round begins with the host spinning the wheel. If a multiplier value you bet on is drawn, you win your bet times the multiplier. Next, you enter the Money Drop rounds.

      The Money Drop Round

      Once you enter the money drop round, certain rules apply. Your number of drop rounds is determined by the win multiplier you landed. If you landed an 8x multiplier, which is the smallest, then you only have one money drop round. In this quick drop round, you can only pick one position to place all your money on out of 4 positions. If you land on a 100x or 1,000x and higher, then you will have 2 or 3 drop rounds, respectively. Furthermore, you can spread out your money across the 4 spots to keep some money safe. Additionally, a boost can take place at random. Therefore, some win multipliers are enhanced. You might be familiar with this feature from Lightning Roulette and Quantum Roulette. Here are all the possible outcomes:

      • 8x – quick drop round.
      • 15x – 1 drop round and 4 positions available.
      • 30x – 1 drop round and 4 positions available.
      • 100x – 2 drop rounds and 4 positions available.
      • 250x – 2 drop rounds and 4 positions available.
      • 1,000x – 3 drop rounds and 4 positions available.
      • 2,500x – 3 drop rounds and 4 positions available.

      Money Drop Drop Round

      Only one position will remain on each successive drop. So, for a big win, pick 1 position and let it ride or for a more strategic and secure way spread evenly on all. Of course, the latter makes your win proportionately smaller. Money that is placed on positions that turn green are kept. However, if your position turns red, then your money is dropped and lost. The money that you still have left after all the drop rounds is the winnings that will be added to your account.

      Card Clash Bonus Round

      Card Clash is the name of The Money Drop bonus round. If the wheel stops on Card Clash, then the bonus round begins. If you didn’t place a bet on Card Clash or lost all your money on the money drop, then you can make a side bet on which position will win.

      A deck of 52 cards is used and you need to pick one of two positions, blue or pink. Furthermore, the Card Clash is played over 3 rounds. One card is dealt on each position and the position with the highest value card wins. After 3 rounds have been played you will get awarded a multiplier according to the pay table below:

      • One Tie will give you a multiplier of 5x
      • A Win will give you a multiplier of 10x
      • A Win and a Tie will give you a multiplier of 15x
      • Two Ties will give you a multiplier of 20x
      • Two Wins will give you a multiplier of 20x
      • A Tie and Two Wins will give you a multiplier of 25x
      • One Win + Two Ties will give you a multiplier of 30x
      • Three Wins will give you a multiplier of 50x
      • Three Ties will give you a multiplier of 1,000x on both positions.

      Betting Strategy

      Official RTP for The Money Drop Live is 96.48% and the max payout is 5,000x. Since there are 8 betting options, we do not recommend betting on all options at once. Because this can lead to increased losses. So, we do recommend betting on the smaller multipliers and the Card Clash options with bigger bets. Smaller multipliers are more common on the wheel, but carry more risk in the Money Drop rounds. However, we’d rather have a chance of winning something rather than nothing.

      If you want to go for maximum reward, then you can make smallish bets on the higher multipliers and Card Clash options. Since the wins are guaranteed to be bigger, and the chances of them landing are lower, it’s a safer approach to place smaller bets. If you land a very big win of 250x and up, then you spread out your money equally over the 4 positions to protect some winnings. So, we suggest dividing by 4 in the first round and then picking 2 positions in the next rounds. It’s more riskier but at least you give yourself a chance to retain a fair amount of winnings. Otherwise, you’ll be left with hardly any winnings, which is not worth the bet.

      Money Drop Live Game


      Live Casino India’s View

      If you are looking for a fun money wheel game with easy mechanics and some entertaining gameplay this is something for you. Similar to Deal or No Deal games, The Money Drop Live is a take on a popular UK game show. Live Casino India thinks that this game will keep you engaged for a long time. So if you want a gameshow type of game but that is a bit more engaging than for example Spin A Win and Dreamcatcher this is a game for you. Bonus rounds are unique and entertaining, and if you play your cards right (pun intended), then you can win a lot of money.


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