Travel Fever by On Air Entertainment

Travel Fever Live is an innovative live game by On Air Entertainment, perfect for Indian online casino players looking for a travel adventure. This travel-themed game show features a unique horizontal money wheel with the regular 54 segments together with 6 more segments in the centre of the wheel, each trip leading to potentially lucrative travel destinations. It’s time to discover the ins and outs of the gameplay, the rules, and the bonus rounds. Ready to fly? Buy your ticket fasten your seatbelts and get ready for take off.

Where Can I Play Travel Fever Live?

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    How to Play Travel Fever Live?

    Travel Fever Live lets you go on an adventure across the globe. The game centers around a horizontal money wheel. We have seen this in some other games as well such as The Greatest Cards Show by Playtech. The aim is to predict where the wheel will stop. Bonus segments activate special games, transporting players to different continents for extra rewards.

    1. Place Your Bets: Choose from 54 segments including numbers and unique bonus rounds.
    2. Wheel Spin: The host spins the wheel to determine the outcome.
    3. Continent Bets: You can bet on continents for multiplier payouts.
    4. Bonus Rounds: If the wheel lands on a bonus segment, you enter a new round with different mechanics.
    5. Collect Winnings: Payouts are based on where the wheel stops and the type of bet placed.

    Travel Fever Live Rules

    Let’s start with the most prominent feature of this live casino game, the wheel. When you start the game you will see a large wheel that is horizontally mounted. You could say the gameplay is reminiscent of a roulette game due to the wheel lying down. There is a variety of betting options to pick from.

    Travel Fever Gameplay

    • Continent Bets: Bet on the outcome being one of six continents: Asia, Europe, Australia, North America, South America, and Africa. Each continent is represented in a section of the wheel.
    • Bonus Round Bets: Place bets on one of the six unique bonus rounds.
    • Continents Collect Bet: A more adventurous bet where players predict that all six continents will appear in sequence over successive spins without any repeats.

    The Wheel

    Here is a breakdown of how the wheel is structured and how the 54 segments are distributed. Outer segments are divided into two types of segments: Bonus Round and Multiplier segments. Continent segments can be found at the centre of the wheel.

    Bonus Round Segments

    There are 42 segments dedicated to Bonus Rounds. These segments include:

    • Golden Spin
    • Happy Race
    • Flying Dice
    • Train Rush
    • Lucky Hike
    • Ship Hunt.

    Each bonus round segment features 7 times around the wheel.

    Multiplier Segments

    There are 12 segments designated as Multiplier segments. You can land one of two multipliers (9x or 1x). So, there are 6 segments for each multiplier.

    Continent Sections

    In the center of the wheel there are six central sections, each representing a continent: Asia, Australia, North America, Europe, South America, and Africa. Each continent covers nine segments of the outer wheel. Inside each continent section, there are different multipliers:

    • Seven segments contain 5x multipliers.
    • One segment contains a 1x multiplier.
    • One segment contains a 9x multiplier.

    Travel Fever Bonus Rounds

    Bonus rounds are the big payouts await. There are six different bonus rounds that you can land on: Golden Spin, Flying Dice, Train Rush, Happy Race, Lucky Hike, and Ship Hunt. Let us have a little more in-depth look at each bonus round.

    Golden Spin

    When the Golden Spin bonus round is triggered you get between 5 to 10 spins on a 5-reel, 3-row slot machine featuring 20 pay lines. This bonus round boasts the highest payout potential in Travel Fever Live with the possibility of winning up to 2,000x. It’s important to note that this maximum win refers to what can be won on a single spin. Therefore, each spin could pay up to this amount, although it is quite unlikely for it to happen, but there is still a possibility. The slot machine used in the bonus round is similar to the 9 Pots of Gold slot. The objective in this part of the game is to try and score the fixed jackpot by landing golden pots. Unlike the other bonus games where you least get a payout of 1x, the Golden Spin bonus could pay nothing if all spins result in no wins.

    Happy Race

    Happy Race bonus round in Travel Fever Live is an interactive bonus round that involves a car race with six rounds. In each of the six rounds, players are tasked with predicting whether the car will turn right or left. Your choice determines your progression in the race. If you guess incorrectly, you are eliminated from the race. A correct guess moves you to the next round, and payouts increase. The bonus round can give a payout ranging from 1x to a maximum of 420x. The highest payout is when you complete all 6 rounds.

    Travel Fever Happy Race

    Before the race starts, a bonus wheel is spun for each player to determine a special feature:

    • Extra Chance:Β Like an extra life.
    • Checkpoint: Secures your winnings on the 2nd and 4th rounds.
    • Cash Out: You can cash out winnings at any time.

    Flying Dice

    Flying Dice bonus round works like this:

    • Dice Selection: At the beginning of the round, players choose one of three sets of dice: red, blue or yellow.
    • Dice Drop: Along with a multiplier dice, the chosen dice are dropped into a vertical maze, similar to a Pachinko machine.
    • Objective: The main goal is to have as many dice show the same number. The more matching numbers you get, the higher your win.
    • Multiplier Effect: The outcome of your multiplier dice, 1x, 3x or x5, is applied to your win.
    • Payout: The minimum win for matching a pair of dice is at least 5x.

    Train Rush

    In the Train Rush bonus round, a map with five destinations is shown. Each destination is assigned a random multiplier, ranging from 5x – 100x. Your task here is to select one of these destinations, predicting where the train will stop. A die is rolled and determines where the train will stop. If the train stops on your selected destination, then you win the value shown at that location.

    Lucky Hike

    Lucky Hike involves a compass and random multipliers. Players are presented with a compass and the goal is to navigate through the spin of this compass. Choose between two options, Red or Blue, at the start of the round. This decision determines the direction of the hike and the spin also results in random multipliers being assigned. The maximum payout in the Lucky Hike bonus round can go up to 21x.

    Travel Fever Lucky Hike

    Ship Hunt

    Lastly, we have the Ship Hunt bonus which is like Battleships. You need to select 3 squares on a 4×4 grid. There are four types of ships, hidden within the grid. Each type has a different multiplier: 1x, 2x, 5.5x, and 9x. Of the 16 cells in the grid, only two do not contain a ship. If you guess right, then you win the multiplier that ship represents.

    Travel Fever Ship Hunt

    Payout & Bet Types

    The RTP in Travel Fever depends on the bet you make and ranges from 96.01 to 97.26%. And the possible payouts from bonus games go from 0x to 2,000x.

    Bet Type Payout Range RTP
    Continent Bets 1x, 6x or 9x 96.30%
    Continent Collect 63x 97.26%
    Golden Spin Bonus 0x – 2,000x 96.69%
    Happy Race Bonus 1x – 420x 96.61% – 97.83%
    Flying Dice Bonus 1x – 100x 96.62%
    Train Rush Bonus 1x – 100x 96.36%
    Lucky Hike Bonus 1x – 21x 96.14%
    Ship Hunt Bonus 1x – 20x 96.01%

    Travel Fever Live Strategy & Tips

    Overall, Travel Fever Live is a low-volatility game with regular small payouts. While the payouts for each bet may not always be more than the bet amount, they do provide consistent payouts. Larger payouts come from bonus rounds, especially Golden Spin and Happy Race. Betting on all six continents often pays 5:1. So, essentially a free bet most of the time. Less often it will give a 9:1 win or only a 1x win.

    Live Casino India’s View

    Travel Fever Live appeal lies in its low volatility design with regular smaller payouts. It is aimed towards players who prefer a steady gaming experience with less risk. And as such it is ideal for longer playing sessions. It comes with a variety of bet types, continent bets and multiple bonus rounds. And for much of your time playing you will be in a bonus round. This might also be a drawback as the games play kinda slow due to all the bonus rounds. Bonus rounds like Golden Spin are purely based on RNG. While others like Flying Dice, Train Rush, and Happy Race offer players a choice. We like that there is so much interactivity with the bonus rounds, but as mentioned this makes the game go a bit slow.

    And this also brings us to the strategy to use, if you don’t bet on all bonus rounds, then you will be sitting and watching it slowly unfold for quite some time until you can play again. If you are looking for a long entertainment session, then this is the game for you. But if you are seeking live games with more volatility and larger payouts, then you might want to look elsewhere.

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