Do you like playing card games in India? So, surely you love playing Rummy, a combination of American Gin Rummy and 500 Rum. This card game has been around for over a century and has become a mainstay in Indian social gatherings. Furthermore, online Rummy has increased in popularity over the years due to more smartphone use. If you want to learn how to play rummy online, then carry on reading our game guide. We cover game rules, strategies and we review the best Rummy sites to play at.


Online Rummy Sites

Playing Rummy online is fun, fast, and completely worry-free. You are not getting involved in any illegal activity, nor are you risking your reputation. Furthermore, you can gamble on reputed online platforms that are fully safe and secure. Making deposits and withdrawals super easy as well. Rummy sites like most of our recommended online casinos, accept local Indian payment methods such as RuPay, PayTM, and Netbanking.

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    How to Play Rummy Online

    how to play rummy online

    Online Rummy is slightly different from the traditional versions played with friends and family. Like other popular cards games, live online versions of the game do not always involve you playing against other players, but rather against dealers. Some Rummy sites offer gameplay between different players. But all different game versions follow the same general rules and guidelines:

    • Dealing – a traditional game of Rummy includes one to two full decks of cards. Each game can be played between 2-6 players and each player is dealt 13 cards. When all the cards are dealt, one pile of cards is placed face down (main pile) and one facing up (discarded cards). On each turn, a player needs to draw a card from either the main pile or from the discarded pile. After they have finished their turn, players need to discard a card face up. If the main pile is finished, then the discarded pile is shuffled up and 2 new piles are started.
    • Objective – complete sequences and sets with all the cards in your hand with a valid declaration.
    • Melds – can be sets (three or four cards belonging to the exact same rank) or sequences/runs (three or more consecutive cards in any suit). If a sequence of cards is in the same suit, then they are classified as a Pure Sequence. Jokers are wild cards that can substitute for any card value and suit. Therefore, jokers are the most valuable cards in Rummy games.

    Start of the Action

    Once the cards are dealt to each player, the player sitting left of the dealer acts first. He may either draw a card from the card deck or take a card from the discarded cards pile. If you have any sequences or sets in your hand, you must lay them down before discarding a card. As soon as you have discarded a card, then your turn is considered over.

    Players continue to draw and discard cards until one player has laid down all of his cards in sequences and sets. This player is then classified as the winner of the round and the points of the losing players are tallied up.

    In most Rummy games the objective of the game is to be the first player to put down all of your cards before the other players. Moreover, to be classified as the winner, you need to have the least amount of points before one player reaches a certain points total. In some game versions, winners receive no points. Whereas in other variations, winners receive all the points accumulated, by the losing players, and they get no points. To win a round, a player must put down at least one Pure Sequence and a regular sequence.

    play rummy online at rummy circle


    How to Score in Online Rummy?

    Live Rummy is essentially a winners game, where there are no scoring complexities. Because Rummy is such an easy game to play, it is this that makes it so compelling. When a round is won, other playersโ€™ remaining cards are counted and the winner gets the points or the other players’ points totals are added up. Each card has a specific point value:

    • Face cards – 10 points
    • Aces – 1 point
    • Number cards are as per their face value in points.

    Note – If a player gets rid of all his cards in one turn, his point tally is doubled, or the losing players have their points doubled.

    If the card deck is depleted twice, then a stalemate occurs. It can also happen when a dealer determines that no player can complete their hands. When there is a stalemate all players receive 0 points.


    Online Rummy Games

    top indian rummy games

    You can’t find too many Rummy games at online casinos and betting sites. However, you can find some dealer vs player Rummy games online. But, we recommend playing at dedicated online Rummy sites for classic Indian Rummy games. Here is a list of all the different games on offer:

    • Multiple Melds – Rummy games often allow players to lay down multiple melds in each turn or limit them to just once per turn. Check this out before you join the game and adjust your strategy accordingly.
    • Aces High – In a standard Rummy game, Aces are only low cards. Therefore a sequence ofย  Queen, King, Ace wonโ€™t catch. But, some variations donโ€™t have that rule and allow highs. So, Aces account for 15 points in that case.
    • Joker Variations – Joker cards are another variable in online games today. Jokers are used as wild cards and are the most valuable cards in the deck at 15 points. If a Joker lands as the first discarded card, then all Aces become wild cards too.
    • Point Rummy – players play against the dealer. Each player receives 3 cards and they bet if they’ll have more points than the dealer based on their hand strength. This game can be played in RNG mode or in the live games section.
    • Pool Rummyย – Another fun variation where you play against a large pool of players. It requires a lot of skill to be crowned the top player and take home the main cash prize.


    Tips, Tricks & Strategy

    It’s not easy to win at Rummy. Each decision you make has repercussions that may affect the outcome of the game. But we can offer some tips and tricks to help you make the right decisions, and hopefully, lead to more wins.

    1. Free Practice – Indians love card games, especially Rummy, Andar Bahar, and Teen Patti. Practice playing with family and friends, honing your skills and strategy. Because the more you play, the more insights youโ€™ll gain. Jumblee Rummy offers free play too, so you can get used to their games.

    2. Try to Run More – Inexperienced players fail to recognize that runs can (and should) exceed three cards. Looking to get rid of cards fast? Form longer runs.

    3. Watch Other Players – Watch your opponents at all times, to see what they are doing. Look at the cards they are picking up and try to employ a blocking strategy. If you can figure out what they are trying to do, then you can block them and win the game.

    4. Donโ€™t Wait for Sets – As mentioned earlier, you are better off prioritizing runs over sets. Because you need runs in order to win in Indian Rummy.

    5. Dispose of High-Value Cards – Experienced players tend to get rid of high-value cards quickly. This strategy will usually ensure that you don’t end up with too many high-value cards if you don’t win the round.


    The legality of Online Rummy in India

    Online gambling is not allowed within Indian borders. However, the gambling act does allow games of skill to be played online for real money. Since Rummy is classified as a game of skill, it is fully legal. Below you can find our most recommended legal Rummy apps:

    • Junglee Rummy
    • Rummy Circle
    • KhelPlay Rummy
    • Rummy Culture

    Needless to say, we always recommend gambling responsibly. Play for free and learn how to play rummy online. Do not play for real money if you don’t know how each game is played. Besides that, Live Rummy is a great way to play from the comfort of your home or on your mobile phone. Furthermore, you can win some money in the process too.